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vs UMBC - 2/15 @ 7PM


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Next game up: UMBC on 2/15 @ 7PM. This is a MUST WIN for seeding purposes.

I also think we need to go at least 3-1 the rest of the year to secure the most favorable tourney matchups.


After UMBC, we have:


2/19 - @ Maine

2/22 - @ UVM

2/25 - vs Hartford


Hartford and Maine are definitely winnable games, even with the trip to Maine. So if we can beat UMBC and go 3-1 the rest of the way...I like our chances for #3 seed. Hell, there is a .00000001% chance we could even catch SBU for #2 if we go 4-0 and they go 2-3 rest of the way...very very very unlikely but "hey! ya never know!"

SBU has:


2/12 - vs Maine

2/15 - @ Hartford

2/18 - vs Binghamton

2/22 - @ UMBC

2/25 - @ UVM


If they lose the last two and get surprised by Hartford (who had a big win tonight) or Bing...who knows.

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SBU has the head-to-head tiebreaker over us, so they have to go 1-4 for us to get second.


Ehh, good call. Did the math yesterday in my head and misssed something. I just put it into excel to help visualize (I love excel lol)...and if we go 3-1 and they 1-4, we both finish with 10-6 conference records which means they win the tie-breaker due to beating us both times. So it looks like we'd need the following:


Scenario 1: UA goes 4-0, SBU goes 1-4...UA finishes 11-5, UVM 10-6

Scenario 2: UA goes 3-1, SBU goes 0-5...UA finishes 10-6, SBU 9-7


#1 is more likely than #2...but both are very unlikely. Let's put it this way...SBU losing #2 to us would be like them not scoring for 7 minutes to finish a game................................lol


I doubt SBU loses 4 or 5 of their last games so I think we're destined to be #3 this year.


It's more likely a 9-7 or 10-6 UA team will make a run again like we did a few years ago lol. At least getting to the conference game...but if we get that far and face VT, I like our chances. We've broken their hearts numerous times in such games and Brown is a big game coach most of the time.

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Wasn't paying attention, I think they said it's ten bucks, probably sold thru the school district.

Gotcha. Hopefully it's packed and fans are keeping an eye on the standings.




It is a group sales promotion like when the valley cats had a group from UAlbany Alumni association at a game in each of the last few years.

Like 72, I also didn't pay attention to all the details of this one

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Wasn't paying attention, I think they said it's ten bucks, probably sold thru the school district.





"Last year I had an idea to bring as many people from my hometown of Scotia out to a UAlbany basketball game, being as we have a Tartan in a starring role on the team. After working in concert with the UA ticket office we had a great turnout, so we're going to do it again. Wednesday, February 15th. Enter the promo code on the flyer and get a ticket for cheap. What has made the Scotia-Glenville community special is that we've always supported our own, and I'm hoping the turnout on the 15th can be a reflection of that. If you're a member of the community or a Great Dane supporter please help me get the word out! Hope to see you next Wednesday!" -- Zac Bye


Looks like anyone can get the deal. Let others know if they don't have season tickets, lets get this place packed!

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UMBC plays UVM at 1pm today. Another game that I know I'll be rooting for the Catamonts.

At the half 32-27 UVM leads.
UVM pulls out a win, wow. Thought that was going to be their first loss.


77-74 UVM

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