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Football Stadium Article

Dane Pound

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Sadly...I really doubt that. I have meetings on March 7-12 with the Junior MA Senator (y'all know who that is) to work with him and Ray LaHood on securing transportation $$$.


Even that is going to be difficult for a state that DESPERATELY NEEDS IT. And, even in Chicago...where we have a potential project...we are running into a wall with stimulus $$$ and those projects are tied into the educational systems of Chicago.


Money for stadiums will likely not happen.


But...you are right MsGDG...it gives some hope. I guess I am sadly a cynic on this one. Heck, even if we got $$ I am not sure our ADept knows how to access the $$.




Answer- Prob not.

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honestly, while I love the stadium, rather see the money for school and city-state budget put in so I can keep my nice teaching job that I love right now in NYC. If I can get the stadium and my job, i would be a very happy person.

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for the hopeful....




WHO GETS WHAT: Billions to colleges and students

"It could also hand out billions to the states to kick-start idled campus construction projects...."



My reading of the federal stilmulus bill wil restrict any higher education capital spending to academic and/or student housing projects.


Even though building a stadium may do more to spur the local and start economy more than say, building a new dorm.


Think of all of the local construction jobs to be had and the influx of business to the local merchants during construction and after when the stadium is up and running. Once outdoor concert packed with 15,000+ people and the local merchants would be thanking their lucky stars that the University wanted this stadium. And if big acts are willing to play the Pepsi, who is to say they wouldn't play an outdoor concert in a stadium?


Sorry, just ranting.

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I was thinking about this the other day. The University is all behind the whole Green initiative and working towards getting Carbon neutral. Why not take the stadium project and turn it into the centerpiece of the University's green initiatives. Packaging the stadium as a green project might get more people on board. For example, build the stadium and attach solar panels to it. It would not only create its own electricity but it could probably create enough to power other parts of the campus. The idea is sort of out there here in the US, but in other parts of the world this idea is not out of the ordinary, and this area has enough sunlight to provide solar energy. Obama wants Green jobs, Green projects, well here it is.



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