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  1. I took the blunge and renewed football yesterday; even though I was hoping some correspondence from UA would/should have been in order by now. Interesting my GDAC contribution was accepted and processed; but the I received a note that the money for the seats would be taken at a later date. Perhaps they are hedging their bets in case fans are NOT allowed at all???? Won't have to issue seat credits and assuming GDAC donation are for keeps? If NO fans, even if NO games I would make my GDAC donations anyway; but it seems a little presumptuous, if this is what's going on??
  2. Just read in the TU that Iowa said ONLY season tickets renewed by June 30th will be considered for any social distance plan formed/allowed! That is only a week away. With absolutely NOTHING coming from UA, I am a bit concerned about being shut out of any plan UA comes up with. I have been holding off on renewal and assume many of you have also? Am I being needlessly paranoid about being shut out? Has or was there ever a "last date to renew" statement made before or since the covid stoppage? Anyone recommend throw caution to the wind--renew and see what happens? I know UA is NOT Iowa, and would
  3. I am a little surprised at some of the negative comments. Each to their own, but I think NJIT is a good addition and fit. Many on this blog have advocated for years for more of a New York City connection and exposure. They have new facilities [indoor opened in 2017 {seats 3500}; outdoor just opened 2019.] Gives large amounts of NYC and even die hard Long Island alumni a close place to see UA athletes in action. Also, as others mentioned a reasonable drive from Albany [count me in Bob87.] IMHO I see no negatives, am happy and welcome the addition of NJIT. Does anyone know if the fall sport
  4. CAA Adopts Flexible Scheduling Model For 2021; Teams Won't Need to Play Conference Games Does NOT mention football or basketball. Maybe 2020 too late to implement this or are football & basketball exempt from "cost cutting strategies"??? If you read the full article, Inside Lacrosse says the CAA will allow teams to play NO conference games, only conference games, or multiple games against the same opponent. The emphasis will be on minimal travel and playing teams in conference or out in your immediate geography. Article does not say how conference tournaments participants will be d
  5. Assuming there is one, some major rule changes approved: The article said due to the unusual timing and loss of 2020 season; the rules ARE official; but an additional comment period "may be" allowed? Seemed contradictory, but whatever? Assuming the rule holds, the fogo rule is intended to decrease the power of the elite fogos. Face-off rule changes in the past have been bitterly fought and more than once changed or diminished before implementation. The head of the "face-off academy " said start preparing new strategies NOW, as he believes the new rule WILL be implemented in spite
  6. Hey Ref: You SUCK go back on the ventilator! {NY has a surplus now--plenty to go around.}
  7. Article in Inside Lacrosse today. Should probably post it there, but seemed it fit here also. Talks about the financial issues colleges face due to covid19 [and $$ issues that existed even before covid19.] He raises some possible senerios, including delaying fall sports and even combining fall & spring sports. He also talks about many of the program cuts and team eliminations already announced. {Furman cut its lacrosse program today, not mentioned in Quint's article done earlier.} Anyhow link if interested https://www.insidelacrosse.com.
  8. Who cares about FB & BB {JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING note I √ will be there.}; but I felt like my heart was ripped out when Lacrosse was canceled. Just as the team seemed to be turning the corner. As I wrote at the time, still hoping they have some sort of expanded FALL BALL LAX SEASON. Regardless, social distancing protocols allowing I'll be in my usual FB & BB seats and DO NOT forget Volleyball! [Bob 87 & I and a few other diehards always there--I assume alum73 also.}
  9. I made my horse racing comment, sort of tongue & cheek. Just trying to get this blog redirected to UA SPORTS and off politics. As the next several pages proved, I FAILED miserably. Obviously I am not a fan of horse racing, each to their own. I wish you luck; HOPE you win the Derby. Still think it is not a sport--a game, a hobby, an amusement, whatever; IMHO. But each to his own and I absolutely meant no offense. Do get a little tired of "Toga's" , thinking the Capital District would not exist without them. Well back to BIG PURPLE POLITICAL FORUM. My apologies too horse racing fans and anyo
  10. I know we are not suppose to talk politics; but hey you guys started it. Horse racing should be BANNED. Should not even be talking about it on this SPORTS blog. It is not sport. Jockeys are not athletes. Animals are abused. And speaking of lost lawn parking, the parents of the seven year old who got in trouble for selling lemonade should have been locked up. They were pumping out more trays of brownies in a day than many of the tax paying and permit paying venders did in a week. Wow got that off my chest. OK Toga fans fire back. Or better yet maybe DP will censor all this political talk
  11. TU has been running a series "The Mt. Rushmore of Capital Region Sports." Pretty Ho-Hum--Yawn; top 4 cap region table tennis etc. Woke up today with Doc Saucers headlining top cap region all time coaches; coach Abe listed as one of the women top 4. Now that was MORE like it! Obviously I exaggerate when I Iisted table tennis as one of the Rushmore series and DO give kudos to the TU for keeping some sports reporters and others employed. ps. Not to give rise to the hate-him love him wars on this blog; but WHY NOT, not much else to blog about these days; but Brown & even Gattuso m
  12. Has this been announced? I have not heard anything official up here? Are you just speculating??? California governor has made his state U's strictly on-line in the fall. What has the NCAA SAID about that???????? Original NCAA said no students on campus--NO ATHLETICS?? Are they sticking to that??? Pac 12 power 5 loses a lot of TV revenue if so and "Rose Bowl?"
