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New Turf for Fallon Field


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From web site above:

"The biggest cost components of Yeadon domes are the dome fabric, doors, lights, and the HVAC unit to provide the air supply. They can vary significantly based on your needs and preferences but as a rule of thumb, they combine to cost about $9 to $15 per square foot." "A fraction of the cost of brick and mortar" According to the site, Marquette put one up a year or so back.

OK anyone know or want to estimate the dimensions of Fallon Field, bleachers included??

Then maybe we can start a go-fund me page. Count me in for at least a square foot or two.

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BC put a dome over Alumni Field (Football Stadium) every winter.  It can, and should be done.  First off, the lacrosse and soccer teams (M&W) can use it for inclement weather games.  Otherwise, those teams are playing Casey.  This makes more than perfect sense.  

A lacrosse field is 110m x60m.  It's probably 30-40m wider with the stands and sidelines, and 15m longer with both endlines.  So you are looking at 135m long by 110m wide (when you add in some separation for the bubble.

That's approximately 160,000 sq feet.  At the pricing you quote, the bubble would cost 1,600,000 million dollars to 2,400,000.  You add in bathrooms, scoreboard / sound, and storage / locker facilities under the seats (planned for back in the day) and you are looking at probably 3.8 to 5 million dollars.  A fraction of a new facility and it becomes a TRUE multi-purpose facility that you could even rent out.  

Then, after SEFCU is done, you add in the indoor track / performance facility...and you are done for now except for MAYBE making permanent visitor seats at Casey.


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Dane96 is RIGHT ON!  I would go so far to say this should become priority one and proceed any existing cap improvements. For a reasonably small investment you would get the MOST bang for the buck and effect the MOST athletic departments and participants. Don't get me wrong SEFCU needs something and quick and pretty much every  other sport facility also. But with money always tight, this is something that is very cost effective and more than likely could be done with general maintenance and normal athletic department funds; without a major fund raiser and NYState appeal/begging.

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Well, I apologize dslyank- I didn't include SEFCU because that is actually priority 1 for many.  Frankly put, the building needs a renovation and I know we are working on funding now.  Just look what Fairfield is doing.  In our own conference, we are FALLING behind and it will impact recruiting.  All in, we need about $56-73 million to make sure we keep up.  $20-25 million for SEFCU; $3-5 mill for the bubble; $15-20 mill for Casey (including the new offices, athletic medical support, lockerrooms) and permanent visitor stands; $15-20 mil for an indoor track / multiuse facility; $1 mil for Field hockey turf; and $2 mil split between softball and baseball for stands and storage.

Do that, and we are done....for at least until the Football team has done so much that the place is beyond bursting at the seams and then you need about $25-30 more to add on the club seating/second pressbox tier, second tier on the visitor side (concessions and bathrooms); and the two decks that are planned for the berm area.  

All in, it's an 80-105 million dollar upgrade over many years.

If i had to guess, SEFCU and the bubble/field house are next up on the agenda.  

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