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  1. I know UA isn't Harvard, and many times these kids choose an easy major in community college to boost their grades to qualify for a 4 year D1 school - but I am think that major may point to a Syracuse University student than UA. Is this the same Walker that played for Stony Book? http://www.onebidwonders.com/2014/06/20/ahmad-walker-to-transfer-from-stony-brook/ I seem to remember him being promising. The article I posted seems to state him as a defensive guy that needed work on offense. He averaged 20.6ppg, 7.7rpg, and 5.5 apg in community college so maybe he figured the offensive side out. Would be a nice pickup, but if he has 2 years of eligibility left it looks like he would be a 1 year guy really - get 15 minutes per game next year or so like Baker did this year and possibly start is senior year. Don't know much about Cooper beyond his stats at Kaskaskia, and these 2 links: First a juco link about his athletic ability http://jucoreport.com/dunkage-charles-cooper-kaskaskia-college/ and this youtube video of his 'dunk of the year: : While both players look like nice additions - they are both 6-4 guards. I thought Brown was going to focus on finding big guys? Having so many guards would almost force the team to play a more up tempo run and gun style of play without more bigs. WB seems to be best when he can play the grind style of defense and set plays.
  2. Haven't gone back through the thread, but who is this Chima Moneke guy I see listed on verbal commits? It looks like he has interest from a lot of big schools. Yes an Aussie though so maybe we have a shot?
  3. I get McKinley leaving if Baker is going. I might even guess that leaving was partially because of how bad this winter and Spring were - but those 2 are from Minnesota. Shouldn't phase them, LOL. I wonder if it has a little to do with all the speculation that Brown might leave? Very strange that we would lose guys from a team that looked like a tight knit family, just won 3 straight titles and appeared in the NCAA, and only appears to be stronger next year. Maybe Baker thought he was going to have another year of under 20 mpg, and told McKinley that he wouldn't play much as a freshman? I had high hopes of Baker improving a lot next year and getting up to 25 mpg, then leading the Danes for his Junior and Senior year to their 5th and 6th consecutive titles...
  4. Odunsi had a very good year in Houston this year
  5. Wow that sucks. He was my pick for most increased PT and possible AE POY his Junior and Senior years. I hope it isn't true or is a late April Fools joke. I said it since day 1 - giving enough PT to a lot of the talent on this team this last year was going to be job #1 for WB and we might lose talent to transfer if he doesnt do it well enough
  6. Hate to be that loser that brings up $iena in a Will Brown Thread - but I just read this article over at OBW and the whole thing reminds me a lot of this years UA team. I do not know if we have the talent they had those years, but I think we are close. I have a feeling we will see a Ubiles like progression with Wheeler Baker. I won't venture a guess if our player / coach relationships are anything like what this article discusses - but with the Hooley situation and the way UA played as a team and looked like they were a family - I get that impression. I guess I bring this up because that $iena team fell apart when the "glue" that held them together in Fran left. They have not been able to recover. If these UA players have the relationship with CB that it appears they do - losing him to another school would be a BIG blow. Thats not saying we couldn't get another coach that is as good or better with the rising program - but the odds are certainly against that. Anyway - even though its an article about a team that most of us hate - its still a pretty good read. http://www.onebidwonders.com/2015/03/06/onions-rings-reliving-sienas-maac-three-peat/
  7. Wow. St. Johns, the Big East, and playing most of your games at MSG might prove too much to pass up. While I would miss him at UA, I could hardly fault him for taking on that type of a gig. I guess it might blow my bold prediction of him running UA to 5 straight NCAA appearances then leaving to take Syracuse when Jim Boeheim retires in 2-3 years...
