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  1. So according to the two deep game notes, DE Joe Halasy is 6-4 480. That means he probably ate a blocking sled.
  2. Boy, Dane fans are really buzzing about today’s contest. Three days without a post. 😴😴🦗🦗
  3. UA is a good situation for him. Close to home. All our starting bigs are Graduate Students and out the door after this season. Hopefully, DK can come up with another big, but he should see plenty of playing time as a Freshman unless things change. Or has Doles got another year?
  4. He doesn't play in NC. He plays for St Thomas More Prep in Connecticut. He played there last year and again in a post grad year (Per TU). His Mom played VB for LCC. Which isn't to say he won't leave. But, like all said, don't be retiring the number just yet. Get back to me in 2026 or so. If DK turns this program around to AE championship quality, I only give him 3 years tops...so he could follow his coattails. One thing in our favor is that DK is from Amherst and his parents are still there. But money talks and you know what walks.
  5. My 2 favorite football teams are a combined 0-6. I am looking forward to the MBB season.....
  6. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/falcons-elevate-juwan-green-practice-squad-fortify-receiver-giants 1 pm today. Juwan Green is active today vs G-Men. Based on their first two games, he should be running free all day!
  7. ‘Nova put in a very respectable effort against PSU today. Losing to a #6 Big Team 38-17. Even though 14 pts came against reserves. On the other hand, UNH was crushed by Pitt 77-7.
  8. Looks pretty athletic. And may not be fully grown yet. St Thomas More has turned out a number of NBA players, so that’s a plus. We have reason to be optimistic.
  9. I’ll return to my old argument. The already relative scarcity of D1 talent in NY and NE has been diluted by the addition of many new scholarship granting schools.
  10. MRuler79. Who is insulting kids? Pointing out poor performance or execution is observation. I’m sure no one felt worse than the holder who booted those two FG snaps in the URI game. You think he didn’t hear about it from the coaches? Most of these starters are on scholarship. Yes, they are being paid to perform. The coaches are paid to train, coach and prepare the players to succeed in a game. When they fail to perform, who do you blame? The player? The coach? The team as a whole? The schemes? We’ve had some fine players over the last 8 years. But there’s been more misses than hits. Probably the best OLine was the one Ford recruited that matured under GG. And as far as insulting players by calling them “scrubs”, it’s a fairly common term for backups at the end of games. It doesn’t diminish them. The end of blowouts is when all the players who toil in practice get a chance to make their parents cheer with meaning. But, they are less talented, the defense is not at all intense and scores are made. They call it garbage time for a reason. And if your offense can only score a TD in garbage time you have failed to perform the rest of the game. The body of evidence is in on GG. This program is floundering. Having said that, if it turns around and we wind up 8-3, 7-4? Is it real and an indication of turning a corner? It REALLY looked like UA was turning a corner in 2019...but it turned out to be a dead end. Elite programs like JMU are excellent every year. Good programs perform well in most years, have the occasional down year and reload and get back on track. Programs that underperform except for a random good year amongst the debris? They’re floundering.
  11. I think you made "us cast of character types" case for us. Six losses in a row. Last 5 years with his own hand picked recruits, 17-25. "Winnable" games that are lost by penalties or poor execution. It's a broken record. HE'S HAD 8 YEARS TO BUILD THE PROGRAM. There should be an upward arc. It's not there. Constant problems with the O Line. Tied for most points ever in the first half by a Syracuse team. Let's revisit this post at the end of the season to see if you were right. Crow for Thanksgiving?
  12. Delaware got blasted by Rutgers and Towson by NDSU and App State popped Elon although Elon hung in there for a half. It wasn’t unexpected that we’d lose to Syracuse. But maybe now we should become accustomed to losing bad and looking bad doing it. Despite effort, the D was totally outclassed and clearly lacking in skill and speed. Tucker made them look like a bad HS team. And the Offense was offensive. Negative rushing yards? Come on. No offensive score until garbage time against the scrubs? I’m with the majority....the Gattuso experiment is over. He has to go. Sooner, rather than later. They better show some signs of life against Delaware. Two weeks to right this ship. If they lay another egg at the feet of the Hens, I’ll be inclined to save the gas and ignore them against Villanova.
  13. Lol. I was projecting there he didn’t say that. At least I think he didn’t.
  14. GG’s takeaways....”we won the turnover battle and time of possession.” And we know. how important that is for success....🤣😂🏈🤮
  15. I can’t wait for the headline of the UAlbany sports recap...”Despite a late rally, Danes come up short.” should be: “Thank God we got paid for this dumpster fire of a game.”
  16. Windy day? Syracuse didn’t play nice nice? Someone farted on the team bus?🤢 I've got jock itch? We had to drive past Utica? They deflated our balls? Orange fans BAD! They shouted mean things at us...😢
  17. I turned it off at halftime in order to do something more pleasant...cleaning the stainless steel appliances. How did they score 2 TDs? Did the cuse head for the locker room and they suited up the water boy and concession workers?
  18. Before the game, I thought if we could stay within 20, it would be an achievement. Now, if we hold them under 100 it’ll be a miracle.
  19. In game one, cuse beat Ohio like 29-6. Next week, Duquesne beat Ohio. Then they lose to Big Ten bottom dweller Rutgers. We came at the perfect time for them. I agree. GG must go. Can’t watch this crap football any more.
  20. Glad I didn’t waste my time going to Syracuse. It was 325-67 yardage and over 11 yards per play.
  21. Now the center hikes the ball ⚽️ into his a$$. Lol. On a third and 1.
  22. Why do they insist on running between the tackles? Why do they insist on using only one running back? Fresh legs and a change of pace might be helpful. Why does it take them three quarters before deciding to throw to the tight ends? Is the team incapable of running stretch plays? Where are swing passes to Mofor? For all his prowess as a passer, JUC is pretty much of a dud as a runner. He makes Eli Manning look like Usain Bolt. Carino provides a spark when he’s in, but the other team KNOWS why he’s in...QB keeper. We’ve not had a legit dual threat QB in a long time. The OLine has to get better as time wears on....doesn’t it? Alexander seems to our only legit deep option...and is a Freshman...and he dropped a huge pass to end a drive. Where’s the new recruits?
  23. I think that there’s a reasonable chance that this team starts 0-6, unless there’s some major turn around.
  24. A few tidbits: GG said in the paper that the two snaps were good...the holder just dropped it. Mofor eked out about 89 yards, which considering the “blocking”, was quite an accomplishment. Did you all see that incredible spin move on URI’s punt return TD? That coverage guy is gonna suffer this week because it’ll probably run over and over in the film room. Trying to tackle a bunch of air. Did you know Coby Tippet, who ran back the punt, is the son of NFL HOF member Andre Tippet? He’s got a motor and moves.
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