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Albany v. UVM

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I am just so happy that we have overcome the lethargy of the very beginning and have seen things click as the half proceeded.


Just one question on the feed, I seem to be getting static images instead of a flowing transmission. I have a new laptop. Anyone have any idea what my trouble is? Thanks.


No...it is happening to me as well. It is the AE feed and isnt as clean as the Albany feed in the past.



BTW...cool thing happened yesterday. My friend called me and dragged me out of bed at 10am yesterday to go to the BC-KU game. First off, BC fans (as usual) are awful. There were probably 1500 Kansas fans there (I sat with them because I was with a KU alum) and they drowned out the BC fans. Rock Chalk Jayhawk is one of the creepiest chants I have ever heard...but really cool. It is beyond creepy though...kind of like a haunted mansion.


Anyway, I was sporting red to support Kansas...but wearing my Albany hat.


ABOUT 50 Kansas fans came over and congratulated me on the progress Albany made in our short DI time. Our Siena friends will love this: THEY ALL SAID-- UCONN GAME...GREAT...LOVED IT...YOU GUYS ARE A SPIRITED SCHOOL...WE EXPECT MORE OUT OF YOU GUYS AS YOU GROW.....GOOD LUCK...AND.....BEAT YOUR RIVAL NEXT YEAR.


These fans are so freaking nice and knowledgeable. They actually knew about our Siena-Albany rivalry.


All in all...it was a cool feeling and even better as I defended Albany's honor and won a nasty tournament of Beer Pong. The loser exclaimed: WAIT TIL Rock Chalk Jayhawk meets the puppy dogs in the first round.


Good times all around...and great to see Kansas people talking about the Danes-- And alot of them were NOT transplanted here in New England!!!!




Thanks for both parts of your post.


I'm grateful to know that I may not be the problem with the feed. (Well, maybe I still am.)


The other part of your post was really uplifting. I have not been thinking great about UA's prospects in the last few days. It was nice to see that not only is our past alive, but we are doing well so far in the second half of the present.


Thanks again.

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WHAT A GAME! It had the emotion of a playoff game...both teams wanted it...and I like to see Hastings and Gifford out there when it counted. Shows the entire team what it takes to win a tough one!




Give UVM a lot of credit. I thought maybe they might fold when they were down by 7 in the 2nd half.


UA needed this game in the worst way. May this game be the first in a long series of matches where they gain more and more justified confidence!

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