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vs. Colgate

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Time to move on...Colgate. I'm interested to see how we come out tomorrow, will this team throw a pity party or will they take it to an inferior opponent. Make no mistake about it Colgate sucks...looking at KenPom their offense sucks (95ORTg/264 in the country) and their defense is worse (305 in the country). We are at home...play full forty.


They beat Bing by 4...and Bing might be the worst teams in the country, 'Cuse beat them by 45, both Marist and Fordham beat them and neither one of those teams are any good.


This game should tell us something about the mental makeup of this team.

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Why such horrendous times for students? Good lord, scheduling this year has been horrible. Home opener during Thanksgiving break, Siena on a Monday. Fortunately I'm devoted enough to go, but these weren't cake walks getting to for others.



I'm with you about the schedule this year. Not just tough for students. Glad you'll make it tomorrow night. We might need all the help we can get as we have traditionally not played well the game after the Siena game.

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Granted...weak opponent, but message sent so far by the Danes, Coach Brown...and Gerado Suero...is a good message.


Still have some issues on the boards, but the attitude is good. I really need to give Coach credit...he is out there meeting his players...giving them high and low fives. He is looking loose...and that is reflecting on the kids.

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Danes still don't know how to play with a lead. It's like we can't get the guys firing on all cylinders at once. Watts looks lost tonight.


That said, let's see if the boys can come out in the second and just put these guys away. That...would be a good sign. Nice D to end the half though.

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Coach's comments were spot on:


1. Proud of the kids for turning it around after being highly dejected.

2. Wants more from the defensive end...playing with a lead

3. Playing well offensively

4. Need to defend the 3 or this will be a game.

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Nice win...but still a lot to work on:


1. Rebounding...two many second chance shots. Since Colgate shoots a lot of jumpers (much harder to corral a rebound), I'd be curious to see how many of the boards came on those shots. Still...rebounding, or the lack thereof, is not a trait of most Coach Brown teams...so I am hoping they pound this in practice.


2. Defense...it's clear we can score...but we need to learn to guard better. Just way too much space given to guys to shoot.


3. Mental...this team just really can't play well with a lead yet. The second half, they did a much better job...however they seem to let teams back in on big runs after they go up big on the opponent.


Overall...nice job putting away a team it should...and coming off of an emotional loss. Good coaching...and Coach was spot on in his half-time and post-game comments.


On to the next one....and let's hope Gerardo's ankle is ok (but dude...stop spinning back into the lane at the high post with your arm extended out and the ball in that arm. It's telegraphed bro...)

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