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  1. 100% Agree. ++ with Champion & Newman on offense, UA is attacking with 3 against 5 defenders!
  2. Anyone know are the first round games Sunday the 6th or Saturday the 5th. AmEast sites have conflicting info??
  3. Not sure what it mean; not sure what any of it mean at this point, but sienna beat MassL on the road yesterday. Do we switch certain/toss up status sienna & MassL?? What about 1-3 Penn State knocking off Yale (when was the last time Yale held to 6 goals). Boston U ( a team UA scrimmaged up or even) more than doubles up on UMassA. Brown 2 & 1 (with a narrow loss @NC) and a win over vt., picked 5/6 in the IVY?? Parity has arrived?????? or just too early in the season to make any sense? ps. NOT convinced brook legit. Have NOT played anybody. Bingo could be tough if they found a replacement for their goalie?
  4. Not sure I agree or disagree with this. Definitely have to get better D. But trying to stay positive, still thinking 8 or 9 wins. Still think 5 wins in AmEast (+1 vt very beatable); Sienna & UMass(very beatable); and perhaps a supreme effort beats 1 of the power 5s (Yale & SU look beatable [SU D maybe even worse than UA].) Maryland hopeless, Penn?? So 9 maybe even 10 wins doable. Of course without some defensive/goal improvement could be worse; but do not think it will be as bad as 3-4wins??
  5. For what it’s worth vt lost again and umbc got beat by a historically very poor Mt. St. Mary. Brook is 3-0 but has played nobody & are out of AmEast anyhow. If UA can get Yunker back soon & can do something to improve the defense/goal tending there is HOPE for this team. Of course a UA loss to an historically poor small private school this Wednesday and my prognostications will become exceedingly NON positive.
  6. Missed game because of previous commitment. So glad I missed it. Brook a shell of itself but like a lot of you are saying got up for UA. In-spite of overachieving this year; this UA team should be ashamed of their performance tonight—players & staff ALL. Some seem to want to cut UA some slack for a number of reasons—-new coach, injuries, too many new players, not enough new players/not enough talent, over achieving,etc.etc. But at this point in the season in a critical game against a decimated program all the excuses are meaningless. IMHO you just have to win.
  7. You are 100% right on; 30% save rate NOT going to cut-it. If Ramos not available (injured or moved on), where is the goal depth Scott was advertising?? Really I’m not qualified to second guess the coach; but from my observations, fall and so far; still think offensively UA is/will be fine. Just do not see why coach keeps praising the D and experiments with the offense, especially the middies. Maybe there isn’t any help for the D; so Scott knows/hopes all he can do is be positive??
  8. Did not see game; but followed on live stats. 21TO’s. 6 in crucial 4th qtr. Goalie only made 6 saves total & had 1 of the 4th to’s. Good news 20 out of 30 on face offs. Got some scoring from freshman middies (Morgan, Decker, Prezzi (soph).) Anyone at game or watched live, look for your thoughts
  9. Brown gave N.carolina all they could handle. Brown NO joke. IVY could very well be top conference in the country. Minimally second only to ACC.
  10. Just curious?? What brook players abandoned ship? And do you know/think they left because of the AmEast tournament snub OR left un-happy with the direction of the team to the caa?? Probably never know; but curious what anyone know/think about these departures..
  11. Maine announcers think they have a good team? IMHO their team is “overrated”; if that is possible with what 2 league wins. Said they could climb out of the cellar. “All they had to do was beat UA, UMBC. & Vermont “?
  12. OK. At least we know why he is MIA; and IMHO when he returns, he could be the quarterback, just what the offense needs! Scott say anything else hopeful/positive/interesting?
  13. Interesting UA 4-7 @ HOME. 8-8 on road or neutral site. One of the home losses, the embarrassing beating by last place Maine. Can UA to Maine and demonstrate their road prowess and return the beating. Also, begs the question in this six team log jam is UA better off finishing 5th or 4th? {😅just joking obviously; 2-4th my hope/choice}
  14. What am I missing? Where does it show UA top rated BPI? Looks to me BPI UA -4.2??? Am I reading the chart wrong? Puts UA near the bottom NOT top?
  15. UA obviously out of top 30. VT stays about the same. UMBC added. On a positive note UA had 11 different players hit the scoring column against Cornell. 8 assists on 8 goals. Good indication of balance and "team play." Without a stud it is going to be scoring by committee. And as 2018 says if Yunker comes back or someone else steps forward to quarterback the offense; clean-up the unforced turnovers; and get the clear game working: IMHO the OFFENSE will be fine. Another reason, I am still optimistic about the offense is, UA scored plenty against BU, Marist, Colgate and Brown (for a ½) all who are off to good or at least OK starts. Don't want to temper my positivity, so I won't talk about the D.
