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Coach Driscoll

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Dane96 - someone at UA seems to mislead the public.


Third, they publically announced his re-negotiation.- D96


Dane96 how about this........


Brown still has 1 year left on his contract, and McElroy said he sees no changes in that department, even though he isn't ready yet to give Brown a contract extension.


"Coach Brown is fine" said McElroy. "He is still under contract. At the appropriate time, we will talk about that[contract extension]. It's not the time to do that right now. There is so much to be done. Coach Brown understands that." -Weiner Gazette


Someone as intelligent as you can interpet this better than I. What does it all mean and who said the school was re-negotiating?


Here was a statement from Brown earlier in the article........


"University of Albany has the best job in the country. I want to be here for a long time. - Brown - Gazette


Doesn't seem to me they are renegotiating and it doesn't appear from his comments that the hold up is from his side.

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I chatted with Coach Brown's mother in Bingo just before they left (WONDERFUL lady!) as I expressed my hope that Coach Brown stays for a long time. She said, as a paraphrase a bit..'we moved up here to watch him, so I hope he does too!'


Also, I emailed AD McElroy in support of Coach Brown and here are a couple bits of what he said.."I concur with your analysis as we have done a great job. The program is moving in the right direction under Coach Brown's guidance." Everything else he said was supportive of the team and their chances for next year in regards to the NCAA Tournament. Sounds really good to me.


Although I of course would love for an extension to be agreed upon soon, I personally don't think he's going anywhere whether it's agreed upon sooner or later.

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What does it all mean and who said the school was re-negotiating?

Channel 13 news last night said they were 'beginning negotiations'.


I'm sure the first time they sit down, Brown and McElroy won't put the same exact dollar number down on paper. Then there's perks, French benefits, etc.


Neither side will put their version of a contract down and the other just says 'Where do I sign?'

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In terms of scheduling for next season, I am glad to hear we are kicking it up a notch. If you take out Syracuse and Villanova, our seven other non-conference opponents totaled a 64-134 record this year. That is pretty poor.


Everyone was ripping how bad Wagner was this year, but they turned it around after a horrid start and advanced to the NEC championship game as a #6 seed. Lehigh almost made the Patriot League finals, but dropped a close one to Holy Cross in overtime of the semis.

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It's possible that the TU didn't have anything on the Discoll situation because of the previously-mentioned articles. Maybe whoever leaked the story to the TV's didn't leak it to the TU because they were angry at the (perceived by this board) negative or made-up articles. That is total speculation on my part but seems to make sense.


I still think that Will needs to be signed now.


If I'm a high school recruit, and I read this board, read any local papers, or talk to any other coach in the league, I know that Will is entering the final year of his contract. I want assurances that he's going to be there.

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I'd like to see Brown get an extention sometime soon also. I do think coaches sometimes use the recruiting angle a bit too much to secure a long term contract but I don't blame them. I'd do the same thing to try and secure my future.


I will say this about the contract extention or lack thereof. Probably every party who has ever negototated a contract with someone else has tried to manipulate the media coverage their way. Especially when it comes to labor negotations which is more or less what this is. It happens all the time and I wouldn't read too much into.


I do suspect there is more to the Driscoll thing. I don't know if it will come out or not. I'm sorry it had to happen right after one of the best D1 seasons and I'm sorry for Gallagher Driscoll who seemed like a good guy. Hopefully he lands on his feet in a situation that's right for him.

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