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Thank-you Danepound, I was absolutley being genuine with my question. I could not word it any kinder then I did. Then BAM, I get these clowns attacking me about Albany's horrible transition to D1. I am not sure I care enough to associate with such angry people who probably never played a sport in their life. It is a sad commentary.


So facing the fact that I do not have ANY sports "savvy"...LOL I will not attend anymore Basketball games. It is only for the true FANS.


As far as a football stadium and D1AA full scholarship football, Albany has just agreed to a 100 million contract to upgrade their current facilities...ie stadium. Expect an announcement in the spring(March or April). They have also locked in a long series with Hofstra and are currently working out agreements with New Hampshie and Maine. They do not do this with Non Scholarship football in mind.



You really do not need to be "savvy" you only need to be in the know!


And I do!

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I am a former football player, during ancient times, and now a rabid UA fan for all the teams. I don't understand these comments at all. You win the games on your schedule, regardless of the league you're in. NEC Football AE Basketball, they're neither the SEC nor the ACC, so what! Go Danes.

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Ruler - Nice display of maturity


You really do not need to be "savvy" you only need to be in the know!


And I do!  - ruler


If you are so in the know about UA athletics you would not have asked the question.


Hoops still BLOW. LOLOLOLOLOL! - ruler


HOW MANY YEARS HAS HOOPS BEEN THE "BIG SPORT" AT ALBANY....LOLOLOLOLOL. They havent won consistently since Doc Sauers had them at the D3 level. Come to think of it those teams back in the 80's probably were better. - Ruler


You guys on the hoops board are all bitter ass wipes. - Ruler


Ruler very mature and supportive coming from a guy who states.....

you only need to be in the know


If you choose not to supprt Danes Hoops fine, suit yourself. I'll enjoy watching football no matter how you continue to display your immaturity on this board.

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I am in "the know" from the contractor side, not the UA basketball side. Forgive me for not being up top speed with hoops! That seems pretty mature to me.


Excellent point Alum73. And good to see a fellow gridder on the board. There is you, Dane 96, and I that are ex Great Danes.



You are right, The NEC is not the SEC and the AE is the ACC.

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I wasn't at the games and couldn't listen to it on radio, so I can't help you out too much.


Maybe I'm shell shocked hearing about another tough loss, especially to SBU.


In 01/02 They got an officials call at the buzzer that gave the a 3 shot opportunity on a bump from about 35' from the hoop. It took a "W" out of our pocket.


In 02/03 Jamar missed a FT near the end of regulation which would have sealed a victory and we lose in double OT.


Know up by three they score in the last 5 sec and we lose in OT


I'm speechless!!!

Edited by Patch
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I am also an ex Great Dane football player that didn't really follow the basketball program until the last couple of years.


I would love to see UA go full scholarship. The interesting thing is that when I played - about 20 years ago, we had similar conversations about an expanded facility, larger crowds and moving up from division III . It's exciting to see what they have done the last couple of years but I do look forward to moving towards full scholarships.


I lived in Connecticut in the mid 90's and would drive to basketball games at Bridgeport and the University of New Haven, but I didn't really start following the team again until Brown took over. Basketball is struggling, but there is a bright future - I would rather see them struggle vs. BU and Vermont than Potsdam and Buffalo State.

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As an Albany area supporter of local sports, I don't understand all the negativity going on. The future looks bright for UAlbany basketball program as stability finally seems to be here. The coach is solid & much player help on the way. This has been a frustrating season w/ players going down but team has shown much heart in their performances. Games for the most part have been competative but unable to sustain due to bench depth. Imagine the possibilities when have full squad. This is a frustrating season but looking forward to future.

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TOO ALL THOSE WHO WROTE NEGATIVE STATEMENTS...YOUR sienafans...FLAT OUT. Professor...you are a hoop guru....I will giveyou that...but strap on pads before you talk. We lost to NU...i was at the game...the score was not indicative of the game...this is the same NU team that gave NATIONAL CHAMPS DELAWARE there only loss of the year.












YOU GUYS ARE ALL POSERS....PERIOD! IF you want to be pasrt of a hoop only school go to SIENA!


DP...get back to me ASAP about my TCET email..please!

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Ruler, your earlier post mentions facilities - $100 including a stadium. The UA website does mention that they are in the planning stages for an artifical surface for lax, field hockey and for football practice - it also mentions upgrading the bleachers. There is no mention of a stadium - I think that would be great. Want to understand where you got the info and how confident you are.


Athletics donation statement

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When the Fundraising campaign kicked off last April, the wish list for all sports totaled no more than $9 million, plus football stadium renovations and an indoor track facility (the RACC isn't suitable for championship-level meets). Football's goal was only $50K for additional scholarships - obviously only a short-term goal.


I spoke recently with an AD employee who said the consultant firm (Sasaki?) would be conducting interviews of staff and students, focus groups etc. to report this April recommending the choices to be made, like how many artificial turf fields are needed to be shared by FB, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and a practice field.


After that is the job of raising the money or getting it through the state and university budget processes.

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Good post which sums up the current Hoops situation. Nice job!


I have problems understanding the ugly Hoops vs Pigskin debate. In my mind in would be beneficial to both programs if each were successful.


I follow Hoops much closer than football, but it appears to me that the football program is solid and in good shape, something which I firmly believe will be the case with the Hoops program in the very near future.



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