  16. Moving on to game two and starting a new and hopefully fresh start. UMBC (4th in AmEast) beat Drexel (1st in caa) yesterday. Sorry that is all I got. Anyone know or hear anything about our missing players; or how UA plans to build/rebound/regroup, I loved to hear your thoughts/opinions!
  17. Still lamenting the switch from two way middies. I know there are only so many (maybe none) McClancy's and Osika's out here. But I imagine even these two had to grow and be coached into the role. I doubt, they were born two way middies? I guess I get everyone wants to be a specialist, these days? But I have not seen much DEFENSE from the defensive midfield for a long time? Maybe the change {even though the timing was IMHO suspect), will yield results down the road I HOPE; but just don't know. ps in 4 scrimmages and one regular season game UA is giving up +16 goals per game???
  18. Agree 100%. By No means an expert but I've been saying since fall major issue with clears. I noted this again after the Colgate scrimmage; but commented that I assumed this would change when Ramos became the #1 goalie and Scott was just "looking" at the rest. Now Ramos is nowhere to be seen or heard {injured, graduated, transferred, dog goalhouse??) And 16 for 25 on clears yesterday. If I a nobody have noticed this since fall, I'm sure all our opponents have too? Also, coach says we have issues scoring; where is Yunker, UA's top returning points person?? Not that we are looking for excuses or want to invade the privacy of player; but as fans we could be more supportive/understanding if we at least had some basic idea about a player absence or even if he is absent??
  19. WAY too many TO,s. Can’t pick up a ground ball. Can’t clear. And players running up & down the field thinking the ball is in their stick; but it ain’t. I know it was cold out there; but you’d think at this level you have a feel for the ball in the stick. Not to pick on him but Gash at one point was still running towards the Cornell net; while a Cornell player was breaking in for a goal. Looked weird like he had no idea the play & ball going the other way??? He was not the only one; I’m sure I’m wrong; but just seemed the the whole game UA players did not know where the ball was. As a fan i often have trouble keeping track of where & who has the ball; never guessed players had the same issue.
  20. I only watched the first 3qtrs. Had to pickup my friend for the basketball game. He asked me why I was so bummed the game was still within reach at that point. I basically answered with the exact sentiment you expressed above. I saw both fall ball games & the Colgate scrimmage and in Scott’s own words UA averaged over 15+goals in those 3 games. I am certainly no expert; but have been saying all winter that offense would not be a problem; while Scott has been praising the “experienced” D. Don’t have the experience to disagree with Coach; but if he had concerns about two way middies & scoring & middies playing D; like 2018 said these concerns should NOT have waited until the week of game1.
  21. Hope you are right. IMHO athletically they will be a great fit for the AmEast. Do Not know about size wise and academics; but those factors seem to be becoming less & less important in forming leagues [i.e. small private colleges joining with larger universities, etc.] Travel & athletic budgets seem to be more of a factor than size of institution at least at the mid-major level. Anyhow, I could be totally off base on this?? Secondly, someone asked for opinions on the caa. I will say what I always say, it was a mistake to join the caa and if they expand to 16 {as a one bid conference} the mistake will be even more disastrous for UA. I will say what I have opined for years; what is needed is a Northeast Football conference (won't go into a complete list of who should be included; but it would start with the AmEast football playing schools.) Will say Bryant would be a good fit in an AmEast inspired northeast football conference.
  22. The above article and one in the Schenectady Gazette talk about a 6 attack Attack. The end of an era; the end of the two way middies?? UA & Marr pioneers of the two way middies and IMHO that brought UA into the forefront of D1 LAX. Sorry to see it go; but with invention of the shot clock and mass substitutions every time a team crosses midfield either way, appears to be the rule of the day. These mass substitutions and waiting for all the attacks in place before "attacks" begin is counter to increasing the "pace" of the game IMHO. But I guess a team has to adapt.
  23. Brooks recent letter to the NCAA (you can read full text on inside Lacrosse) is eloquent and perhaps makes some good points. However, it fails to mention brook supported the rule when written and fails to mention they voted to support BostonU suspension in 2012. She does say the rule is outdated and un-fair to student athletes; and perhaps she is correct on both issues. But again she fails too say has brook done anything over the years to get the rule fixed/changed/modified/deleted. She also fails to mention compared to MOST leagues nationwide, the AmEast as a relatively modest exit fee. So like CW said so eloquently "go pound salt".
  24. From Uabanysports.com: UAlbany returns 2021's second- and third-leading scorers in Corey Yunker and Graydon Hogg, but has to replace five of last year's top-seven scoring individuals, including top scorer Jakob Patterson Also, Yunker announced as one of 3 captains with Sands & Tanner Hay. Game Notes also up NO goalkeeper listed in depth chart. Ramos is still on roster list Inside Lax in IVY preview had Brown doubling up UA in scrimmage. No wonder Scott dialing back. Scott also treated for minor skin cancer this week.
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