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  1. 2017-18 Season

    Thanks for the clarifications. Anyone know COLA status in maac/$iena?
  2. 2017-18 Season

    I am probably wrong; but I thought the ncaa only approved COLA for the big 5 conferences?? You seem to be saying other mid majors, including AmEast, even $iena are offering COLA???????
  3. Seems to be a lot of superstitious cautiousness going on. UA's lacrosse teams IS flat out GOOD! I think it is OK to get excited about them and expect them to crush each and every opponent! Yeh its lambs to the slaughter and I am going to enjoy the "ride" to the final four and MORE. { As long as the team stays focused, plays one game at a time, takes no one lightly, etc.etc.--just being a little superstitious/cautious. }
  4. 2017-18 Season

    IMHO. Joe is very intense, very hard on himself, and at the same time extremely caring and considerate of others. I am not sure he has the make-up to be "THE LEADER." Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the kid, and his work effort and attitude make everyone on the team better. He is UNSELFISH to a fault and in my opinion sometimes the reason for some of his "errors" on the court. But, I do not think it is in his nature to call his team mates out when they are not performing/hustling/playing/trying. Other thoughts certainly welcomed?
  5. 4 for 5 with man-up, but against a team that I doubt will be top 20 for long; but a man-up improvement nevertheless. A few bad passes; 2 or 3 by Patterson {but perhaps he can be forgiven considering he scored 7 goals and did get his first assist of the season.} Overall UA played a masterful game. Took vt to the cleaners in ALL aspects. Most impressed with our D and "RIDE", even considering we scored 21 (which could have been easily 4 or 5 more.) Was pretty suspicious of of vt's rankings coming in and we would have handled them without such an aggressive ride, but I am thrilled over the team's focus and effort and NOT taking vt or anyone lightly. Call out to our 2nd & 3rd stings against vt's. #1s, for continuing the lesson. Davis Diamond continues to impress whenever he gets minutes. ps 17G 10A not too shabby so far for Tehoka even with a few FRESHMAN mistakes and some obvious misfires on shots. I am pretty sure HE WILL get better.
  6. Have you contacted Benson with your offer? Seems like he could dip into the parking revenue and pay you to announce the remaining home games? I am local and attend all the games, but would be willing to contribute something towards the fund. But even if those on this blog came up with the funds for your offer, I think you would still have to clear it with Benson or whoever handles media relations?
  7. 2017-18 Season

    OK call me crazy; but here is how you can improve the tournament. LESS power 5 teams & More from mid majors. Fans love an underdog and a Cinderalla. Every ncaa tournament that I have been to and there have been several, unless the "home" team is playing, all/most every person in the place gets loudly behind the underdog team. So my recommendation is ALL conferences must be allowed @ least TWO representatives (unless they they cannot field two +500 winning teams). Limit the power 5's to no more than 4 or maybe 5 participants. They are all playing each other all year anyhow. Who really cares to see Louisville, Kentucky, Florida, Whoever play each other 4 times in a year? Crazy Radical Nuts. But I for one would definitely find the tournament more fun/interesting. ps. as a side effect, this would provide more teams, talent, and variety for the so called "lesser" tournaments
  8. 2017-18 Season

    congrats to umbc. A dynasty they are NOT! umbc had a hot shooting night and Virginia a COLD one. In a one and done that is pretty much all it takes. I commented months ago there is talent in the AmEast. Is the AmEast now a power 5--duh, no way! I warned there were teams in the AmEast capable of beating vermont. umbc & hartford did and UA should have, brook and unh were capable. There is some talent in the league and some good coaching (even though odom may be a short timer now.) Over the past 15 years UA has been more than relevant in this league and going forward will continue to be. UA has beaten power 5 teams before and been competitive on many occasions; so has vermont, brook, even hartford. It MAY even be more difficult to to win an up conference game in season than in tournament (when pressure, poor shooting & a bad bounce or call here and there can be deadly.) I am not down playing umbc's accomplishment, just trying to put some perspective to it; and saying (in my opinion) it does not distract in any way to UA's history and prospects going forward.
  9. Agree on all points! Still disappointed men not going to 6 STRAIGHT TOURNAMENTS! Still feel in a one bid conference any tournament is a REWARD. Still feel by declining you are telling recruits, get to the ncaa or you are garbage {maybe a bit too strong, but I still do not like the message declining a tournament represents.}
  10. Board Down

  11. Watching @ City Line I thought we were simply being out played by a very good Maryland team for the first 3 qtrs. But watching it again when I got home, I would say that our problem especially early on was we were simply NOT shooting well (the announcers also commented several times that UA's shots were mostly not on goal, even when we had good looks.) Also, UA did come back from 8-3 to pulll within 8-6, before falling behind again 10-6. So maybe the 4th qtr adjustment was more about better execution than any strategic changes. Just as TD figured it out late, and JD knew he had to get low earlier; the sharp shooters also made the appropriate adjustments. Someone called for an expert analysis of the come back and I am most definitely NOT AN EXPERT, so I offer this only as an un-eduacted observation. Expert & Others thoughts appreciated. Speaking of experts; call out to Pompo who explained Patterson more effect when defended by a short stick. Proved providential.
  12. 2017-18 Season

    They are tens of millions of dollars away from realizing that vision but they are on their way... It's time for Benson to put his plan on the table for the community to see and get behind. I continue to he told there are plans... And actively being worked, private money being raised etc. vermont new digs opening in 2020 no better than 50-50. Last I heard fund raising behind goal. Does not even have vt state approval as yet? I hope we don't use them as our stimulus to upgrade.
  13. 2017-18 Season

    I ran into a couple of players at the Mall and they seemed upset by the decision and it sure doesn;t send a good message to possible recruits. I bet if the players had a vote, the majority would be PLAY. Also, agree it does NOT send a positive message to recruits, by turning down a chance to PLAY in a tournament.
  14. 2017-18 Season

    I understand the choice; but I am nevertheless disappointed. Whatever happened to "Ill play any team, anywhere, anytime, even in the middle of Western Ave." {roughly quoted--Robert Ford} attitude? I am disappointed for the the boys & girls who "mostly" rode the bench on every non-varsity and INTRA-mural sport that would have them, before moving to the stands to still in a way feel part of the team. I am disappointed for every player picked last and playing right field, hoping to make the catch of a lifetime and simultaneously praying the ball would not be hit to him/her. I am disappointed for every playground "star: hoping to make the winning 3 on the buzzer and of course simultaneously praying don't pass it to me. Melo-dramatic you say. But how many of you fans (especially some of us older ones) would donate a kidney for ONE MORE GAME in right field and one more desperation heave to win a "meaningless" playground game.
  15. https://www.btn2go.com/game/albany-at-maryland-on-03102018 You have to have a cable package that has this channel to watch the game either on their site or after the fact as a replace. Just chatted with their support. Looks like I'll be missing this as I won't be able to go anywhere at noon as I have other things to do...was hoping to watch at like 5-6PM. I will call my cable company in the morning and order the sports package that adds the Big Ten Network. It's $10 for a month but then I will call later at night and cancel that package and they will prorate the fee of $10 per month to one day so it will cost very little. Call your cable company and ask them if they prorate fees for packages if they are canceled before the end of the full month. NM