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vs. New Hampshire

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My predictions/observations:


UAlbany wins.


However, Dane DiLiegro is a beast who will wipe the floor with Puk, Devlin, and Metcalf if he gets going. That's a big "if" given his last few performances.


Albany has the clear advantage in the backcourt. Ferg Myrick is UNH's break-out star, but he still doesn't make the offensive impact of Aronhalt, Ambrose, or Black, let alone the three combined.


Tyrone Conley often scores in double digits, but his play isn't memorable.


Chandler Rhoads is an awful shooter, especially from the perimeter. Think Scotty McRae bad. Like in the teens, percentage-wise.

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Man...UNH was brutal today. I mean that was about as bad as I've sen a team on the offensive end. Check out the shooting numers...OUCH!


- Ambrose another strong game, locked up ANOTHER POW I think.


- Am I the only one loving what Puk is starting to show? Tonight 9pts, 2blks 7rb. Really like his potential.


- Also starting to dig on Watt's a little, solid play again even though no crazy stats. Just seems steady out there moving the ball, hit the open 3, handle the ball a little. His and Metcalf of the bench is turning into a two decent players and MUCH needed depth but we need more. Maybe Jake or Tartt can give us a bit more we could really use another solid big and guard to go 9 deep.


- Logan still really off like he's been the last few games. Not sure what's going on there but we need him. He was stupid hot to start the season we need to get him to something close to that.


Great to see us get off on the right foot in conference play. UVM is gonna be tough at home but we can enjoy tonight's win a bit.

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Great Danes already showing a new toughness



Great Danes Win America East Opener, 59-44 Over UNH



Danes pick up first America East victory




Also UAlbany posted this post game video on twitter....

Men's Basketball - UNH vs UAlbany (1/02/2011)

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Hey, we're in first place in the conference!


I don't know that we've had many games were both Puk and Devlin outscored Logan. To me he hasn't seemed right since taking that hard landing at Colgate. Hopefully he comes around soon.


I'll live with those Puk offensive fouls if he stays that aggressive. Nice to see some scoring come from other places.


No major stats but I thought Watts played his best game. Looked confident, like he belonged out there.


In another thread I complained about our free throw shooting but I take it back after watching UNH. That was rough. Surprised the major culprit was Myrick since he's a pretty good shooter but killed them tonight from the line.

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