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St. Francis @ Albany

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I might be alone in my thinking - but I think this is the BIGGEST game of the year, at least to date for the Danes. We've lost 3 in a row, and if we don't win tonight, there's a solid chance, they could lose 7 in a row - the following 3 games are very tough. They need to stop the bleeding now and get themselves as together as possible for Duke and a spot on national TV. While a win in Duke would be amazing, and a big longshot, it would be nice at the minimum to give a good showing. If we lose 4 in a row, going into Cameron, it could be ugly. The last thing I would want is to go into the conference schedule, potentially losing 7 consecutive games, and being 4-8. FWIW, I think it would be very hard to recooperate from that. Ideally, I'd like to see them win this game, and pickup a win either against Boise St. or Iowa St. (ofcourse a win at Duke would be AMAZING). I would say that this game will probably be the most viewed game ever for UA, especially with Duke #6 in the nation, and the inevitable highlights which will result on SportsCenter etc. It's a great shot to show how far our program has come. ESPN picked this game for a variety of reasons, and don't think they would have picked it if it were going to be a blowout. Hopefully, we can keep it close - hey, you never know.



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Favor or not, the back-to-back appearances to the NCAA's never hurts our case and I'm sure many people, midmajor followers or your average college hoops fan are more acclamated with Albany in basketball than ever before. It's important we show a good representation and continue the notion that our program is up and coming and respectable. Aside from that, it sure as hell helps when potential recruits see you on Sportscenter or get the opportunity to watch the game live. These are some of the opportunities that can really propel a program in the right direction for more than just a year or two. Heck, imagine where we would be had we not had a great game against UConn a few years back. I'd be willing to bet that may have had something to do with current recruits or JuCo transfers making Albany their basketball home.

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Gazette says Will was sleeping on one to three changes in the starting lineup


Times-Union reports the team practiced every day this week even though it was during final exams


Interesting to see the contrast between the two papers, the Gazette at least seems to give the Danes their due and writes articles that are appropriate for gameday. Props to the Gazette for finally seeing the light that a paid subscription-only website was a few decades ahead of its time, now we can see something resembling real coverage.

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Glad we got our head out of our butts before we gave the game away. The first half was PAINFUL to watch, I'll leave it at that. What ever coach Brown said to them at the half worked but even then it took a little while to get cooking as St. Francis went up by 7. The crowd was great today...really picked the team up when they needed it especially when they got down 7.


I have the same concerns I've had about this team. It appears it will take a little while to develop some identity. In the first half it was painfully obvious that no one wanted to drive it to the bucket, most of our shots were from the perimeter and were not falling, with possibly the exception of a couple of 3's and midrange jumpers by Brent. No one was slashing to the hole which makes Josh's job all that much harder. This aspect of the game improved to start the second half as we got St. Francis to commit a bunch of fouls (1 and 1 with 14 minutes to go). Great things happen with Timmy on the floor, he certainly needs to work on his focus and control but I love what he brings to the table. Wouldn't mind seeing more of him, but I can't blame coach Brown for bringing him along slowly.


Al's back to back blocks were a huge lift and got this team to really dig down on D. Huge pick me up from him with some real primal screams.


We continue to be a team in transition from the Jamar era....it will come but the growing pains might be painful. Good win and more importantly nice to see them dig down and man up.


Strap your selves in for the Duke game. If they come out like they did today against St. Francis, watch out. Should be a great experience for our boys, lets collect the money and if we make them sweat a little.....all the more better. Safe travels to the team!

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