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Looking forward

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With the Iowa St. game approaching, what are our realistic expectations for this game and the Conference schedule? What would be considered a good season/bad season? What do you think our record will be when all is said and done?


Personally, I think that this will be a disappointing season if we don't win the conference and make the tournament. Perhaps it is because as a fan, I always feel that my team should succeed and do very well (even when sometimes they obviously won't - i.e the Knicks). With this conference WIDE OPEN, and being picked preseason favorites (regardless of whether this is a fair assessment or not), I feel as though we should win the conference. At the end of the day, if we can pull this off, it seems as though we could establish a very solid streak for YEARS to come.


I would like to see us come out against Iowa St. and hopefully sneak out of there with this one. It's been an up-and-down first half, and I feel that this team is NO WHERE near its potential. We should be at least 7-4 (2 losses where we were up substantially in the second half) as oppossed to 5-6. Heck, the Delaware loss was unfortunate as well. The one positive I will say is that basically every loss we have had, we have barely lost. I would rely on the fact that we are a young team and maybe we aren't experienced enough to know how to close out games properly.


Looking forward to the second half. Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas and Happy New Years to everyone...

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Sometimes, I wonder if I have unrealistic expectations. But you are right.....many of us, including myself will take nothing less then a confrence championship. If we do happen to take 3 in a row....I think we'd be talking dominance/dynasty in the AE, granted the confrence is way down.


Anyway, here's wishing for back to back to back.

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being "spoiled" and expectations aside, considering the overall non-conference performance of our conference rivals--we have every right to be optimistic about being there come March. Even the possibilty of a game at SEFCU on March 15th is not something unreasonable. This group should continue to grow and gel as a team. We do though, need to have a consistent leader

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