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  1. Moral Victory or no such thing? Either way great effort; nothing to hang their heads about. Lost it from 9 minute to 4 minute mark of second ½. Can’t wait to see what UA can do when vt comes here. Just have to keep getting better. Big game Wednesday. Hope NO let down. Umbc on 3 game win streak.
  2. Just imagine how scary this team would be if they continue to play/improve like they are now; AND had Perry too. NOT SURE I buy into addition by subtraction hypotheses?? Perry was a heck of a player and I still think he could/did help this team, when healthy.🤔
  3. First regular season game today Bellamarine--Mercer. Next weekend bunch more. 2/5 a bunch more games; 2/12 almost a full slate; UA not until 2/19.
  4. Yes @ Colgate 2/5. see posts 2022LAX Schedule for more information/questions.
  5. OK LAX fans. Time for some input here. Scrimmage at Colgate Saturday 2/5 @ 4:30. Anyone know if this is open to the public and does Colgate have an indoor facility of some sort (could be still pretty cold/snowy 2/5)?? A couple years back we had a winter scrimmage @ Colgate with them listed as home team but it was played at Afrims for weather reasons?? First media pools have Vermont #17; UA getting top 20 votes. No other AmEast in top 30 say. AmEast coaches pool have vt#1; brook, UA, umbc all separated by a point. Marr in an article in the TU said concerned with the offense {No dominant threat.} He felt the returning in-close D and goal tending was strong. Hate to disagree with coach, but what I saw in the fall, both attack & midfield offense was DEEP and proficient. The in-close and two way middies could not stop a nose bleed?? HOPE I'M WRONG about the D and think Scott just throwing smoke screens about the O? He also said he was very please about face-off progress and that would be a continued emphasis winter practice. Also, curious about brook moving to caa and lax post season ban? That's all I got. Looking for thoughts/opinions/news on all the above and MORE.
  6. I do not think this has been decided yet? I read there is some sort of meeting to determine a ban or not & when it goes into effect. Also, today brook predicted to finish second in lacrosse [no mention of a ban?]?? Anyone know definitely if/when brook will be banned from AmEast post season play??
  7. Hate to be negative, but what the hell was Champion doing running down court & not protecting the ball with 7 seconds left & a 2 point lead. Saw coach console him afterwards, but as a grad student IMHO Champ should know better. Almost cost us the game, but ultimately UMass just a little more ugly. Anyhow, a win is a win is a win😎.
  8. Maryland, John Hopkins, Ohio State, Penn State all consistent top 20. Georgetown, Villanova both top 15 right now. Just to mention a few. Sorry have to disagree with you about 10 & East. DENVER
  9. For what the state contributed for Levalie stadium, could have built a Joe Bruno stadium in Troy, Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga & Glens Falls; plus a UA tent!
  10. You are assuming UA is or will be invited and if they would even accept?? All question marks IMHO. Agree, it may likely make the caa a multi-bid conference in lacrosse. Just pointing out historically they were NOT and still think that expansions does not guarantee anything. As I pointed out in a previous post there are only 8-10 at-large bids in lacrosse, 5 of which are taken by the ACC. Also, even with the expansion the caa would still be no better than 4 or 5 top conference. Your Top 2/3 prediction is ignoring Ivy, Big 10 & Big East. Leaving the Patriot, caa and yes even the AmEast battling for the leftover at-large bids. {ps first media poll has Vermont in top 20 and UA getting votes--caa also has 2 teams in 20+ currently} My other points about the caa gamble is (1) the power 5's are not going to sit back and let mid-majors cobble up at-large bids & (2) other mid-majors are also not going to sit back and LET the caa cobble up NCAA leftover bids {maybe the AmEast is going to sit back and dissolve 🤨, I hope NOT; but there are other mid-major leagues looking to defend their turf. Both at the Power 5 level and mid-major, more changes coming still.
  11. Definitely NOT recommending a split. Just pointing out that brook may not have the "foresight and brains" someone suggested. They definitely have political clout (i.e stadium named after long time L.I. legislator) and have always been funded disproportionately IMHO to UA (see previous parenthesses.)
  12. You may be confusing "foresight and brains" with population, political representation and money. I know this blog is suppose to be non-political; but it has been argued for years that NYC, LI, & Westchester Co should be a STATE on their own.
  13. Except for football the caa is a ONE BID conference in most/all other sports. I don't follow soccer, swimming, wrestling but in basketball, lacrosse, women's volleyball, baseball and softball, pretty sure they rarely or never get at large bids. OK, by expanding they are gambling on changing this, but it is by no mean a certainty, in fact given the strength and money in the power 5's, at large bids for non-majors are more likely to shrink, rather than expand.
  14. Season Ticket holders who sit in front of me said NO T’s handed out this year. Maybe I mis-heard. I will double check with them when I see them tonight. I personally did not attend the feast this year, but was at the game and did not notice anyone carrying around new Ts. Regardless hardly anyone at the growl in December; it would not break the bank to hand out Ts a second time
  15. Giving out Gold Pom-Poms. How lame/cheap is that?? Asking fans to wear GOLD. I used all my gold UA shirts long ago as paint shirts/rags. Wish I saved one, would love to wear it tonight with who knows how many paint stains. Why not give out gold T's at the door instead of pom-poms?? Use to give out T's for purple-growl--DID NOT this year. Even if you wanted to buy your own to support the team, really hardly any notice or advertisement about tonights event. Can we fire Benson, save his salary; hire a clerk and media relation person or two--better bang for the buck. He is USELESS!
  16. What the heck is happening to the AmEast. This is a conference that has had multiple years with TWO teams represented in the NCAA Tournament. That is NO small accomplishment with the ACC locking up 5 at large bids every year [there is no auto-qualifier in the ACC.] That leaves 3-5 [depending on 1,2 or no play-in games] at large positions for the rest of the 8 leagues in the country. So having multiple teams from the same league in any given year is very rare and difficult to do. Now the latest pre-season poll All-American team has only 2 players mentioned (1 third team from VT and 1 VT honorable mention.) In the top 100 incoming freshman poll only 1 AmEast player #82 @ umbc. Has the league rolled over and died?? Has everyone given-up on this league. Isn't this the league that almost had a 16 seed knock off a 1 in basketball and then become the first league to actually do so. Has the latest shake-up beginning with Texas & Oklahoma & now with the CAA, filtered all the way down to the AmEast, in such a way that it has become a non-entity?? This was/is a league that has NCAA Tournament WINS in many sports; including basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey, softball, baseball and more. Also multiple individual NCAA honors in track. Is the AmEast going to roll over and die????? Opinions, Thoughts. {ps pretty sure the CAA. has had an at-large lacrosse entry only one or two times in its history, might even be 0 at larges.}
  17. I agree 100%. But curious, where the he!! do you think Benson is going?? Doubt if anyone would want him and like you say Rodriquez seems to be hands-off on Athletics???
  18. Does AmEast still have the rule: announce move mid season—-OUT of conference tournaments??
  19. Looks like Neely found his 3. Hutch NOT. Good ½ except one long scoring drought.
  20. Still begs the question was UA asked to join fully NOW??
  21. Season just around the corner. As "Five Alive" {old movie} would say "Need INPUT!" Any and all news appreciated Lacrosse fans. Thanks
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