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Holy Cow

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That was unbelievable. I know Sacred Heart isn't great but that was awesome.


I cannot even articulate anything better than that. My wife and I just sat listening to the game and grinning. Jordan was insane, I would have loved to see that game because they couldn't stop him.


Everybody chipped in, Zoellner found his groove in the second half. Lots of people played great that was just fantastic. I cannot wait to see this team play.

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one of the better days for UA at the DI level ... impressive semi-final for the volleyball team ... men and women post commanding victories on road in hoop (men: 35-26 edge in rebounds, 11 of 21 from three ... will be even better with Jamar back) ... after all these years it is nice to finally have size, shooting, and depth ... can't wait for tuesday ... just saw the vermont score ... it would have been nice for the conference

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The BCA tourney where $iena played it's first three games was a very tough way for them to start the season with a young team. I guess it was a good opportunity for them to play some higher level competition on a neutral floor. The real drawback was that you get no time in between games to work on your problems. They would play a game and then have to go right back and play the next day. Seemed like a very tough thing to do for a young team. They probably would have had better sucess had they made the trip with a veteran team.


I thought they would probably be able to grab one game down there. With Syracuse coming on Saturday they are going to be desperate for the win Tuesday night. I'm sure with a couple of practices under their belt they will play better. They certainly won't be Sacred Heart, that's for sure.


That said, last night's game was awesome and hopefully an indication of what we'll see Tuesday from the Danes. In $iena gets down in that game remember to watch your head Danes fans. They're giving away 5,000 of those magnets that night and they may be flying around the Pepsi.

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Went to last night's game with some friends and had a courtside seat.


Here's what we saw:


As you know, we witnessed a fantastic performance by Lucious. Very fast, very aggressive. He showed some early rust, but soon switched into high gear. Honestly don't know how other teams will handle both him AND Jamar.


Zoellner was intimidating in the middle - altered many shots and THREW their big men around like they were ragdolls. He moves very well and aggressively to the basket and will score plenty of points to go along with his rebounds. Had a great slam off an incredible feed by Levi. Later made a great fake move to the hole for some points - there were Sacred Heart jocks on the court.


Levi played like the warrior he is. He does it all - rebounds, passes, shoots and plays solid defense. He is a force!


Iati, with all the rest he got, played at full speed and, at times, was reckless. But he did get open and shot the ball very well. He showed us that last year was no fluke - he'll get his minutes and contribute in a big way for us.


Lillis, while he did not score (he took no shots from what I remember), was impressive. Handled the ball very well, looked extremely poised, made a couple of fantastic passes, and hustled on every play. You're gonna love this kid!


The other new kid, Brent Wilson, was "hobbled", but this was not very apparent - This guy was exciting. He was diving all over the place - muscling his way to the hole - he played aggressive defense. This guy, if we can get by the injury, will be a major factor for this team.


Q looked a little rusty from his injury, but still showed his great athleticism. He had one really awesome rebound, but struggled a little with his shots.


Saw so many different player combinations - it was great! Having suffered through last year's short staff, this was a real treat. Iata and Zoellner get two fouls in the first half - just sit them dowm for the rest of the half - no problem.


All played well - Perry, Wyatt, Courtney, Baumann (with a quick three at the end of the game), and Knotts.


With the exception of a few spans of sloppy defense and a couple turnovers, this team looked awesome. The score could easily have been more than thirty points difference.


Next Tuesday should be very interesting! (Oh yeah, let's add Jamar to the lineup).


Wondered about Dyson not playing at all. He was suited up, but actually looked as though he was resigned to not playing.

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