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  1. https://www.thefarside.com/2020/12/02/2 Getting ready in case they let a few of us in Sefcu.
  2. OK; the woman have announced a non-conference schedule. At Hofstra, home & away Marist, home lcc. See UA sports for full details. Hope to hear men are playing games soon! I think they were actually cleared for practice a couple days before the women. Even if they re-started at the same time, they should also be ready soon to see some real action.
  3. Watched the highlights on 13 news. Don't know what it means exactly; but Bryant led most of the game and probably SHOULD have won!
  4. If they play at all; and I am still skeptical, I WOULD absolutely attend games. As long as seating is limited, mask are required, and all social distance rules followed. 25% capacity seems to be working in restaurants and stores etc; why not in a "huge" arena. Even if SEFCU can't be defined as huge, it certainly is big enough to space out the season ticket holders and perhaps even a few more. Put in some MERV 13 filters and FREE SEFCU FREE SEFCU FREE SEFCU. No storming the court, you Notre Dame aholes!
  5. Who Knows? Could BE Saturday March 20, 2021: HOME OPENERS football vs RI, Casey Stadium; basketball vs UMBC sat & sun Sefcu Arena; lacrosse vs sbrook immediately following the conclusion of the football game; volleyball vs new hampshire sat & sun University Gym; track vs Syracuse, Buffalo and Cornell, University Field. Soccer, Field hockey and whatever else is left opening on the ROAD
  6. AGREED; but I still feel @ some point UA/State will be announcing limited in-person attendance. {HERE'S HOPING anyhow!}. Also, anyone know the status of the AmEast contract with ESPN3 & ESPN+ ????????????
  7. Why are there 7 in the north and only 4 in the south? Even if Towson had not bolted it would make 7-5? Why is Delaware in the north? Should be 6-6 or 6-5 without Towson.
  8. [doll--duke outdoor lacrosse league; even post scores & standings on their web site.] Article in IL how Duke is using in-house scrimmages to add competition and fun in lieu of fall ball. Not really new, since Duke generally does NOT like to face other schools in the fall. But it another article, North Carolina is using a similar approach this fall. NOT saying UA should emulate {all though those are pretty good programs to imitate}; but it would be NICE to hear that UA lacrosse is out on the field these days. Anyone hear or see anything going on??
  9. IMHO, I would NOT be surprised if other teams DO join Towson in opting out. Unless Towson has some underlying other issues; this could be the beginning of a wave across FCS???
  10. The article hinted or at least sounded to me, that a normal Spring schedule is hoped. Getting the format for fall and winter in-order and perhaps reduced in some cases with the goal of being able to normalize Spring sports and schedules. Perhaps I am reading it entirely wrong; but I hope the goal is reduce conflicts with spring sports to compensate them and insure they get a full season?? Remember @ this point they have already lost the most because of covid. Thoughts/opinions about lacrosse and other spring sports.
  11. America East posted schedule "FORMAT" today on ualbanysports.com: Sounds like we will play Vermont only @ home OR only on the road? Likewise entire league no longer home and away? Similar format for volleyball. Looks like soccer and field hockey playing reduced schedules? Indoor track canceled.
  12. I guess only if the player chooses to stay longer? Good Luck trying to figure it all out!
  13. Eli polish up the edit button. NCAA as of this AM granted an extra year of eligibility to ALL winter athletes. Now spring, fall, and winter all included. Coach Brown glad for players who don't have to consider redshirting and don't have to worry about how many (if any) games are played or canceled this year; Coach Mullen does not know where the money is coming from; Coach @ LCC refused to comment--more questions than answers @ this point; and Benson sent out an email today asking for MONEY {of course} without a single event played or even scheduled yet 2020-21. ps I did email Nate Mason
  14. OH come-on; Do you really think it was Benson's idea. All/most credit goes to Scott Marr. OK give Benson a + or so for saying OK we'll give it a try.
  15. Just saying most or at least many agree the basketball program has NOT been very successful the past few years. I personally would like Brown to receive a new contract; IMHO he has earned the right to stay @ UA as long as he wants. But some NEW blood/direction to me seems NEEDED. I personally like Yati; feel Jared is just NOT a good coach; and heard some upsetting news about Pelletier. Just trying to figure out if true or not. Also, I am NOT trying to put someones livelihood in danger. Didn't know I had that sort of power. But whether true or not, Pelletier would be my choice to open up a spot
  16. I thought the get rid of Jared on his birthday, might have gotten a little more backlash. So, I'll stoke the coals a bit. I actually lied when I said he should be the first to go. Jared IMHO just takes up space; has not really done anything to cause him to lose his job; but IMHO has not really done anything to add to the program. So here it goes; the first to go should be Pelletier. Not that he has done anything (that I know of) to undermine the program; but I heard a rumor from a source that should KNOW: that Josh did not want to take the job @ UA in the first place and does not like Coach B
  17. Many have commented that Coach Brown needs some new blood and some different perspectives with his assistant coaches. IMHO Jarred should be the first to go. Nothing personal and I do wish him a happy birthday! Just do not believe he ever added much to the program as a player or a coach.
  18. Ticket Portal still not working? For anyone trying to get renewals resolved {to ensure seats for what may be LIMITED covid spread seating;} not happening I guess??
  19. You are certainly welcome to your opinion. Just asking who do you think: dictated a complete indefinite shut down and ordered Benson to punish ALL athletes for the digressions of a very few??????????? And who if not Benson, can open practices?
  20. If not Benson's than WHO? He is the man at the top. It was his announcement and IMHO his decision. Even if a committee involved, he has/had the ultimate say. If you are thinking the indefinite suspension came down from President Rodriguez, I humbly disagree. IMHO it is NOT his style to dictate. He certainly was involved and said the parties must stop; but I 100% do not believe President Rodriguez dictated a complete indefinite shut down and ordered Benson to punish ALL athletes for the digressions of a very few. It is simply NOT the way President Rodriquez works! And IMHO, it is typical of Be
  21. I believe the 10/14 date refers to full team practices--full compliment of coaches. Even prior to covid, teams in all sports allowed to begin FULL practice @ some specified date specific to each particular sport. Some sports like football & lacrosse have FULL practices fall & spring. But all sports allowed to have modified practices with various restrictions and # of participating players & coaches allowed. Never been able to figure who & what can practice when & for how long with how many. But @ UA right now; whatever IS allowed is NOT being allowed; due to Benson's m
  22. This ain't your 20th century NCAA's. Most student athletes are on campus 11-12 months of the year (and I suspect true even in later 20th.) They practice year round, take extra classes off season so easier to compete in-season, are in the weight and conditioning rooms, undergoing physical therapies and nursing injuries, and more. There is a spring football season and fall ball for lacrosse for a reason. College sports is a full time job. Spring sports especially (due to weather) barely have enough days to compete; yet alone prepare. A pitcher in MLB needs a minimum 45 days to prepare. College b
  23. BIG MISTAKE IMHO!!!!! FBS football playing coast to coast. Lacrosse NEEDS to get back on the fields facing opponents ASAP. The have already loss nearly a full season. In a separate survey of coaches only moderate optimism about having a SPRING 2021 season. Article did not really identify coaches surveyed; but Duke head coach who did vote positive, said he was not sure why so many were only moderate or below. I also do not understand coaches being so pessimistic? Isn't it a BiG part of their job to build hope, confidence and positive attitudes in players?
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