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Just don't wake up with Mike Tyson's tiger in your hotel room.


HAHAHAAAA!! Well, I'm going with 10+ Albany '96 grads so I wouldn' be surprised if something like that happens! :blink: It's a bachelor party/Albany '96 reunion of sorts. Either way it is going to be an amazing trip.


We will be keeping a close eye on the game from the sportsbook at Mandeley Bay.

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Good game. Finally settled down and went to Smith as the #1 RB and he went for 155yds and 2 TDs, plus a passing TD. That meant that DiLella didn't have to do too much and he played well, with the exception of two passes that he floated and should have been picked off.


Anyone know what happened ro Romain? Didn't play a down and while he was in pads, he really didn't even look into the game.


Lots of dumb penalties though. Need to clean them up if we want to win the NEC.


Btw- we were very much bigger and faster than Columbia.

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On TV, said Dillon was injured. Mentioned that when Miseikis went down w/ broken leg. When I textd you, seemed like the O-Line was blech. After that, they really picked it up.


That said, and on an off-topic note, I watched part of the ODU game when we were blowing out Columbia-- they are the real deal. Amazing what you can do w/ some cash and fertile recruiting grounds.

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44-21 Good guys! From the web feed it looked like only UA fans and seagulls there at the end.


CCSU loses to Monmouth at home. Going to be a wide open conference this year although Monmouth looks for real.


Well we had our own side behind our bench. The few Columbia fans left were on the other side behind their bench.

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