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  1. Thanks, I was being sarcastic. I know how it works and you guarantee yourself a chance for that by taking care of business in the regular season.
  2. Well, in order to get to host the championship you'd have to win the regular season championship first. Unless I'm missing something there 🤨
  3. Hot take #2... You get fans into SEFCU, by winning regular season championships!
  4. 10k+ fans for a “mid major” game i don’t think is laughable. And again I said it’s just where the game should be played, take away the money aspect that Siena makes from ticket sales. Take down the banners, put up an Albany cup logo down can cover everything Siena up, etc. never once did I say let’s go play a true road game there where they can profit on everything
  5. Fairfield plays in 10k seat arena. Who’s their rival? Quinnipiac? Hartford? Central CT? They definitely aren’t drawing 10k fans for any of those games.
  6. Every single one of those big 5 teams blow Albany and Siena out of the water in tradition and history. Not even comparable again. You are also talking about 5-6 teams. The capital region has 2 teams and I’m still waiting to hear what two low majors will bring in 10k plus fans into an arena for a game.
  7. Again I said just location from the beginning and just location. Logistics on who is home and away, who can sell merch is all out the window. It’s where the game should be played. I’m waiting for a similar comparison. So I’ll wait
  8. Ok I’m wrong on the unbalanced schedule. Still not comparable. Find me something more on a low major level. Where a whole community used to look forward to a game like this.
  9. That’s fine I know it’s a hot take on this board. This situation is unique. Can’t compare it to any other school rivalries. If you can I’d like to know a similar one.
  10. Haha no offense taken. The Duke/UNC comparison never made any sense as those are conference rivals so they play each other twice a year anyway so it’s not comparable at all. Albany/Siena also shouldn’t be even listed in the same breath as Duke/UNC for anything regarding basketball. This specific situation is unique in general because there aren’t many low level schools using a professional arena as a their home court. There also isn’t a as big of a following of college basketball in the capital region like elsewhere.
  11. If it's important to the Capital District I just think every fan who wants to go should be able to. Whether you are an Albany or Siena fan, or a fan of neither team and just looking for something to do on a freezing cold Saturday night in December.
  12. I'm in the minority here, but I think the game needs to be played in the biggest arena available in the area and that is the TU center. Everything else other than where the the game should be played is up for debate.
  13. well not if DK takes Albany to the ACC and they build a 12k seat SEFCU
  14. I’m wondering which current players will show up at the press conference. Such a strange thing we haven’t seen. Always hope former players and alum will continue supporting the program no matter who is leading it.
  15. Still better than Steve Masiello’s undergrad degree from Kentucky!
  16. Welcome Coach Killings. Here’s to hopefully one or two championships before you go big time.
  17. It’s pretty much, “will my scholarship be renewed” and “does this Killings already have his guys he thinks he can bring with him”.
  18. It’s ok, I have a good feeling some of the regular posters over the years will now be gone in the MBB category if you know what I mean.
  19. There also isn't a single player on the current roster where it's an OMG I can't believe they're gone, what are we going to do now feeling.
  20. When you say the roster will be filled by a "crap load of JUCOs" I'll tend to take that as a bad thing. No one takes high roster turnover is a positive, but it's not something we haven't seen within this program and other programs across the country. Coach Killings being unable to fill a roster is the least of my worries. Just look at the transfer portal. There's going to be grad transfers, 2-3 year transfers, JUCOS, and late signing period kids out of HS.
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