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Jim Tedisco (UB 2020)


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What I wrote:

I was recently disturbed to see your support of Assemblyman Quinn and the UB 2020 Flexibility and Economic Growth Act. http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/quinn_support...0_plan_20090122


My understanding of the bill is that it will disproportionately support UBuffalo at the expense of other SUNY Centers, including UAlbany. You are a representative of the Capital Region. You should be in the corner of UAlbany. UAlbany has an estimated $1 billion economic impact on the Capital Region - including your own Schenectady and Saratoga counties. Its fine to support the flexibility that bill presents to University centers, but it should be applied universally to all 4 centers, including UAlbany.


Please reconsider your public position on this bill and work to require the addition of the UAlbany to the benefits of the bill.



The response I received today (ATL_DANE will love this):


Thank you for contacting me with regard to UB 2020, an initiative at the University at Buffalo. I appreciate you sharing your views with me and suggestions to include the University at Albany in the plan.


The University at Albany could create a program which would favorably impact the economy in the Capital Region, similar to UB 2020 which would be tailored specifically for their school, just as UB 2020 is tailored specifically to the University at Buffalo campus. Assembly Bill 2020/Senate Bill 2020 would allow for changes in State law to allow the University at Buffalo greater flexibility in regard to leasing, contracting, tuition increases, and overall daily operations at the University. The legislation and the UB 2020 initiative could be used as a model for other schools interested in developing a similar program.


Since UB2020 is a University at Buffalo initiative and does not pertain to other SUNY schools, I would urge you to contact the President of the University at Albany, George M. Philip, University Hall, Room 302, Albany, NY 12205, (518) 956-8010 or at presmail@uamail.albany.edu, to inform him of your thoughts. Similar legislation would need to be introduced to change State law to give other SUNY institutions, such as the University at Albany, the ability to achieve the goals in their school’s initiative.


In the meantime, if you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I forwarded it to Pres. Philip. I wonder what his response is.

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I wonder if a potential future similar initiative by UA is dependent upon having a permanent president in place.


Why can't a Capital Region representative introduce an amendment to the bill to apply it to UAlbany as well? Or all SUNY centers?


I specifcally asked Philip whether UA has any plans to do that or introduce its own bill. We'll see if I get anything more than the canned response I got the last time I emailed him.

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Trustees meet this month, next week I think. We could have a new president before I get back from vacation.


I really hope you are right....we are long overdue for a perminant leader! When are you getting back? Hopefully not month's :blush: Not that I don't wish you a long and fun vacation

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Would a Union grad ever do anything to help UAlbany? Forget it, the chances of that are about as good as his chances on winning the Congressional Seat.

He simply is out of touch with his constituents---where does he live any way???

He currently lives in Glenville, after living in Schenectady (Bellevue area) most of his life; last Nov. married a Saratoga woman who still owns property there.


Only thing in his favor is that he set the University Gym scoring record of 42 points (with no 3-point shot) against $iena, 01/03/70


Statefan will recognize the two Albany players on the bench in this photo from Tedisco's bio



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UAalum72 - Thanks for pointing it out. Here's an update on one of them:



Thanks for the info Danefan. I'm going to write Tedisco today. These politicians act like UA has to do something for the bill to be changed. Total BS! Attach an amendment. You don't need approval from the other SUNY Centers to include them!

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I sent off the email today. The problem isn't a lack of leadership at UA, it's a lack of leadership from the Capitol Region politicans. I'll post his reply if I hear back.


The problem is guys like Tedisco still see UA as that teacher's college they remember decades ago. We're closer to being a state university like Michigan State than the teacher's college they remember. Good, bad or indifferent it's a fact.

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