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  1. Poor rebounding. Poor ball protection. Poor rotations on the outside. Poor shooting. Good thing Towson is missing foul shots!
  2. I like the constant rotation. Keeps them all involved and interested. Plus gives a lot of feedback and game film. Athleticism improvement seems apparent.
  3. Ok. I’m gonna stick my two cents in. As a proud MMQB, I must say that there are all sorts of people who attend games. Some, I would hazard a guess at most of the students, are there for something to do and the social atmosphere rather than actually watching a game. Some are casual fans who rah rah and clap, but otherwise couldn’t care less who wins. Others are serious fans who feel bad for the team, but in reality have invested little or nothing. Then there’s the diehards who bleed purple and who have invested countless hours and countless dollars supporting UALBANY sports. When their team loses, it’s like a gut punch. I’d guess most of the folks on BPF are in the last two categories. The MMQBs you refer to are kind of like the Twitter mobs that emerge from the net to amplify their small numbers with vitriolic tweets that catch the attention of the media. We are probably small in number, but seem to chew up a lot of space on here. That’s true. Sometimes things get overheated. But we have also hoped for better, such as the 2019 result. Kind of gave them a pass in spring 2021 because of covid and injury issues. But honestly, to go from a playoff berth to an 0-8 start really is unacceptable. Options are limited. A new coach is the simplest way to try and turn it around. The proof is in the record and a failure to show an upward arc in performance.
  4. Through 9 games, UA running backs not named Mofor have exactly 11 carries. Are they that bad? Is the recruiting that awful? Is the team not interested in developing the next ball carrier? I flat do not get it. The only explanation I can think of is that they are trying to get his numbers pumped up so he’s got a chance at the NFL. Forty five carries in one game?? Up 20-7 with 5 min left and they run KM three plays straight? Zero player development for 2022. All in to save their coaching jobs?
  5. Good for JMU. Where does that leave the CAA? The bloom will definitely be off the rose for football. JMU was the only team to crack the top 100 on Sagarin this week. Villanova was 128, which would put it mid pack in the MVC and just making the top third in the Big Sky. For whatever reason, recruiting disadvantage, budget, coaching, etc, the CAA for football is in danger of becoming a second tier FCS conference. It'll be interesting to see who gets the at large bids this year. Oh, and congrats to the Danes. Off the schneid as Berman used to say...maybe he still does...
  6. I’ve been watching Union v Ithaca. Dutchmen down 10-0 at the half. On their best drive they had 5, count em, 5 5 yard penalties. Then missed a FG.
  7. I have to say that some of the comments in the Syracuse game thread are not aging particularly well. Naming no names, but I’m wondering if a couple of members would like to weigh in after 5 more losses...11 in a row for those keeping count at home. It’s tough right now. I’d like to root for the team so that they get a win or two to reward them for their efforts. On the other hand, I don’t want some mirage of “we are turning it around” to cloud the dismal lack of success under GG. I’ve met him. Seems like a nice fellow. But you don’t get paid 300k to be a nice fellow.
  8. Sounds like a nice day to do something outside that's fun, relaxing and rewarding.....in other words, not this game....
  9. No, the contract was warranted. The double gut punch of Nichols and Cremo leaving, plus the failure to achieve and grow for the new Aussie trio achieved hard times. I agree that a fresh approach was needed now. DK needs to show he’s got the goods to produce a winning program and so far he has checked all of the boxes. Beginning on the 9th, we will see when it really means something.
  10. So now my two favorite teams are a combined 2-14 and have oddly similar MOs when it comes to losing.
  11. Yeah. I thought the same thing. Down by 21 and you score a td with 18 sec to go. Whoopdy freaking do. They call it garbage time for a reason.
  12. Team comes out, gives up a long drive for a FG. Team has a long drive to the one, where your star QB fumbles on a rushed sneak. D responds by giving up a 98 yard drive for a TD. O has a nice drive going and then their star QB throws a long pick six on a very questionable play call. D sags again. By late in the third it’s 31-3 and Towson eases up and UA can score a few points to let it look like they had a chance...they didn’t. “If we were able to go down and put one more in we felt like we had a chance to win the football game” is the quote from GG. When your team comes out and lays an egg for almost three full quarters, the football gods aren’t inclined to reward you. Adios for 2021. Flo is cancelled, tix going in the trash.
  13. Yup. Great college game. And Union knocked off Hobart 27-20 in 1 OT. Back and forth all game. Last I checked, UA was down 30-3. Really mailing it in this week.
  14. Watching UM MSU on the tube and Union on my phone. My wife says I have a problem.
  15. Embarrassingly bad. I can’t. I just can’t. Michigan Michigan St is much more interesting. Buh bye...
  16. Didn’t even make it out of the first quarter before a major screw up.
  17. This is my last weekend of FloFootball, so I’ll probably check it out. If the line can block better, if the receivers catch the ball, if they don’t turn it over, if they don’t have dumb penalties at crucial times, if the special teams don’t give the game away with long returns or botched punts.....they have a chance for a W. That’s a lot of ifs. Once your team becomes adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory it’s a tough habit to break. Yes, I hope they win...not for the coaches...for the players, parents, WAGS and fans. The coaches created the mess. The rest of them have had to suffer through it.
  18. The entire team's budget is considerably less than his UA coaching salary, so he must need something to do. Good for him! Hey, it did wonders for George Karl and Phil Jackson.
  19. The induction was actually earlier this year due to covid. In addition, Caitlin was inducted into the Colonie HS athletic HOF just about a month ago.
  20. I caught that! Wasn't sure if it was the same Paul Layton.
  21. Duquesne’s glory years under GG were in a non scholarship league that doesn’t exist anymore. IMHO, his prior record is meaningless.
  22. I’m with you, except for one thing. They did have a TO. First drive. Had a nice drive going and then the center forgot how to snap the ball. I think it was two plays in a row and the second caused a fumble.
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