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  1. I was just spitballing there, so thanks. Kind of a blue screen sort of season. I do remember Mike, our DB admin, coming over with his most serous look to say "I had to kill your program." Never gave us an error, just that "look", like what the heck are you doing to MY database?? Same guy we had to go through when some one screwed up a SQL and wiped out a table or two. Mike, we need a recent backup. The rest of it is all gobbledegook to me.
  2. I know they were working hard on defense, but having only 4 pts after ten minutes was rather scary to me. Especially at home, where you are playing with your own rims and backgrounds. Still a work in progress, but as many have said, they desperately need a PG. Our opponents are using rapid and crisp passing to create openings, where we are using isolations or drive and dish. Let's see where all of this goes as the season moves on.
  3. Defense terrific. Offense mostly painful. But still a game. Hutch really is the glue.
  4. You had to be there. When the poor counter person could not assure her that a peanut was ever close to to a donut or any of its ingredients, she got an immediate attitude and shouted that her son could die. She was brutal and wouldn’t drop it. My point is that her son’s health should not be left up to a donut shop counter person. Bring acceptable food with you so you don’t jeopardize his health.
  5. Apparently eating food makes you immune as well. Remember when you couldn’t just go into an establishment and get a drink...but also had to buy food...only not just chips, because chips don’t protect you. Had to order more expensive stuff because helping the establishments bottom line makes the covid stay away from you. I once stood behind a woman at a donut shop at the Fort Lauderdale airport who was absolutely grilling the counter person over what wasn’t or was handled in the donut shop. Why? Because her kid had a severe peanut allergy and could DIE if he ate anything that came even close to a peanut. It went on and on as people in line groused. The supervisor was summoned. My only thought was...I needed coffee and a donut. And maybe that if your kid is so sensitive to peanuts You SHOULD NOT BUY HIM FOOD at an airport donut shop. Same thing here to all complaining. Write a letter...stay home and watch on TV....complain to security if you feel threatened....You do you.
  6. I’d say that high risk people should control their situation as best as they can. In other words, vaccinate, boost, wear the best mask they can get and avoid crowds whenever possible. Don’t take the chance and go to a crowded indoor event when there is the alternative of watching from home. I saw a couple of guys get rousted at a lax playoff game because they had some contraband beer. Apparently masks aren’t worth enforcing despite the supposed risk involved. The beer is dangerous.
  7. I watch from the comfort of my family room where I don’t need to worry about it. And I’m vaxed and boosted. I typically wear a mask in stores and other busy indoor places. I made a decision long ago to not attend any events that required me to show proof of vaccination. My choice. Each can do what they want to do. But if the university says to wear a mask in the arena...wear a mask. You chose to go, you follow the rules. I wear a mask when I go to my doctor and it stays on unless she needs to look in my nose and mouth. That’s the rules. I want to see my doctor? I follow her rules. I turned 21 when Jimmy Carter was President. Want to buy beer at Minogues? They need to scan my license. Those are the rules. If my favorite restaurant requires me to prove I’m vaccinated, it no longer is my favorite restaurant. My choice. You do what you think is right.
  8. I don’t mean this in a condescending way, but it basically looks like UA is doing playground basketball. And not very good playground basketball at that.
  9. I suppose that there’s some sort of offensive strategy, but darned if I can see one other that careless turnovers and out of control driving.
  10. That was my guess. We had a close bolt up here in toga county. Union RPI was CRAZY. I watched the whole thing. RPI was down 7 with under a minute. Scored with 30 sec left. Went for two and missed. Recovered an on side kick. Hit like three passes to get within range and kicked a 37 yard FG to win it as time expired . The kid who kicked the FG was playing in his first college game…just came over from the soccer team! Shades of Dario Arango against Ithaca on ABC tv back in the day.
  11. Is the football game on a delay or was it called off due to lack of interest? The stats still say halftime
  12. Just looking for an incremental improvement from game to game. Coaches need to get their starters and rotations sorted out. Players need to get some chemistry. Players need to find their roles. Coaches need to learn more about their team at game speed. Right now it’s like a big Petri dish and everyone is looking to see what grows. 4pm we see what’s grown from earlier in the week. ⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏼‍♂️⛹🏿‍♂️⛹🏿‍♂️
  13. Current forecast is rain and upper 40s. Two one win teams. Should be a big crowd.
  14. Terrific game by the ladies. Watched most of it. 70-41 win! Every phase was great.
  15. Although I appreciated getting all the players involved, it has to be hard to build any chemistry or consistency when you are playing in a group for only a few minutes at a time. I know nothing about coaching basketball, but it seems better to change out all 5 at a time or perhaps four with the PG staying in. I’m hoping when they look at the film and analyze the game, they’ll settle on a combination that had success and then substitute less frequently. Probably a lot of game one was throwing it all out there and seeing what stood out. Based on my observations while watching the game, I’m confident that the staff will not lack coachable moments to work on in the film room or on the court.
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