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  1. Where did you see this? Master schedule on UASports.com still list 4PM? You in Georgia today?
  2. VT bounced back strong with a solid victory @ Penn State. I guess like Scott I need to dial back my enthusiasm.
  3. What the heck was Champion doing taking that 3 with a one point lead under a minute??????
  4. Newton's second law F = m * a F = force m = mass of an object a = acceleration Here-in lies the problem IMHO. Bob Ford in playing up alway said speed {acceleration) was always the biggest concern/issue/problem.
  5. Yeh, but what good is it if you come away with a punch of injuries? Seem to recall 2/3 years back in a FBS game, lost 12-13 players for multiple games. Some players lost out on as many as 4 games and a couple season ending. Maybe I have the numbers wrong, but against a team like Baylor could loose enough players that we'd have to cancel the season 🤨🤢.
  6. A little surprised by this? Did not hear the interview; but never heard Scott be anything but positive, even when their was little or nothing to be positive about? At the zoom, he was talking about a split of our OOC games would put UA in a good spot for an at-large. Also, said VT most important game on UA schedule; not worried about perhaps the most difficult OOC schedule in the country. Sounded like a very confident coach. Brown scrimmage must have been really BAD, to get Scott so pessimistic on 104.5. Anyone else hear the interview? Anyone know was it archived & how to access?
  7. AS predicted vt out of top 20 and a slot behind UA in also getting votes. And it looks like another tuff year for lcc? Gleason in TU, said last year 0-8 misleading after most loses by 1 or 2 goals. After being doubled up (7-14) by LIU (new to D1 lax); I wonder if Gleason and the rest of the UA alumni coaching staff are having second guesses about their crosstown move. I know it is early too make posts like this and the one above; but I'm just anxious for UA to get going for real and to have something to really blog about. Anyone, know or hear anything else about the scrimmage @ Brown??
  8. For what it's worth? Vermont lost at home to Utah (first home loss since 2019 I guess.) With Penn State. a very good Bryant and from what I hear an Improving Brown, their next , Vt could be 0-5 before they play two week teams Dartmouth & then Providence. I do not know what this means; or even if they will start 0 & 5. But maybe they are not as good as some think. A UA win Saturday @ Cornell will certainly vault UA above vt and probably into the top 20. A lot of IFs I guess. Nevertheless, a win Saturday will go a long way in telling about UA LAX 2022. Not sure a close showing would be too revealing? ps. An historically bad Jacksonville team beat Duke today (a team vt lost 8-15.) O well, Let the Rodeo begin.
  9. While I agree with you 100% and would like to see the face-off not be such a dominant position; but it is not much different than a football quarterback being allowed to play every single offensive down. That being said, Scott in his zoom addressed the new face-off rule which begins its second year. All new NCAA lacrosse rules have a two year trial period. Scott said the new rule was suppose to have a part II which HE favored but was voted down. Part II said the wings would be moved closer to the X and the face-off guy had to pass the ball to the wings; i.e could NOT just snatch and run. Part II will be voted on again after this season; but Scott does not have a feel what its chances are. He feels the rule change as is (without part II) has done practically "NOTHING" to reduce the role of the dominant face-off person. Everyone just adapted to the new grip and standup requirement and basically the good/great face-off guys and the average f/o guys really ALL just stayed the SAME.
  10. Pretty sure I read somewhere that Doles will have TWO MASTERS by the May 2022. Can he go for three or be our first doctoral candidate playing basketball, if he returns next season??
  11. I attended the zoom. Not sure if archived, and if so, no idea how to access? But I will recap a couple of things that stood out to me. Scott has been trying for years to play Army [home/home or even just going there] with NO luck. Cannot figure why they won't play UA it would be a natural fit for both. He is good friends with the coach, but has given up trying to get something going. Still thinks the defense is ahead of the offense and like a comment he made in the TU, feels with no real stud it could be a more balanced attack; with perhaps a new "stud" every game. When pressed on who especially looking good he named several kids. {Don't know if it was an oversight, but he did not mention Corey Yunker, which was curious because I did not see Corey at the Colgate scrimmage and i think he would be our top returning points player??} Speaking of "oversights" he mentioned Tommy Heller as the number one goalie at this point; but being pushed by a freshman and transfer ( who were the two who played in the Colgate scrimmage.) Heller will see significant minutes @ Brown this weekend. Curious that Will Ramos was not mentioned at all?? Scott did say he feels we have good depth at goal. Anyhow Ramos & Yunker still listed on roster {injury or transferred????} Anyone KNOW status of either? Saw Bob87 on the zoom; perhaps he can add to this. Plus a separate zoom for past players going on after we finished. If any past players use this blog perhaps they can/will add to this recap.
