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I realize we have two games before it, but now is the time to start promoting the Vermont home game on Wednesday, Feb. 16. They could be 19-4 and a perfect 14-0 in conference heading into that one. We need 4,000 in the house for that one. First-place team, Taylor Coppenrath (future NBA player) and probably one of the easiest coaches to rile up -- Tom Brennan. Heck, I would even be happy with 3,000. The athletic department has a full week and a half to start promoting this to the campus and to the media through newspaper ads. Invite the Siena fans too. Vermont whipped their butts by 25 in late December.


I think it is safe to say that Vermont will be the best team that we have ever played at the RACC in 13 years.

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Three thousand might not be an unrealistic turnout for the Vermont game. Considering we saw over 1,700 for the Stony Brook game, and Stony Brook ain't any Vermont. There were few Stony students at the game, but I will bet more than 750 Vermont fans will show. We need to have the enthusiasm in our own building favoring us!

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Big crowd for Vermont would be great. Will be an important game for the team as well:

1. They were blown out in Vermont after the 1800 mile debacle.

2. They didn't score for over 10 minutes (may have been more) - from late first half through a good part of the second half.

3. They will probably be in Vermont's bracket in the tournament (hate to think that far ahead, but that what it looks like).

4. Another opportunity to beat a top tier team. The last chance will be at Northeastern to end the season.

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I think our students, fans and the community need to get pumped for this one.


Here is a little history lesson:


During the 2001-02 season, we lost at Vermont by around 30. We played them a few weeks later and stunned the AE regular season champion, 61-45, in front of 2,700 at the RACC on the AE television game. UAlbany held Coppenrath to probably a career-low two points and Sorrentine 1-10 from three-point range.


I am sure Tom Brennan remembers that game vividly.


Anything can happen. We just need to be the aggressor and take it to them. Make them feel uncomfortable at the RACC.

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From what we are hearing, I think 3,000 is a realistic number to shoot for. We have serious problems if we can't top the 2,700 number from three years ago when we played Vermont at the RACC. I think this year's Albany team would beat that year's Albany team by 20-25 points.


RACC Rowdies -- go easy on Duell. We always support our locals that make it to the Division I level. That is quite an accomplishment for anyone. However, feel free to harass Coppenrath, Sorrentine and Head Coach Tom Brennan. For those of you who have never seen Brennan on the sidelines, you are in for a treat. I am sure you will find he is an easy target :D


In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he started a dialogue with you during the game.

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What about "Howard Stern Hates You" for Brennan?


For those that don't know, Brennan gets higher ratings than Stern in Vermont.


Also How about "Golden Parachute" for Brennan?


It would be hilarious if the Rowdies showed up with mini-parachutes with the pictures of Coppenrath and Sorrentine on them.

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LOL....that would be beautiful.


Another one.....get a student to wear a sport coat....and RIP THAT SUCKER OVER YOUR HEAD W/O unbuttoning your jacket.


I am going to invite NU Hoop Fan over here to give you guys some ideas...he hates Brennan more than I do...and that is impressive.


For a deceitful side of Brennan, one of you guys should color your hair grey and get two young co-eds to sit next to you. Slap on a Yale T-shirt underneath...and basically you are describing the EGO MANIACS tenure at Yale...when he was $ienacanned for Bob Beyer (X-Siena coach for the young PUPS) antics.


You can rip on his sub 400 career record. Or you can rip on his stomping antics. Or how about ripping on the fact he doesnt X and O, but Jesse Agel does. Maybe a sign that says:


"JESSE...what do we do w/ this round ball again?"

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