  13. Seems to be a stretch? Shot in the dark? Any BIG = a pig in a poke?? THOUGHTS/OPINIONS?
  14. If the nurses and doctors and other first responders thought this there would be a lot more dead people. If grocery store clerks thought this there would be a lot more very hungry people. It was meant as a joke read: "In the Bleachers" comic 4/27/2020. Of course he should do what is best for himself; but if everyone did SO, well pretty sad world IMHO.
  15. All this blabber from TD that I'm going back to Yale no matter if I play lacrosse or not; appears a lot of hot air to me now. Don't know the young man and have no inside info what-so-ever; but the. way he left UA and now the way he got back into Yale lead me to believe with TD it is all about "I." quote from comic "In the Bleachers" 4/27/2020 {I tried to copy it here but file too large.}
  16. Interesting OPINION article IL. Author seems to support that a cut back in athletic spending will actually help Lacrosse. He even suggest schools with lax should reduce the 12.6 schollies they have now. With average of 47 players per team, second most in college sports and less schollies (12.6) than all other major sports; Lax players and families have shown a propensity for paying to play. {Not sure where he is getting his numbers--thought track and rowing would have more players per team; perhaps only talking about "major sports?} Anyhow, he claims this willingness to pay to play is supporte
  17. I have NOT seen anything new since 518Lax posted the above; and the goalie from Utah committed. Most of top kids on the portal have committed or strongly tied. UA does not seem to be getting much interest from top transfers??
  18. Not saying you are wrong; but as I recall, the Ivy left the one year extension up to each individual school. Yale said NO to the extension, withdrawal--reapplies, and grad players. As far as I remember Cornell has made no such announcement yet??
  19. TD has been quoted saying he would play for Yale or no-one else! If he has a change of heart; my money is on Cornell.
  20. "Prior to Utah: Did not see action over two seasons at Rutgers (2017-18) … U.S. Lacrosse 2016 High School All-American as a senior at Yorktown HS … 2016 Journal News Hudson Valley Player of the Year … all-section and all-metro … 62.7 save percentage as a senior, recording double-digit saves in 12 games … 180 saves with a 58.8 save percentage as a junior, recording 27 ground balls and two full-field assists … recorded double-digit saves 10 times in 2015, including three playoff games … Yorktown won a New York State Championship in 2014 and finished runners up in 2016 … helped Yorktown win five
  21. I wonder if this means Siekierski is not using his senior year exemption?
  22. Two articles in today's TU addressing why low and mid majors NOT going after freshman. Both express the transfer portal and expected no sit rule change. Greg Marshall now of Wichita State was noted as a "Program" builder and says he is now forced into being a "Team" builder. Article is from AP "Transfer portal causing headaches."
  23. Per IL article games they had circled in 2020. Also, interesting article by Quint on the transfer portal and senior extensions. Too long to quote; but a couple things caught my eye: one top level assistant coach and recruiting coordinator said most/many coaches are checking the portal EVERY 10 MINUTES. Another top level assistant related; his team rarely gets involved with the portal because it is mostly troubled and "bad" kids. My bet this was someone from a real top program or someone really behind the times; as even in non-covid 19 years; the portal seems to have really taken h
  24. Tehoka is only a junior. According to canceled season accommodations; I believe he has two years of eligibility remaining. Unless he goes pro of course. I might have it wrong, but I believe all spring sports athletes are being granted an extra year of eligibility. Seniors have some additional benefits and some of the accommodations are school and/or conference options. I might have it all wrong but I think the rule states seniors can return for the 2021 season without affecting # of schoolies and max player issues. In subsequent years, students (like Tehoka) taking advantage of an extra
  25. Got to disagree with you here. EVERYONE EVERYWHERE{sports, plays, etc.} is refunding and it as you say it is no ones fault. It is NOT about the money.. I already give more than the GDAC requirements and have max benefits except for courtside in BB. I spend well over $1000 per year on tickets and donations and on an inflation adjusted amount have for 47 years. When Scott Marr asks for some $s for locker upgrades; when Coach Brown ask for cancer funds or HP funds I send a little more; in spite of the fact that I give to many of these funds yearly already. So, if they want to refund my season ti
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