  8. and my price was a little low. Looks like it is a 7 figure investment for the full 3D. Doesn't mean you couldn't forgo 3D and just use some cool projections. I think this idea, while cool, is probably a little far fetched considering other more prominent needs
  9. LOL. Might be a little much but hell why not. My first thought was how expensive that must be, but then i though about it and realized it probably isn't all that expensive to get a projector or 3D projector. For one that can display that size of an image, I would have to imaging that it could be done for under $100,000. The question would then come back to if the ceiling is high enough to project that size image After some research - some college programs use similar stuff: http://www.athleticbusiness.com/stadium-arena/showtime-turning-playing-surfaces-into-3d-video-boards.html
  10. I know it means absolutely nothing - but my wishlist for a renovation would be: External: 1. Renovation of Western Ave entrance to SEFCU. Something to make it match the look and feel of Ford Field - with a ticket booth, concession stands, escalators up to the seat levels 2. Increase in parking closer to arena and stadium - or at least repairs and upgrade of the walking path from Dutch Lot to SEFCU/BFF Internal 1. Redo seating to add a "bowl" feel with seats in the corners and more chairbacks - if not 100% chairbacks. If possible add cub holders (could be an attachment to the backs of the seat in front of you that pop up. Even if this removes 500 seats and brings the capacity to 4,000 instead of 4,500 it would be worth it. 2. New scoreboard with more info and video screen. It is hard to tell from a distance, but if I had to guess - the current scoreboard is something like 6' x 10'. While raising the ceiling would be nice - why not just go wider and do something like 8' x 20' or even wider. If it is all LCD - could easily display whatever they want 3. see external above - concessions, team store, etc I thought my list would be longer, but really thats all I would need to feel the place was a warm and inviting home.
  11. Many new video scoreboards are just very large extra wide screen TV's connected together in a cube shape. No need for the old fashioned style scoreboards. Being a glorified computer monitor - they can put whatever they want on it in any size. Think this: You can make it any size and shape you have room for. I'm thinking extra widescreen instead of taller. Then you don't need to raise the ceiling.
  12. An interview is a sales call... Both the prospective employee and employer are playing both the role of the sales person and the customer at the same time. It's a courtship dance: The employer is trying to vet the employee, and after they decide they want the employee they have to sell their opportunity to the potential employee and hope that they have convinced the person to take the job. The potential employee has to sell themselves to the employer, but at the same time be a buyer and shop the opportunity to see if it meets their requirements. If you think that by taking an interview he is saying he wants the job - your experience must only be with minimum wage entry level jobs. Once you get to mid level and above - it is all about the courtship. Just because you both swipe right on tinder, it doesn't mean you want to get married! He should shop around and do what is best for him, his family, and his future. I think we all want him to stay and continue building this program - but he has to do what he has to do. I hope he decides to stay put - but it is up to him. Also - I am not sure how this works with a state employer - but I do know that at other big schools - a portion of the coaches salary is paid for by the booster's. We do not yet have those in big $$ numbers here - but that is how you get the money to pay a coach a 7 or high 6 figure salary. A strong booster club is probably the next step in building UA into a BCS level program.
  13. Getting the looks, just not knocking them down.
  14. Not a foul... Lmao... What a joke. They tried real hard to give Duke that game. Phantom foul call on UA to put them at the line, jump ball that could've been called a foul, then no call on that play. Rough rough ending. I thought you only saw officiating like the last 30 seconds of that game in the men's tournament when they want to keep the top teams in for TV ratings. Crazy bad ending with 3 blown calls in under a minute. The Ladies represented though. Give them credit. They should be back for #5 of the Great Dane-esty!
  15. Wore a dark purple dress shirt, without a tie, and a UA Gold t-shirt underneath to the office today. CEO gave me a hard time for being a front runner. LOL
  16. So 'Land Down Under' has been stuck in my head all week (my 6 and 9 year old won't stop singing it either.) Not the radio version but the 1980 version: Men At Work - Down Under (original version 1980): https://youtu.be/D2lhmqKLais Today, I thought I would start with something a little more upbeat and share with all of you... https://youtu.be/VFHPgoZlSWY
  17. Looking at Oklahoma this year - it appears they have 3 losses to non-ranked teams: They lost to KSU twice. Both times they put their best defender on Buddy Heild and held him in check - and a sharpshooter put in the dagger with a big 3 at the end of the game to win it. The other loss was to Creighton. Creighton was down 18 at one point after shooting just 24% in the first half but got hot from the field and went on a late 24-4 run to take the lead. Oklahoma missed some free throws and a desperation 3 at the buzzer to fall short. Lesson: Sanders on Heild and give Hooley or Singletary the ball at the end of the game and we have a shot.
