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Coach Driscoll

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In the process of what? Brown should have been taken care of! All you need to do is read McElroys comments in the paper.


I hope the coach just walks! Screw this crap! He should be taken care of!


How many head coaches has this program had in the past 7 years? Brown, Beeten, Hicks, and Sauers!


I smell something funny! All this is a bunch of BS! Somebody is a phony and this does not reflect well on the athletic department or university.


Maybe McElroy is the problem!

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I smell that you should shut your trap right now. IP addresses are real easy to trace.


First...this was Brown's first real year of talent..and he did well. Second, there is a new president...the AD I am sure has had talks about K extensions and state's of programs. Third, they publically announced his re-negotiation. Fourth, if you are close to Gallagher, which is a safe assumption, you should take a breath and re-think what you are posting.


Fifth, and most impt.....SAUERS WAS HERE FOR 40+ years. Hicks left to be closer to his wife's family and because they were unsure if the Danes would get in the AE. He was being paid pretty well (85 base). Beetan was the only bad hire.


Settle down...or I will personally find you. Accusations you have/are making are pretty disgusting.


Coaches get let go.......it's part of the game.

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IP addresses are real easy to trace.


Good point Dane96. It's also one UA employees should keep in mind when they are tempted to come here and gripe about the people they work with. This is not the place for it.

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From today's Gazette:


No mention of the Driscoll firing.


Brown said he is looking forward to coming back next season. "Albany has the best job in the country. I want to be here for a long time. We want to win the whole thing next year on our own court."


McElroy: "Coach Brown is fine. He is still under contract. At the appropriate time, we will talk about that [contract extension]. It's not the time to do that right now... Coach Brown understands that."


"Coach Brown has paid his dues, and he is reaping the benefits of all that hard work. We are starting to see all the pieces of the puzzle, and we are moving ahead."


Story confirms next season's road trip to UCLA and San Diego State, and @Florida in the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament.

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I strongly recommend that anyone who can get a Gazette today do so. As opposed to much of what we heard lately, it is an uplifting article about the future of our program. It certainly implies that McElroy and Brown are on the same page regarding the direction of the program.


Some other points in the article:


1. McElroy seems to believe that our players were intimidated at Vermont and Binghamton and hopes that a tough OOC schedule will help. I'm not sure I agree with this as we handled the largely pro-Siena crowd OK in November


2. Our 8 win improvement was the 4th best in D-1 for teams that won fewer than 10 games the year before.


3. The losses of Iati and Brandon Perry were felt toward the end of the year and end of games when our guards clearly tired. This observation I agree with 100%.


Now as regards yesterday's topics.


1. I watched both the Channel 13 and 6 sports at 11 last night. Both reported the Driscoll firing; 13 reported that negotiation had begun on an extension for Coach Brown, while 6 reported that Brown and McElroy had met with no extension discussed.


2. There is no story in today's Times Union, which leaves me speechless. After witnessing serveral made up and non-news articles last week, an actual news event, the firing of the top assistant by the AD is not news? I'm totally lost in trying to figure what what the Times Union considers to be news.

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