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  1. There is no guarantee that it will ever be anymore than a one bid league.The power fives are not about to give-up more tournament slots in basketball. The "peer" schools you mentioned are NOT about to garner multiple lacrosse bids, nor volleyball [two UA sports I follow closely.] Do not know for sure, but baseball, softball, soccer and most other UA sports would NOT grow or have easier tournament access in said caa or "pod caa" either. Once again you are more than welcome to your opinions and hopes for UA athletic expansion; for me I do not see it happening, at least not in the caa.
  2. Another reason why IMHO we should NOT join the caa!!!!!!!! Football in the caa has been a dismal failure; both on the field and attendance wise. You can all say it is because UA has/had a bad coach and worse AD, and I agree that more than likely is part of the failure. IMHO is not even close to the whole story. IMHO the caa is/was a BAD fit from the start. I was against this move from day one and admittedly probably the only one; but why you are all welcome to your opinion, I have NOT seen a single positive thing the caa has done for UA; and absolutely DO NOT see them as a viable replacement of the AmEast for UA. I have not wavered since day one and if anyone cares they can check my entire post history {if you really doubt or care??}: The AmEast is the appropriate all sports league for UA; along with some sort of northeast football affiliate. With NYS support as is; little student or faculty support; and minimal community interest at best in UA athletics, the AmEast is the best fit for UA. There may be other leagues possible, but IMHO certainly NOT the caa, which at best is a minimal step up all sports wise other than football.
  3. Left @ the ½. The only positive I can say besides this Team SUCKS (and if you think that is Not a positive statement, I can’t say/write what I’m really thinking); so for the positive UA did win the face-off battle against one of the best f/o guys in the country (for all the good it did them. ) Thats all I have to say. The End. {of the season more than likely??}
  4. Now that the budget has passed, does this mean UAlbany & Nano can go forward with re-combining?? Or was/is that a separate legislative issue?? Or was that just Hochol State Address idyll political chit-chat?????????
  5. UA plays @ NJIT Friday night the 22ent and @ Yale Sunday 24--noon. Neither involves a 7+ hour bus ride both ways. Also would not be surprised if UA goes from NJIT directly to Yale? In the AmEast & NCAAs the Thursday -Saturday match-up do not involve extra travel. You stay at the sight if you advance to Saturday. Good idea, as you say to schedule a couple thurs-sat games in the regular season, "to get used to that turn around." BUT IMHO insane to include an +7 hour bus ride when doing so.
  6. There is something basically flawed with this team. 2018 has said off season conditioning & preparation, which is certainly evident today. But IMHO there is a mental as well as physical aspect lacking. They just do not seem to be able to grasp the axiom that the “most important game of the year is the Current one.” I know it is a cliche but this team seems unable “play one game at a time.” This was no more evident then last weekend when an awful UmassL almost beat UA. And going back to the 1st game of the year; it seemed to me that loss also caused UA to lose the next two winnable games. Maybe this rant is 100% off and I’m just being TOO philosophical. I don’t know, maybe it is just growing pains of a young team?? Sorry about the rant, just awfully disappointed in this team overall.
  7. No game plan. No execution. No energy. Side line looks asleep. On the field players looking around wondering who they are covering, wondering where they should be. Dropping the ball un-contested. Should have saved the bus fare. Just forfeit & stay home🤫.
  8. Left it all on the field Thursday night?? Not sure turned off the volume. Can’t deal with homers. But think 0 ground balls UA after 1 qtr
  9. Grew up watching Doc Sauers and Bob Ford coach DIII and then transition to DII. Over the years, both had athletes who could have played DI. The differences between a DI athlete & DII or DIII is/are NOT that great. The big difference comes into TEAM and depth. How many quality kids can you get in a given year. The individual differences might be a player is a step slow; from a smaller school or a district where competition does not enhance/allow growth; might be undersized or weight; might just be a late bloomer. IMHO no reason why a DIII kid, especially in this day & age cannot make a legitimate jump to DI ball and or as Eli illustrated, even the NBA
  10. Just curious has anyone ever figured out UA's attendance protocol? For instance does the 3688 count the number of people THROUGH the gate? Are season ticket holders included in that total even if they did/do not attend. How about other advanced tickets sold, but not attended due to the weather? Does anyone know the actual # of tickets sold for this event. I know these questions have been asked for other UA sports; not sure if an answer has ever been determined????? ps. GREAT game; total team effort. 9 different players in the scoring column (goals/and or assists). Something like 12 out of 14 goals scored by middies or defense. At least 8 goals assisted. Not only did Ramos have 15 saves; many were more than just routine. Do I dare say the "Dane Train is Back."
