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Albany v. UVM

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Post-season like shouting during a regular season game. My voice is shot, luckily I have some days to recover.


As mentioned earlier here, dunderhead move of the year not to have this game at a better day. Way to go AE! Still a nice crowd and thanks to Bob87 for his help before the game. Sorry they kept announcing the Giants score during the game - at least they gave you some warning.


Funny that as we became enamoured with our freshman Coach Brown goes back to the bigger, veteran lineup from earlier in the season and they win! Lillis was not of this earth today, great to see. I liked the that fact that we won with Connelly missing some shots he almost always makes. Best thing about this game was that just about everyone who went out on the floor found a way to contribute, that's a great sign.



I think you make an excellent observation, DP. My only thought to add is that perhaps, so some degree, Vermont is not as quick as other smaller teams that we have faced, and, therefore, we can go with a bigger lineup and stay with them (to a degree) on defense. I kinda feel like our team was modeled after the UVM team from last year. Rebound well, have a lot of size, and that will give you a fighting chance against your opponent (unless it's Duke).

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You're right about Vermont not being as quick but I like to think we've developed also. One gratify thing yesterday was when Vermont pressed (which has usually worked against us) we weren't just happy to get the ball up the floor but got some easy baskets. I don't think they stayed in the press for more than a few possessions for a couple of times in the game.


Funny that people have been talking about the Vermont fans. I left Sefcu yesterday thinking they were alright. When Brent Wilson had the ceremony before the game I looked over at the Vermont section and I think to a person they all stood up and applauded for him. Seemed like a classy group.

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Catamount fans in general are respectful. I think most of the obnoxious ones stayed home--or are students.There are always some obnoxious ones---Heck--even we have our share of wackos.

the rabid nature some of them have may stem from the fact that they are the only game in town up there.

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Honestly, I think the Vermont fans are some of the classiest fans in the Conference, along with ours. I really haven't heard any complaints about our fans, and the Vermont fans have always been extremely friendly at the games at SEFCU and UVM. Whatever is said on the UVM message board probably shouldn't be attributed to the UVM fans as a whole, at least insofar as my view/opinion is relevant.

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I watched the game on DVR after the Giants game ended wihtout knowing the outcome. What an exciting game!! You can tell this is a great rivalry because the players play VERY hard. You could tell the older guys especially wanted to win this won and I'm glad they did!!



You made the right choice. The announcer ruined the Giant game for me and some other fans. They really is no reason to announce NFL scores at a UA game. If you want the score that badly, bring a radio with headphones or stay home.

I never did hear him announce AE scores. Those are the ones he should be annoucing so we have an idea as to who else is playing well that day .


As far as the UA - Vermont game, very hard fought game like most of the games the last few years and nice to get to .500 at 1-1. Now, lets follow that up with a road win on Wednesday.

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