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Did any one go to todays scrimmage at 1? I had a prior commitment so I couldn't make it, but I really really wanted to be there. Any update would be appreciated. How did guys look, who impressed, who was disappointing. I know we have some injuries as of late but what about the rest of the squad. I'm particularly interested in how Reid Anderson did and Gifford. Thanks

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Freshman were very impressive, Gifford had 8pts and looked good down low, his play reminded me of Holms from UVM. The only areas of concern is he seemed to have a problem with endurence and he probably is going to get into foul trouble, but again these seem like normal Freshman problems. Ried looked good as well, had a few really impresive moves to the basket, he will probably get limited minutes this season because of the depth at guard but he shows alot of potential. Yocum was matched up with Gifford at © he has a nice mid range shot looked like a solid player, he seemed to get better as the game went on so he probably is a little more in shape then Gifford, didn't really notice any major problems. James the walk-on I think ran the point fairly well for a freshman, he had some ball control issues and some freshman mistakes but he has time to develop his game. Knight the JUCO I think was tired he missed all the three pointers he made, but so did Brent. Brent looked alot more dominate down in the post during the scrimage. Covington looks stronger then he did last year same with Connelly, they didn't shoot much but they both looked solid on the defense. Jamar was vintage Jamar enough said, Siggers had some good moves to the basket, would of liked to see him take a shot from three but we know he can do it. Lillis looked like his old self by doing the little things and getting some good steals and put backs. Bauman played good defense, I don't remember if he took a shot or not. Alright thats all I can remember after being out in the cold watching a 48-0 Albany victory.

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Nice write-up on the WCDB blog GD84. For everyone there's a link to the blog at the top of the page.


Just to add to what has already been posted.


Admittedly I wanted to watch the new players yesterday but it was impossible not to be impressed with Jamar. The rest of the team is bigger and more athletic than it's ever been and he was on another level from everyone else. We all know he is a dynamic scorer but I thought his passing and defense were outstanding. As I said at the scrimmage yesterday, they should lower the ticket prices when he's gone because it won't be the same show. We should enjoy watching him while he's here.


I was a little skeptical about Gifford just because I thought we might be hyping him too much. After watching him I really liked him. For a guy his size he moved well, good hands and a nice touch around the rim. For a freshman he seemed pretty comfortable out there and competed hard. As B9 mentioned he seemed to tire but they did practice for a couple of hours in the morning before we saw the scrimmage. As someone pointed out to me once, the big guys have to run the entire floor from post to post each trip down while the guards go from the top of the circle to the top of the circle each trip.


Maybe I was starting to believe ST about Yocum but he looked bigger than I expected. He seems like he'll be a fun to player to root for. Personable off the court and worked really hard on it. Along with Covington and Connelly our future frontcourt looks to be in pretty good hands.


At the beginning I thought Anderson looked tenative and very much like a freshman. As things wore on he seemed to get more comfortable. I had pictured him as more of a three point shooter but he attacked off the dribble quite a bit. Really smooth getting into the lane and elevating to shoot.


Knight seemed solid on both ends of the floor. As was pointed out before he didn't seem to have his legs under him on his outside shots, maybe because of the pre-scrimmage practice.


PG seems like the toughest spot for a freshman as they have a lot of decisions to make. Lance James looked very much like a freshman at times but seems really promising. Good with the ball and amazingly quick. I was hoping to see more open court situations because he blazed up the court the few chances he got. Love to see him and Jamar in the backcourt at the same time.


Tough team selections for Siggers. The three returning starters were on the other team and he had all three freshman. Oh yeah, and he had to guard Jamar. That said, it was great to read about Coach Brown's confidence in him. I'm looking forward to seeing him play a lot more this year.


Brent had a couple of nice shots down low. He had to guard Gifford on occasion which seemed like a brutual chore. I like the combination of Covington at PF and Gifford at C on the purple team.


Great event and well-run. We'll have to come up more questions for next year scrimmage. It was also great to meet UA66 and have a chance to chat for a while.


Story in today's TU about the scrimmage. UAlbany's Wilson strong in debut

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