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  1. Yesterday
  2. Recruiting - 2019

    Wrong tape, guys. It’s Devale Johnson from Brooklyn. Can shoot it well, deeper than Charles did. Has athleticism we generally don’t have...can dribble...etc. if he picks up D 1 ball like Charles did, he’s an instant help for us. Between him and DeSouza, there will be matchup problems @ the 3 and maybe 4 depending on the lineup Coach trots out. Let’s bring him home
  3. Recruiting - 2019

    Good size and athleticism. Looks like he would help defensively as well.
  4. Recruiting - 2019

    Has inside moves like Sam and a bit more ups and outside movement
  5. Recruiting - 2019

    Kid is money. Would be a game changer if he picks up d 1 ball quickly
  6. Last week
  7. Yeah I know. Just disheartening!!
  8. The team just never, ever came together. I've gotten a bit of a debrief on some things, but it just wasn't their year.
  9. Final 4 game, semifinal; 4th Q Yale 21 - Penn State 17. Virginia - Yale in final. l'll say it again, UAlbany must not be as bad as we played in some games this year. Held Yale to 10 goals, their lowest of the year!
  10. Recruiting - 2019

    That's exactly what I was saying. Bring in another stud, a freshman that might be a redshirt, or reward Nick for what he has brought to the team. (In that order). No need to bring in someone who is going to get no playing time then transfer.
  11. Recruiting - 2019

    I dont have any inside knowledge of who is on campus today. If there are a stud that's AWESOME and I hope we get them. All I was saying is that brown really does not play a ton of guys, so I would not give a scholarship to a backup. I would keep it for next year.
  12. Recruiting - 2019

    We all would want each and every kid who is on campus today. All three would significantly help the squad...very significantly. Love Fruscio, and I used to be a coach at Academy (before his dad's time)...but if anyone understands not getting a scholarship to give it to a player who can help us win a title, its Nick. Kid is going to be a special coach one day.
  13. Recruiting - 2019

    Thought Fruscio graduated this year no? Fruscio is a different case than Reece as his dad coaches at Albany Academy.
  14. Recruiting - 2019

    If they don't fill the slot with a good freshman, I'd love to see the Karate Kid get rewarded vs another JUCO unless it is an impact type player. I doubt that happens though. I seem to remember a story on Reece Williams a few years back....
  15. Recruiting - 2019

    That was my thought last year when filling out the roster. Instead of just scrapping for a 13th man did they think of ever giving Fruscio the last scholarship?
  16. Recruiting - 2019

    I just hope with this last scholarship is quality over quantity. There is no shame holding on to a scholarship. Dont want them to sign some juco sophomore or junior with a few low level scholarship offers because we have an open scholarship.
  17. I'll leave it to others if they think they should.
  18. Recruiting - 2019

    Activity this weekend on campus...we'll see if anything shakes out.
  19. Recruiting - 2019

    It's been a while with no updates on the last available ship. Anyone know what's going on?
  20. Yep. He seems to move well though. Several BIG limena coming in as transfers or freshman.
  21. The three other kids are not players who actually play by the way!
  22. Jeremiah Grant Bergen Catholic High School Oradell, NJ; De Dt, 6' 3", 240 lbs., https://twitter.com/JeremiahGrant4 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8010473/5bfcb5f8b018a50a44810325 Excited to have receive an offer from University at Albany! Has a LOT of offers, a couple of FBS schools too!
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