  11. I whipped out & watching from home. Only second missed home game in over 10 years. Anyone have any idea actual how many showed a attendance wise?? need another good ½ . Need to improve at X. Up 3 but only 30% FO.
  12. I do not want Benson here for any longer than it takes me to type this. I absolutely understand why you and many others are bailing; probably $s the only way to get anyone to listen to us. But, sorry I just cannot bring myself to end or cut back my UA athletic support. Been giving since 1972, even was recognized once for X consecutive years of giving. Recently reverted to making ALL my contributions directly to UA Foundation. I did this for a number of years after GDAC was formed, because I did not like GDAC being a separate fund raising campaign, but eventually gave up fighting it. Anyhow, while I fully respect each individuals choices, I personally cannot bring myself to stop supporting UA athletics and primarily the student athletes.
  13. I go back to some of the original un-answered questions. Why was no complaint filed back in November? Why did the player play 8o% of the year with no apparent I’ll feeling? Was Fiz promised scholarship reneged and if so why & by whom? Did this lead to some drummed up charges on a issue that was so “insignificant” that no complaint was filed at the time? How do you assault (and that word was used by people “in the know”) someone in a hype circle? These questions which IMHO should be made transparent one way or another. IMHO the truth maybe difficult but better than living, working, playing & coaching basketball in a cloud of suspicion. And I am so sick of Personal Privacy protections rules/law, I want to🤮🤮🤮
  14. That was ugly but I’ll take it. 3 times in the 3rd up by 3; trying to kill time instead of running their offense. Almost bit themselves in the a$$. Looking ahead to cuse?. Coach will say no, but looked a lot like 2-3 weeks back no emotion. First road win, maybe like someone said not a good road team??
  15. Loved the article and the support from the community. DK has done more in one year to build community; while Benson has done nothing but alienate the community and the fan base since day one. We can argue all day if you want, whether his hires/fires/extensions have improved UA athletics or NOT. But there is little argument from parking, to prices, to seat backs, strollers, umbrellas, to facilities uses & upgrades. to community and fan support, marketing, etc. etc. he IMHO has been a DISMAL FAILURE.
  16. Would think Brent is a Will Brown protege. Agree, he might be good choice; but with Benson in-charge NO WAY he is even looked at.
  17. Seems plausible; but at the same time it was noted that Luke loved DK @ Marquette and the feeling was mutual. Also, DK does NOT seem like the type to go back on his word??? So as you say SAD if all true. So in the meantime I'll hold out hope that Benson denied the scholarship, putting DK in an awkward position and ultimately Luke with pressure from his parents filed a complaint about what was basically nothing in November. I KNOW, I KNOW I'M fantasizing and speculating but still would love to see DK stay and Benson get what's coming to him for running UA athletics into the ground for any number of reasons.🙄😛
  18. This starting to make less & less sense. Happened in November; inquirery end of February; coach & team plays on; coach on “leave” most important recruiting time of the year? Even if not complacent, Benson should be fired for being in-competent. What a cluster €£¥k.
  19. Watched both local news 10 & 13. Neither mentioned this rumor at all. Not even a breath that a rumor exists? Beginning to think this whole thing is a lot about nothing. You would think they would at least have mentioned an unsubstantiated rumor about the UA BB program is/was circling the internet???
  20. Anyhow, I hate to see Killings GO. IMHO does not seem the type to physically assault a student. HUG yes, assault NO. But whatever happened, even if it sets UA athletic's back years, IMHO if this incident results in Benson getting the axe too/also then I for one AM THRILLED!
  21. Just looked @ NCAA 2022 transfer portal UA--"No Players Found" ???????
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