  12. 99, Nice assessment! Agree Reddish and Neely are going to be MONSTERS in this league if they stay? Foresee them competing each other for player of the league in 2 years (if both still @UA). Fizulich is going to surprise people. He is fearless and plays with a lot of confidence. All he needs is minutes which I believe he will get plenty of next season. Still not sure you can call this team GOOD right now; and perhaps BAD is also over used. Inconsistent, Developing, Building are words that come to mind and perhaps more accurate, than saying they are "bad or good"🎅
  13. Definitely some confusion here and typical UA communication screw-up. I am a season ticket holder in football, basketball, & LACROSSE. I did NOT get this email and would not know about this event, if it was not posted here by CW. So I thank him. ps. does anyone KNOW who sent the email; so I can let them know I {and probably others} was missed??
  14. I was at yesterdays scrimmage. Score was kept by qtr: UA took a quick 4 nothing lead, after which Colgate took a time out and the qtr ended 5-4 UA up. 3-3, 3-4, 1-3; so Colgate up 12-14 after 4. They played a 5th qtr which UA dominated 6-1. Not that a final score means too much in a scrimmage but I guess, you can say UA lost by two or won by three. Briefly: I thought UA's clear game was very BAD. Not that I could keep stats, but I'd guess in the neighborhood 75%, while Colgate near 100% clear %age. Face-offs: I estimate at 50-50; but if UA maintained possession on a significant # of face-ofs that UA appeared to win, but turned over immediately [never been sure if these are counted as F/O wins or loses]; my estimate might be way off?? Accordingly, ground balls still need A LOT of work. Offensively, UA got a lot of scoring from a number of different players. #24 Jack Pucci had a goal & 4 assists [sat near his parents so pretty sure total is accurate.] #2 Whitcomb (freshman) had at least one goal, maybe two. Hogg & Tucker multiple goals and assists. I did not see Corey Yunker at all, not even sure he suited {injury ??} Camden Hay played only the 4th qtr, but I believe he did score UA's loan 4th qtr goal. Camden seemed tentative and did not appear to defend against Colgate clear attempts a number of times. Not being critical, it may be they are bringing him along slowly. I known in fall ball, his play was limited because of an injury. Speaking of the 4th qtr, if time of possession was a stat in lax, Colgate had the ball maybe 12 out of 15 minutes. This leads me to the defense. I actually was pleasantly surprised. UA did give up 15 goals in 5 qtrs, but I thought the D played very well overall. Overall Colgate (especially in qtrs 3&4) seemed to dominate time of possession. A # of their goals were late in the shot clock. UA's D did result in several Colgate shot clock violations. UA's number 1 goalie did not play at all and the two back-ups made some nice saves. Don't know enough about goal tending techniques etc, but IF both goalies would catch more cleanly and NOT give up as many rebounds and second/third attempts UA's D would certainly be better off. Not being critical, easier said than done I"m sure. BUT where both were very BAD is on clear attempts. I am sure Ramos will be step up here. 5 of Colgate goals were scored by one man [#33.] 33 had 3 wrap around goals, 2 directly after Colgate time outs, meaning they were probably called plays from the bench. One of his goals was off a long pass from face-off circle. Not sure I've ever seen this, the fogo won it clean took maybe a step and fired a ½ field pass to 33 on the doorstep. So all considering, I feel there's hope for the Defense. And still feel the offense, even though Scot worries they don't have a stud, will be amazing. Disagreements, additions, contradictions on this summary and all things lacrosse ALWAYS welcomed
  15. ps. If Albany wants to leave wouldn't it be a good idea to let the people who support the team financially and otherwise KNOW. Perhaps they might lend support to the effort, if they KNEW; and were made aware of the advantages/necessities of such a move. JUST ASKING A QUESTION!!🤫
  16. First of all how can I be wrong? I just asked a question: " but why do you infer UA voted to let brook play???" Secondly, I do not have the "SOURCES" you have; but have never read or heard in any news publication or media outlet of any interest in UA leaving the AmEast. I am in no way doubting your sources, just making a 100% honest claim that I personally {though well read and very interested in all thing UA} have never heard, read or seen any statement or rumor to the effect UA was looking to exit the AmEast. I might be ignorant of the workings and plans of UA and its athletic department; but how is asking a question for clarification "wrong" and making a claim that I am unaware of UA plans "wrong", especially since never has there ever been a single communication by a single official of UA that would indicate UA has/had an interest in changing conferences. Lastly, I repeat, I DO NOT doubt your sources and I do understand why UA might be num on conferences plans etc. But no way am I "wrong" that UA, especially under the current athletic administration does an absolutely horrible job of communication with their fan base and the community in general. IMHO this is no way to build/run a program.
