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P&G Game

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wasn't there for the start so perhaps someone can recap but some observations.


- Luke Devlin was impressive, hard nosed, I heard he made a couple of outside shots. Not afraid to fight for rebounds. What I was most impressed with is his court awareness and passing ability out of the low post. I got a good feeling about this kid.


- Puk looks like he added a lot of good weight, runs the floor well.


- Logan looks like he's slimmed down and looks to have regained some of his explosiveness. Hit a couple of nice jumpers, had a one handed dunk.


- Tartt looks like he could be a great slasher type. He turns the corner on screens extremely quickly, that first step is very very nice, I don't know why this kid refuses to put up shots or drive more to the basket. Again, I missed the first 5 or 6 minutes.


- Metcalf, active but missed some FT's, battled on the boards, not much of an offensive game, more a scrapper.


- Black, I though he pushed the ball much better then Iati, flies up the court on outlet passes. Needs guys to run with him. I'd like for him to go more north and south, looking to break the D down off the dribble. Looks like he'll be able to put up some points, I thought he was in control on the offensive end and make a couple of nice shots.


- Billy sank a number of threes, it would be awesome if he could shoot like this once the season gets going. We need that outside shot to shake lose the D on the inside, prevent teams from packing it in.


- Ambrose, I thought he had a very nice game, he worked hard, battled on the board and down low. Is not afraid to go inside, in fact he consistently looked to break down the D off the dribble. The only negative thing I noticed is that sometimes he's to hell bent on taking it inside when it's not there. But overall I thought he was solid.


- Hatcher/Moore, ummm...not sure, didn't see much other then they both appear to be tenacious defenders, Moore hounded a couple of guys into to's. Would love to get more of a look at these two but they didn't stand out.


- Iati, had a good flow going from the outside hit a couple of nice shots, reminded me of Jon with that release.



General observations...


- I thought the defensive intensity was very good, there were almost no uncontested shots. I was please to see the hard work on the defensive end out of both teams.


- Between Blake, Lindfors, Puk and Devlin I think we'll be fine on the boards. Devlin and Metcalf look like serious scrappers who aren't afraid to mix it up on the boards. Lindfors has a knack for blocks.


- Offensively, mixed bag. A lot of good, outside shot seemed to be working for a number of players. I'd like to see a bit more North/South out of guards breaking down the D.


- This team has a lot of good pieces, it's up to the coach to blend them together.


*Starting five - Black, Aronhalt, ??????, Devlin, Metcalf. No one really distinguished themselves at the three spot IMO. I could also see a lineup of Black, Ambrose, Aronhalt, Devlin and Metcalf.

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Only caught the second half so I missed a lot. Of what I saw:


Mike Black is going to be my favorite player on this team. Relaxed, can shoot, handle and drive. Did more work in the lane that I remember from last year.


Loved Aronhalt's confidence. He seems to have accepted the role of more of a go-to scorer. We really need him, Black and Ambrose to have a good year.


Liked what I saw of Devlin. Didn't see him post up much but shoot, rebound and scrap. 7 points and 5 rebounds.


Two guys who didn't have big nights but seemed intriguing were Puk and Hatcher. For a guy his size Puk gets around the floor pretty well, not something see that much in the AE.


Troy Record blog says there will video later.

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I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw on Friday. Team passed the ball well and we seem to have a lot of players who can shoot for the outside. A lot of battles down low with many of the same contested/missed put back attempts we saw last year. Could definitely tell the team practiced earlier in the day..especially in the second half. Kind of fun to see the 'game' come down to the last shot.


Black - Looks even better than last year..explosiveness getting to the hoop but still has a good enough shot to keep teams honest..good ball control..looked aggressive getting after the ball on defense


Aronhalt - Saw more confidence than last year..has a deep smooth 3-point shot..I'm not a huge fan of the instinctive pump fake has has every time he gets the ball on the perimeter but it didn't seem to hurt him..I can see him as a Joe Zeglinski type player


Ambrose - Has the same ability to get to the hoop..still has that great separation on his mid-range jumpers..didn't see any/many of those dumb turnovers but I don't know if that's just because it was a scrimmage


Iati - I liked what I saw..solid ball control..facilitated the offense well..strong outside shot..don't think we're going to see much offense from him inside the 3-point line..despite his size his defense wasn;t that bad..contested Mike Black well enough on some 1-1 breakaways..should be an important player when we need ball handlers/shooters on the floor..I'm glad we have an Iati back on this team


Tartt - Didn't really see all that much from him..nothing stood out but I also didn't notice anything horrible..will probably be down on the depth chart unless something changes


Russell Moore - Stocky guard who was around the ball quite a bit..had some difficulties finishing his shots but seemed to be able to get to the hoop pretty well..he looked pretty aggressive on the defensive perimeter..I can see him turning into a defensive specialist this year or next


Allen - Much of the same as last year..not a star but can be a solid role player..still has that odd 3-point release but at least he seemed a bit more willing to take that shot when he got the chance..who knows if that will translates over to actual games


Watts - Definitely put on some weight/muscle since last year..didn't do much but also seemed like he knew what he was doing..I liked his ball handling for his size..could be a Billy Allen type player with a bit more ability to get to the hoop on occassion


Hatcher - Nothing stood too much for me..but he was always around the ball down low battling for rebounds..showed a willingness to take the jump shot when given the chaance..will be interesting to see how he's used and what type of player he turns into


Devlin - Definitely the player I was most surprised/impressed with..DOES NOT look (play) like a frosh..smooth 3-point shot..ability to post-up and finish down low..passed well..played like he knew what was going on at all times..seemed to really understand what he was supposed to be doing..only critque is that he might be a step slow


Lindfors - Much of the same from last year..wants to play on the perimeter but isn't really that strong there..I think runs well for his size..showed a little bit offense arounf the basket but nothing spectacular..might offer the least of the 3 big men


Metcalf - Played a little bit more confidently than last year..was telling players where they should be on the floor..still doesn't have much touch around the hoop but rebounds a ton when he's down there..I wish he could convert his put backs more often..moves well for his size


Puk - Put on a ton of muscle/size over last year..looks like your traditional big man..probably the most polished down low but still had some difficulties finishing his attempts..I think he'll contribute this year but his future looks even brighter


Depending on what type of team Coach Brown wants to throw out there..I'm guessing a line-up of Black, Ambrose, Aronhalt, Devlin, Metcalf..much in-line with clickclack's thinking. I'm not a huge fan of 3 players 6'3" and under (so hopefully Watts, Allen and Hatcher do enough get a lot of time), but each one of those guards bring so much that it's hard to keep them out. I don't think Metcalf is going to offer too much offense..but if the other 4 score like they should and Metcalf rebounds like he can..then I think that should be fine. That line-up should offer a lot of 3-point fire power.


Can't wait 'til November 12th!

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Depending on what type of team Coach Brown wants to throw out there..I'm guessing a line-up of Black, Ambrose, Aronhalt, Devlin, Metcalf..much in-line with clickclack's thinking.


I thought the same thing when I left the arena. Then I thought, how well will that team defend although it isn't that much different than a lot of other AE teams that play three guards.

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