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Purple & Gold game...

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Line ups for tonight's game. Three starters from last year's team on Gold but I'm tempted to pick Purple.



John Puk

Ralph Watts

Peter Hooley

Gerardo Suero

Jayson Guerrier

Sam Rowley



Mike Black

Logan Aronhalt

Luke Devlin

Blake Metcalf

Jacob Iati

Chris Page

Tanner Gibson

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Big guys had a couple good blocks/altered shots. That's good to see.


Hooley looked FANTASTIC.


Logan was killin it.


Watts looked super comfortable.


Puk looks huge.


Guerrier can really shoot.


Everyone looks like they aren't scared to shoot, etc. which is a good sign. Looks like the team, in the 4 or 5 years I've been following them, is the most athletic we've ever had. Should be a good team.


Only one thing I didn't like. Suero is a bit wild. Maybe with some coaching he'll calm down by he's in hyperdrive mode all the time looks like.

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Some thoughts...as posted on the AE board.


Just returned home from the event...what a great show. I'd say about 300+ people showed up. Local pizza shop delivered what must have 40 boxes of pizza which the players passed out mingling in the crowd. Really well done, at first I was skeptical but it went well combining the even with the ladies. On to the game...


- Purple team won the game on Puks freethrow-line extended jumper by the score I believe 46-45 or was it 45-44. Team looked very athletic getting up and down, lots of scoring options and I thought good IQ shown by the ball handlers with some really nice feeds. On the other side of the ball, not sure how well this group will defend, not that they can't but we'll have to see. Teams played 4 5-minute quarters because they have a morning scrimmage tomorrow with Bucknell.


- Guards - Hooley...wow...Hooley, very impressive showing and yes folks, I think we might have something here. Lead all scores with 16pts playing a lot of PG. Displayed good IQ with some nice passes, good ball handler, really like his game. He's got a CHANCE to be a great one if he continues to work hard. Suero, I was underwhelmed and I came in with tempered expectations. Clearly the athleticism is there but he needs to recognize that he can't just try to slash everything inside. Forced a few possessions trying to drive into the lane when he should have pulled up for a mid-range jumper. Kid is long, has a great tool-set, quick bounce but it will take a little bit for him to pick up the system. Has a chance to be a really good rebounder skying for a few boards, very long reach grabbed a few boards over our bigs simply by out-reaching them. A little methodical on his shot but I think it will help with all the shooters we have when they spread the court. His slashing abilities are elite. It's there...whatever it's is, and you know when you see it but doesn't look like it all fits just yet. Logan, looked to be in great shape, best I've ever seen him...played really well driving the ball, quicker off the ground then I ever remember him, outside shot is fantastic especially when set. Obviously worked on his ball handling as I though last year he was really stiff handling the ball driving, much more smooth now, had a great drive on one possession where with his first step he blew by two defenders. It was so quick, I was like...wow, what just happened, he never showed that last season. Should have a special year. Black, got into the lane all night long, ran the team well solid but not a flashy performance, did what he needed to. Again, got into the lane at will no matter who was guarding him. Page was quiet hit a few outside shots. Watts, really like this kids game...he's steady as a rock doesn't turn the ball over, very high basketball IQ, long and plays good D, shot still has that weird hitch on it but he canned a number of jumpers, he'll be an important even though probably under-appreciated piece to this team. I thought he came on strong towards the end of last season and I expect he'll continue to take measure but solid steps moving forwards. Guerrier, I thought he played well, surprised me with his athleticism, played the four quite a bit even though undersized, I thought he played well, get's after it on D, won the 3pt contest with I believe 14 3's...Iati, no turnovers, hit a few bombs, not sure how much he'll play but he can spell the PG if need be, steady.


Overall I LOVE this guard unit, all of them are not afraid to shoot, a number of them have a fantastic 3pt shot (Guerrier, Hooley, Logan, Page and Black) hitting multiple three pointers. Suero should compliment them well by his ability to slash. All look lean, quick and ready to go. Again, Logan I thought looked great, very comfortable out there, I think we'll finally see the player we were supposed to get out of HS.


- Bigs - Puk looks absolutely massive, in a good way...clearly hit the gym like a crazy MOFO. Had good mobility, won the game with his last second mid-range jumper, also had a hook and I believe a few blocks and rebounds. I think he'll do well holding down the middle especially since he eats up a ton of space...he won't have to score a whole lot. Metcalf, worker...battled, didn't score a whole lot but rebounded and boddied people up. Not expecting huge offensive production out of him but he'll knock heads, work hard, set the done for others while pulling down some boards...every team needs that. Rowley, kind of the same thing although I think he has a better feel around the paint than Metcalf, he'll be a role player this year playing 10-15 minutes a game. Not afraid of contact, had a couple of great passes which was a bit of an eye opener but overall just solid, nothing flashy, not a great athlete. Devlin, didn't stand out...he is still trying to work himself into shape after back surgery, I've heard that it will take him a little bit as he didn't run or do anything all summer. Missed a couple of shots he usually makes, battled and got some good rebounds, also looks stronger in his upperbody. Not to worried about him to be honest...he'll get there.


Really excited for this season, nothing I saw makes me change my mind on my pre-season prediction. Obviously I haven't seen a lick of the other teams so maybe it's just blind homerism but I really like the pieces on this team. Looking back at the 7 win team and this team...night and day. The future is very bright I'd say considering non of these kids are graduating after this year...LET'S GO!

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