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Before the first game there will be Game Notes on the web site. I used to read them last year and one page was the depth chart.




I would expect that it'll be updated shortly before the game, dont' want to give the opposition too much of a look at you before the game.

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The gamenotes and the depth chart are now up.


Unverzagt is listed as the starting TE with the two red-shirt freshman now at FB. Bocanegra is the backup QB.

I was surprised not to see Kelsey Jenks name anywhere on the depth chart.

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I'm glad to hear it. Considering the advantage the Riverboat Gambler and Bazan had by practicing in the spring it's impressive that Bocanegra can make such a good impression in such a short time.


I imagine they are red-shirting the other two freshman QB's they brought it this year.

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Couple of thoughts and questions:

1. Is the game on FSNY or Digital? I get the digital channels but not FSNY, would love to see the game.

2. Looks like the D moved from a 4-3 to a 3-4 with Sands being the odd man out.

3. TB must be pretty deep - remember Fantell was a great HS running back in HS (at a small school). Omar Johnson should get some minutes as well - he was a pretty good HS RB.

Delgado is listed as a JR - is that right? I thought he was a senior.

4. Did Banach fall off the map as QB? i think he played a couple of games last year. Sounds like he may be 4th or 5th this year.


Lastly, it's amazing that Ford can get all these kids, redshirt them knowing that they may not play until they are juniors or seniors.

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I agree. His redshirt program is outstanding. This is how it is supposed to be done. This is why Albany can reload every year. When they get to the scholarship level it will be that much tougher. In fact, if there are Frosh now that will be 5th year Sr's then they may struggle for playing time. They do this at the big 1AA scholly schools. The best athletes play.


They have incorporated the 3-4 because of the speed and athleticisim on D. They have more athletic and speed kids on D then in years past. They have super fast LB's with good size. They have real fast kids that can unload on on opponents in a bigway. Same goes for the the secondary as well. They are excited about their D. Lets hope they play real well on Thursday...we are gonna need them.


I thought this D-Lineman who was "all world" in NJ was supposed to start. I don't even see him making the travel squad. The kid from VA is "on the bus" as is Justin Sands. He will rotate in and out, I don't think he is the odd man out.

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Very true...noticed the 3-4 switch...with a ROVER...very interesting alignment. I wonder if that is too utilize speed on the outside with the quicker scholly teams. That has killed us over the years. This young LB must be a freaking stud to get a start.


The team is getting very young and very talented, very quickly. Will be a GREAT YEAR next year with all the young guys getting time this year. This team has the potential to be FABULOUS in 2007 (when these guys are experienced). That would be huge considering it may be our first "scholly" year.


I have to think Eddie is pretty good at TE to start.


Is this Boncanegra kid really that good that he will start soon?


REDSHIRTS---unreal that we can convince kids to do that at a non-scholly level.


$iena....ruler you beat me on this post...just read yours. Great minds think alike.

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LOL...thanks. I obviously have nothing to do this week at work. It is traditionally the slowest week of the year in my biz.


The Cali kid is going to see time even if Delgado is 100% healthy. Starting may be a stretch(unless Bazan gets hurt...don't be surprised if this kid gets in on Thursday) but he is as good as Sciarra was last year. That is not saying much. From what I hear (and I have not seen one practice) that he has a beautiful throw. He also runs the option real well. Bazan has wheels and was if my memory serves me an outstanding athlete, although I watched in horror as he tried to get the corner in Montana a couple of times and got CRUSHED! Also saw Duquesne's corners(I believe one of these kids is with the Steelers or had a shot) contain him pretty good in 2002. Bazan does give Albany a Michael Vick style to the offense.


I would love to see us pull off another great upset. In 2001 when we knocked off Towson, Fordie used Bazan to throw a halback option and the Albany kid smoked the D and was wide open, but dropped the ball. Just like Miller did against Montana....watch for the same play Thursday! Fordie always has used that play in the early games and against bigger opponents...catches them with their pants down every time!





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