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Maine 1/14/12

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I don't think I've seen Maine since they played UConn a few weeks ago. Lots of scoring and not a lot of defense so there should be fireworks on Saturday night. 5 of the 10 ten scorers in America East will be on the court of Sefcu. Maybe somebody will get to 100.


Didn't realize we are leading the conference in attendance at 2268 a game. The BPG should hopefully boost that number.

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Really wanted that one and we got it. Won on a defensive stop - how about that.


I think everyone in the building knew Suero was going to shoot for us on our last trip and everyone in the building knew McLemore was going to shoot on Maine's. Have to see the video but we had it defended pretty well. I like the "new" rotation that has Watts in at different times for Suero and Logan with Mike Black never coming out. We're still not great defensively but it seems to be enough to keep the other team from getting as comfortable as they had been.


Mike Black, two games this year with 9 assists and two games with 9 rebounds. There's got to be a double-double in his future, doesn't there.


I guess with the web and smart phones they don't feel they need to announce the out of town scores but I really hope they do. Especially when the women win to stay in first place and both Siena and Stony Brook lose. You gotta give those scores, maybe two or three times.

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Video of the last play.. ..check out 1min mark...




I don't visit the AE board anymore but someone who still does should post the video link in their game thread there.. I'm sure there are some Maine fans that should see this.

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Good crowd of 2853 included a lot of groups. Track team didn't make it as they're busy setting several school records and Alfonso Scannapieco set a Penn State meet record with a 16'6" pole vault. Alexander Bowen became Albany's first high-jumper to clear seven feet.

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Good crowd of 2853 included a lot of groups.


Seemed like a noisy crowd also and I mean that in the best possible way. Certainly a game that would make people want to come back and see another one.


I was a little surprised Maine held the ball for the last shot with as much time as there was left. Seemed like they could have gotten something quicker and fouled if they missed. Worse case is they be down three with a shot to tie if we made our free throws.

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That's another nice win. Getting spoiled winning every time at home.


I like the fact that we shot poorly and still put up 76. This team really excels at a fast pace. Yep, they will turn it over, but what I call aggressive TO's vs. those half court up against the shot clock TO's. Nice to see the team at the top of the leaderboard but now the real fun begins with some tough road games mixed in.


I'll beat the dead horse from last year too. Many of us screamed for a quicker tempo. Look what we have and for now it's producing W's and entertainment. It also has to be more fun for the kids to play.

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