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Time to move on

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Now that the excitement of the Siena game is behind us, there is a very difficult game against VCU coming up as well as several other challenging games before the conference schedule begins.


IMO, there appear to be two areas of development over the next 7 games.

1. Jamar is being asked to do too much - he played all 50 minutes last night. That's too much, being asked to run the point and score. Someone has to be able to relieve him. Iati continues to struggle and Knight is still a question mark.

2. Continued development of Gifford. He is going to be a good player - need to continue to get a lot of minutes and become an integral part of the offense. He will learn to defend without fouling.


IMO, this is still the most talented team in the conference. There may be some more OOC struggles as the team develops but the real season begins on January 3 and the games don't really count until March.

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After playing all these strong teams Bucknell, Sacred Heart, UConn, Siena, and the games to be played VCU, Harvard, St. Bonn, and Utah UA should be ready for anything the AE can throw our way. Given this schedule I would be happy if we are 6-6 going into confrence.


Remaining Games I think we can win

Brown (Home), Cornell (Away), Utah Valley State (Away)


Games we could win but it will be tough

VCU (Home), St. Bonn (Home), Harvard (Away)


Games we will get paid for

Utah (Away)

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We were talking about Jamar's minutes last night as well. I was wondering if Siggers getting the two early fouls and sitting most of the first half was partly to blame. I would think you'd want one of those guys on floor at all times if possible and Coach Brown didn't want to rest Jamar with Siggers out.

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I thought Lillis could also run the point. He has a good handle and pass first mentality (which i dont always like). I also think that it would open up Jamar to move without the ball and create some space.


In terms of Gifford...I LOVE HIM!!! He showed great touch with that baby hook and a decent mid range jumper, once he gets a little hungrier on the boards he will be a force to be reckoned with.


I like the way the team is shaping up, and I am very excited for the AE schedule.


Any thoughts on our zone D? I liked the results it produced last night, it forced Siena to generally take a lot of time off the shot clock working the perimiter and it forece a few turnovers.

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Great game last night. It has become evident that the two teams are evenly matched and the game could have been won by either school. The game was so good, that I could not come to this board in good conscious and brag about our victory. Good luck the rest of the way!


BTW, I think you guys will definitely beat Harvard and St. Bonaventure (Niagara beat them!). The VCU game will be tough, but clearly a winnable game at home.

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I would also like to echo that sentiment. His development over the last few games has been noticeble. If he continues to develop the offensive game (already leaps and bounds ahead of Z) and works on his defense and strength he will be dominent in our league. I am quickly become a HUGE fan of his.


The front court looks great into the future with Gifford, Covington and potentially Billy Allen who by all acounts is great.

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A few thoughts on the game..


- it's real tough to lose a game when it's due in large part to missed free throws..our permiter shooting was also quite a bit off, until Siggers began to feel the touch in OT


- I thought our zone was pretty effective..but Siena was able to beat it when they really needed to with some clutch 3's


- kinda knew we might be in for a long night when we weren't able to pick up a significant lead when Haddix, and even Hasbrouck joining him, was on the bench for an extended amount of time


- interesting play call on what I think was the last shot at the end of regulation..if I remember correctly, Jamar had the ball for a while just off the top of the key, then took a few dribbles in and just straight passed to Siggers in the corner near the bench for a 3-point shot..I always a big fan of going to the hoop in situations like that (with my zero basketball knowledge), especially with someone like Jamar..I just think his amazing ability to get to the basket combined with the ability to draw fouls is something too strong to pass up in a situation like that (probably why I don't coach basketball though..lol)


- I still think we need to get Jamar away from the point, especially if he's going to play so many minutes..being the main ball-handler and the main scorer leaves the ball in his hands way too much, leading to his increased # of turn-overs..if Lillis is going to keep his pass first, shoot last mentality, I'd like to see him involved with the offense more at the 1..Iati and/or Knight can spell him if and when they find their shot


- as with just about everyone, I agree that Giff is becoming a STUD..I think he's really going to explode in the AE, it'll be fun to watch..and I LOVE that he's not afraid to put the ball on the floor, shows some real confidence at his young age..a lot of the same thoughts re: Connelly, as well


- while we've had 3 tough losses in a row now, I at least feel confident that we're playing at this level w/o all our cylinders firing in anyone one game yet, minus maybe the Delaware game..we've seen strong offense sometimes, strong defense sometimes and still have yet to see Iati and Brent (except SHU) play to what we all know they're capable of..it's only a matter of time til they break out!

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