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Nanocollege to split from UAlbany ?


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Silver:Nano and UAlbany will always be symbiotic - Friday T-U blog


Nano plan appeal grows - Saturday. Kaloyeros says what has been reported is 'premature', Cuomo says he hasn't seen the details.

Last paragraph: "Using its powerful reputation and equity, the NanoCollege was able to set up financing for a $365 million building called NanoFab X at the northern edge of its campus for the G450C's operations. Such an expensive — and risky — undertaking would be difficult if not impossible for any other SUNY school to justify, further evidence that the NanoCollege mission may have outgrown UAlbany."


I noticed yesterday that the signboard on Fuller Road has only the CSNE and SUNY names (spelled out) but not UA.

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T-U has a print-only story today (which means it'll be online tomorrow or Tuesday) about the SUNY foundations and the amount they spend on lobbying. One small paragraph late in the story says that, {in contract to CNSE), Stony Brook is lobbying to merge with Cold Harbor and Brookings labs. Why they should merge and we divest is something that should be brought up.

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Amid all the rumors, a major announcement today on a $3B deal:




If feels like the TU is jamming the "University at Albany" in there as much as possible. Maybe they've seen the light to some extent?


Either way, its pretty cool to see UA (for now at least) enter into an agreement with a country. Not a company - a country. Yup.....any other SUNY's doing that?

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What in the world is going on at UA that they would be holding the Nanocollege back?


What independence does the Nanocollege gain becoming a 5th SUNY center?


They want to compete with MIT and Stanford......you're not going to do that with 1 school.....MIT and Stanford are multi-disciplinary research institutions - like UAlbany is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My god - the Nanocollege has some serious PR power....they've literally convinced just about every reporter that UAlbany is holding them back.

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I agree. Ghosts of teachers past strike again.


This change is very bad for UA. The guy couldn't even put together a reasonable argument of how losing the CNSE helps UA. How is this remotely beneficial?


If CNSE could be the next MIT wouldn't UA want to be part of that?

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Below are his previous TU letters. He's just an old crank... always complaining about today's modern university. The university will be crippled until these guys are gone. Stony Brook, UCSD and other successful universities started in the 60's are successful because they don't have this baggage. Changing another institution as SUNY did with the teachers colleges is bound to build resentment and anger. We've been living with this anger for decades.


Turn NanoCollege into its own entity

Courtesy, common sense don't keep drivers on the right

Ramp from I-90 looks like a landfill

Fountain Day always was a distraction

Tuition proposal would harm SUNY

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