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Home Opener


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I was wondering how ticket sales are going this year? If anyone knows that would be great, I think that if advertised in the correct way the home opener could be the first ever sell out at the RACC. I draw this conclusion from last weeks football game where 6,000 came out and most of them were students, and lets be honest most of the hype around our sports this year isn't football. I can't wait to see the turn out this year, and I think we picked a good team for our first home game I believe we beat SH badly last year. I like our start and where we go from there when we face Siena (I think this is going to be a good hard fought game) and then Harvard (does anyone know anything about how good these guys are? cause whenever I think Ivy and Basketball I only think of Princeton).

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I spent most of yesterday in airports so I had a chance to read the Athlon's preview.



Harvard (does anyone know anything about how good these guys are? cause whenever I think Ivy and Basketball I only think of Princeton).


Harvard was picked 2nd in the Ivy League. They have a 7 footer and a 6'8"player that are both preseason all conference and one is preseason player of the year.


Also, in the AE, they had Albany 1, Binghamton 2.


Nice picture in the magazine of Jamar - same one that is currently on the website - the UNH BPG game.

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Was told today that season ticket sales are up about 30%, with six weeks to go already equal last year's to-date totals. Over half the chairbacks have been sold.




It is a start, but with only 750 chairback.........not very impressive with the team we have...and the potential to be an NCAA team.

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I heard the same thing UAlum did about the seat backs. Hopefully I'm true to what I was told which I'm pretty sure was that they were hoping for an average attendance over 3,000 with the possibility of a couple of sell-outs. If nothing else it would be great if the BPG sells out.

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Thats really good to hear but how many seats with backs do we have at the RACC? For some reason 1,500 seems to be the number I remember. Still its a great start and we must remember that a certain percentage of tickets are purchased the day of the game and there is still 6 weeks till the first game, so the attendence is going to be there and does anyone know how many student tickets are avaliable?

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I agree about 4,000 for the first game it will most likely be an attendence record. I don't know how anybody else feels about this but I really doubt we could ever get 5,000 people to fit into the RACC comfortabley, I just don't think the arena could deal with that many. People should definitly pack snacks for the game because getting food at halftime with that one little stand in the lobby will be a nightmare. Should be a good game to watch and its a perfect game for Albany really to shine. I believe we beat Sacred Heart badly last year at there home court. Does anyone know anything about how good SH might be this year?


Also I think attendence might be really helped if we can win against Florida, if we can beat Florida and get national attention and play at MSG I would be willing to bet that we will have a sell out at our season opener. And I think Florida can be beatin if we play a smart game.


By the way has there been any info on how good Oakland is? I've noticed there isn't alot of talk about them. If memory serves don't they have a fairly young team this year?

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Reality check, UA has no right beating Florida. (I hope we do)


Oakland came on strong last season and played in the NCAAs. We should be able to compete with them but Florida is in a different galaxy (a much more powerful one).


Sacred Heart is a good home opener, let's remember UA has never had a .500 season and now it seems our imagination is running away with us.


Being picked to win the AE in most the publications shows that the program has come along way and has won the respect of some. We still have alot to prove - let's be cautiously optimistic.


Let's hope we can get into the AE season healthy and playing well.


If all goes right we could win the AE!

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Number of chairbacks is around 672 - 2 sections each with 16 per row, about 21 rows, maybe 1 more.


There might be room for 5,000 in the RACC, but the fire marshal's sign (inside the entry doors from the lobby) says maximum capacity is 4,434. Probably limited by the number of exits, and access to them.


Oakland made the NCAAs by winning the Mid-Continent tournament last year, but still was only 13-19.

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