  17. I don't have any inside information; but why do you infer UA voted to let brook play??? AND except for people on this blog, I never read anywhere that UA wants out of the AMEast. In fact IMHO, the University and its athletic department has never shown any inclination to leave the AmEast. Just because people on this blog and they ALL have a right to their opinions and desires, does NOT speak for the University and its plans. On the contrary, it seems more often than not UA Athletics pays little or NO attention to what is posted here.
  18. When I said it was lame, 100% meant as you suggested NEED TO SPEND the extra $ and GO FULL 100 yds. Renting Afrims" not cheap + transportation + availability issues + in a pinch can have real lacrosse games (with minimal attendance) thus minimizing attendance lost revenue from a complete game cancel/reschedule. Otherwise facility NOT lame at all.
  19. maac & lcc claim they are taking the "high road" by letting Monmoth compete for championships. Of course with a ONE MILLION DOLLAR exit fee they can afford to be "magnanimous." Pretty sure the AmEast exit fee is minimal at best, if there is even one at all? [anyone know for sure??]
  20. The latest plans: a new “tent” going up this spring. Room for an “80”yard field. HOW LAME IS THAT?
  21. As good as UA is defensively; they are equally bad or at least inconsistent offensively. We have all witnessed this all year. D will only carry UA so far and I'm afraid there is just not enough their offensively. A first round home game looks possible; but don't see them advancing more than one round if that. Even in a 4-5 or 5-4 match-up, pretty much looking at a toss up. Still agree, UA with Killings is in good hands and the future is bright; but simply must recruit or develop more offense somehow. DUH!😚 Speaking of inconsistency and not to point any blame but: Cerruti 2 pts; Reddish who had made 3 of his last 4, 3 attempts was 0-3 [0-5 overall]; Hutch had been something like 6 for 11 from 3 in the previous 2 games 0-3 [0-5 overall] yesterday. While I love what Champ brings defensively, I yell NO whenever he takes a shoot, even close-in [his shooting %age for the year has to be less than 25% or worse?] Other than Horton, just cannot count on any consistent scoring day in day out.
  22. ps. if you read "the league said" you notice brook crying about the decision, even though they voted for the policy when it was initiated and voted for leaving BU out when it moved to the Patriot . How hypocritical is that?🥲
  23. Home court for AmEast tournament just got easier. Per Inside Lacrosse: The Stony Brook men’s and women’s lacrosse teams will not be eligible for the America East conference championships and automatic qualifier, the league announced Wednesday in the wake of the program’s departure to the CAA. “The America East Conference Board of Presidents has determined that in accordance with longstanding conference legislation, Stony Brook University is ineligible to participate in all America East Championships for the remainder of its tenure as a conference member, effective immediately,” the league said.
  24. Any update on Saturday 2/5 scrimmage @ Colgate listed as 4:30. Does Colgate have an indoor practice/game facility?? Weather is NOT encouraging Friday/Saturday. I would consider going to the scrimmage, if I knew it was definitely ON and weather permitting. Could use some information, if anyone knows?
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