  18. I was saying this to some friends last night after reading about the end of that game. Actually, it was really during the celebration at SEFCU after the shot. I remember looking over at their section and seeing the band just stand motionless in complete shock at what had happened. I don't think a single one of their fans moved an inch or said a peep until "Land Down Under" was finished playing. With all the smack talk, I wanted to see them suffer - but when it actually happened I felt sad for them. They will be tough once again next year, but we will be better as well.
  19. Update: March 17th, 2015 RECORD POINTS PREVIOUS 1. Gonzaga (31) 32-2 775 1 West Coast 2. Northern Iowa 30-3 744 2 Missouri Valley 3. Stephen F. Austin 29-4 7114 Southland 4. Wichita State 28-4 686 3 Missouri Valley 5. Murray State 27-5 675 5 Ohio Valley 6. Valparaiso 28-5 619 7 Horizon 7. Wofford 28-6 561 8 Southern 8. BYU 25-9 521 6 West Coast 9. Harvard 22-7 511 11 Ivy League 10. Buffalo 23-9 475 14 Mid-American 11. UC Davis 25-6 437 9 Big West 12. Green Bay 24-8 433 10 Horizon 13. Albany 24-8 396 17 America East 14. Eastern Washington 26-8 341 18 Big Sky 15. Yale 22-10 320 12 Ivy League 16. Iona 26-8 296 13 Metro Atlantic 17. Saint Mary's 21-9 222 15 West Coast 18. Sam Houston State 25-8 210 16 Southland 19. North Florida 23-11 143 19 Atlantic Sun 20. Belmont 22-10 118 23 Ohio Valley 21. Central Michigan 23-8 114 20 Mid-American 22. Nex Mexico State 23-10 106 NR WAC 23. Georgia State 24-9 104 25 Sun Belt 24. UC Irvine 21-12 102 NR Big West 25. Northeastern 23-11 79 NR Colonial OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Sacramento State 73, Eastern Kentucky 42, Illinois State 38, Montana 27, North Carolina Centeral 25, High Point 24, Kent State 24, Charleston Southern 23, Coastal Carolina 22, NJIT 22, North Dakota State 21, South Dakota State 19, Texas Southern 16, Bolwing Green 12, Florida Gulf Coast 12, Lafayette 12, USC Upstate 12, Georgia Southern 9, Stony Brook 8, Texas A&M Corpus Christi 8, Saint Francis Brooklyn 5, Toledo 5, Manhattan 4, UL Monroe 4, William & Mary 4, Bucknell 1, Dartmouth 1, Robert Morris 1, UL-Lafayette 1
  20. http://ouhoops.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34712 Part of me wants to register and correct them on the guard play with Singletary getting 1st team and being able to shoot and Hooley only getting second team and not first because of the games he missed, while mentioning that the game they saw was not typical from a shooting perspective, but I think it would be better for them to be surprised.
  21. With the current run we are on and what looks like at least 2 more real strong years to go, he could hold out to take over for Syracuse since Beheim is retiring in a few according to today's news...
  22. While losing Sam is going to hurt, I firmly believe that this team will be better next year. The AE as whole improves, but I would not be shocked with #4 in a row, and would be surprised if we aren't the preseason pick. Unless they wow him with HUGE money, one would have to think that he would have a better offer at a better program after next season instead of this one.
  23. and they also wrote this... As the husband of someone fighting breast cancer (and after 1 year - a survivor) I could see someone getting upset at this error. (although I am not one of them - obviously not a PC guy) "Junior guard Peter Hooley hit the game-winning three-pointer with 1.6 second remaining in the America East tournament final last Saturday just weeks after losing his mother to breast cancer. "
  24. incredible. Being at the game I felt my own emotions, but it makes goose bumps pop out everytime I see a new video or hear a new call. Gotta love technology as we will get to relive it over and over again.
  25. I believe all games can be streamed via the cbssports app on your phone
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