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1 hour ago, jimbo said:

The two teams are a combined 2-12.....should be the Rotten Apple Trophy. 


24 minutes ago, Dane96 said:

You stole my line from AGS 🤣

LOL, I wonder who originated the Rotten Apple Trophy reference .... I probably should trademark the phase

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From today's digital Times - Union:



Great Danes lead in penalties

UAlbany most-flagged team in CAA heading into Saturday's game


By Mark Singelais

James Franco / Special to the Times Union

UAlbany offensive lineman Scott Houseman was penalized for holding twice in the Great Danes’ 31-29 loss to Villanova last weekend.

ALBANY — University at Albany junior cornerback Isaac Duffy was flagged for three penalties last Saturday, including one for pass interference two plays before Villanova’s winning field goal as time expired.

He was far from the only Great Dane drawing the officials’ attention. Nine UAlbany players were called for a total of 12 penalties for 115 yards in the 31-29 defeat.

“Every game, there’s always something to get better at,” said Duffy, who was also called for another pass interference in the second quarter and holding on special teams in the fourth quarter. “You’ve just got to watch the film, see what you did wrong and correct it going into next week and don’t make the same mistake twice.”

The Great Danes will try to clean up their play for Saturday’s home game against Stony Brook for the Golden Apple Trophy. Kickoff is at 1 p.m.

UAlbany (1-6 overall, 0-4 league) is the most-penalized team in the Colonial Athletic Association with 55 for 490 yards. The week before the Villanova game, the Great Danes drew 11 penalties for 109 yards in another last-play loss to Hampton.

Great Danes head coach Greg Gattuso pointed out his team has also had six or fewer penalties in four games this season. But he added he thinks some of the infractions are unwarranted.

“We’ve obviously got to cut down on some, and some of it, I think is inconsistent on some of the calls,” Gattuso said. “I see around the league what goes on and I’m very frustrated with some of the ticky-tack stuff that we get called on us.”

Gattuso disagreed with the second pass interference call on Duffy, which put the ball at UAlbany’s 17 with 28 seconds left. Duffy ran down the left sideline with Villanova wide receiver Jaaron Hayek. Duffy put his left hand on Hayek’s back and Hayek had his right hand on Duffy before the pass arrived. The pass fell incomplete in the end zone and both players tumbled to the turf.

“Obviously, we don’t think that’s interference, but again, just throw it up in the end zone, and you don’t know what you’re going to get,” Gattuso said. “That’s what’s hard about football right now, and I think you see it around the country ... There’s a lot of subjectivity in some of this stuff, and it’s hard.”

Duffy, a Binghamton native, is a North Carolina State transfer in his second season at UAlbany.

“Just try to play more clean and get the ball,” Duffy said.

Gattuso said it wasn’t just the penalties that cost his team. A blown coverage led to a 23-yard Villanova completion over the middle on the play before Duffy’s interference call.

UAlbany left guard Scott Houseman was penalized twice for offensive holding. Both came when freshman quarterback Reese Poffenbarger was scrambling out of the pocket. The second one happened at the Villanova 10 and led to a missed field goal.

Houseman said with an athletic, mobile quarterback like Poffenbarger, it can be tempting for an offensive lineman to grab a defender as he tries to chase the quarterback out of the pocket.

“Obviously, you want to clean yourself up,” Houseman said. “When you have someone like Reese back there, running around like that, you’ve just got to know to let go and stuff like that. Almost know when he’s outside your frame.”

On Saturday, UAlbany meets Stony Brook (1-6, 1-4), which has its own struggles but is the second-least penalized team in the CAA.

“We’ve just got to get more disciplined,” Houseman said. “That’s really all it is. Penalties are going to kill yourself, so if you look in the games that we have a lot of penalties, that usually is the teller.”

UAlbany vs. Stony Brook

■› When: 1 p.m. Saturday

■› Where: Casey Stadium, Albany

■› Radio: 104.5 FM

▶› msingelais@timesunion.com A 518-454-5509 A @MarkSingelais

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So I was watching a show on Nat Geo the other day and was floored to discover that there is actually an animal species called “sea wolves.” So they are not mythical sea creatures after all, but a living, breathing species of wolves that inhabit the shoreline areas of Pacific Canada…specifically the forested bits. It turns out that their scientific name is canis lupus crassodon. 


…but crassodon…..The Oxford dictionary defines “crass” as “lacking sensitivity, refinement or intelligence.”

So the Stony Brook mascot is canis lupus crassodon….draw your own conclusions. Flagship my a$$. 

You’re welcome. 

Are we ready for some football???!!     Or whatever the hell we’ve been subjected to this year.

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