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  1. I always like to share this story to people who say that spending money on Athletics is a waste of money, and that money should be spent on grants for students and to pay the professors more, etc... In 2005 I had some issues at my job and I ended up quitting and going on unemployment for a short period. I wasn't fired, but I really couldn't stay due to certain differences. When submitting resumes and doing phone interviews with people from around the country, I found close to no value in the name of my college alma mater. No one (outside of NY) knew WTF "SUNNY Albany" was. I ended up taking a sales job and did very well for about a year. The following year I decided to put my resume back on-line to see if I could translate my success into a better opportunity. It was 2006 and UA had just finished pulling off an almost upset in the first round of the NCAA tournament. They were almost the first #16 seed to beat a #1 seed and scared the crap out of #1 UCONN and was winning by double figures late in the second half. It was a big deal and even though UA lost - it's name was out there. I did plenty of interviews, but this time - just one year later - people from all over the country knew what The University at Albany was. Recruiters from California, Florida, Ohio, and even one from Seattle Washington brought up that basketball game with me during phone interviews. My degree instantly changed from a BS from some unknown school to one from an institution that people recognized. I ended up taking a regional sales manager position - managing 55 reps in 13 states across the northeast - from a company and recruiter out of Texas that also asked me about UAlbany basketball during my interview. Lesson learned: Your college education is worth the same no matter where you go - unless you went to a school that potential job interviewers recognize. I doubt that Syracuse University is a better school than UA - but I bet more interviewers recognize the school when looking at resume's. People like this Ariella Phillipo probably majored in english, communications, sanskrit, or some other stupid major that at best will get you a $30k/yr job at a newspaper or some other dying industry and is now regretting their decision to go to UAlbany because they do not have a job - so they blame the university for not doing more to help her instead of utilizing what strong name recognition can do for a career.
  2. WB will have the same problem I knew he would have last year - giving enough minutes to everyone to keep them happy.
  3. Looks like verbal commits finally updated the roster now that players are actually enrolled in school. No real new information other than confirmation of a few things most people thought but that I do not think were official... http://www.verbalcommits.com/schools/albany Point Guard Reese Williams (Sr.) Evan Singletary (Sr.) David Nichols (Fr.) Shooting Guard RaAnthony Sanders (Sr.) Peter Hooley (Sr.) Jamir Andrews (Ju.) Joe Cremo (Fr.) Small Forward Dallas Ennema (Ju.) Power Forward Mike Rowley (Ju.) Travis Charles (Ju.) Chas Brown (Ju.) Greg Stire (So.) Center Richard Peters (Ju.) Kyle McKinley (Fr.) 13 Scholarships, 1 Walk-on 4 Sr. (3 Scholarship) 6 Junior 1 Sophomore 3 Freshman Honestly - to me this looks like the best team we have had since 05-06 and it could be much better than that team was. Returning 3 all-conference players, I am betting on a huge improvement from Peters, Stire, and Rowley. 3 quality freshman including Cremo. 3 new JUCO transfers that look solid. Going to be scary good IMHO. Only real new information is that I guess it is official that Tre Green is gone. I think everyone assumed that would be the case, but I do not remember seeing anything official on it until now.
  4. It's a no win situation for UA IMO. Win and it means nothing. God forbid UA loses and it would kill seeding. Hopefully it is just used as a chance to give the bench some PT.
  5. After only making it to a handful of games each season over the last years - Got my first season tix this morning! I am amazed by how many of the best seats are already gone.
  6. According to Verbal Commits - the roster is now: Senior: (3 Scholarships, 1 Walk-On) Singletary Hooley Sanders Wiiliams Junior: (7 Scholarships - 4 Return, 3 Verbal) Green Rowley Peters Ennema Chas Brown (Verbal) Jamir Andrews (Verbal) Travis Charles (Verbal) Sophomore: (1 Scholarship) Stire Freshman: (3 Scholarships - 1 Signed, 2 Verbal) Cremo (Signed) David Nichols (Verbal) Kyle McKinley (Verbal) So by my count, that is 14 Scholarships and a walk-on. I could have sworn we were already at 14 before this signing. Who I am missing? Who besides Robinson left? Kind of having a brain fart. I am liking this team and it's future though!
  7. Think Will can convince this kid? Might be recruiting class of 2018... https://youtu.be/EiomWHNfPBE
  8. If it is a stepping stone that some of you think we need then it should look like this: TUC (Nuetral Site) / TUC (Nuetral Site) / TUC (Nuetral Site) This way the revenue is 100% split and the most amount of fans make it to the game. No more Siena Season pass holders getting the best seats simply because they support a crappy program.
  9. After so many years in a row - this 3 year contract looks like this: SEFCU / TUC / SEFCU (theres your 2-1) Or at a minimum - SEFCU / TUC / TUC Nuetral Site (not in Siena ticket package) Anything less than that is a walk. F $iena. They are not needed on the schedule. I would rather have a loss to a real team than a win to Siena
  10. Anyone know when the rest of the non-conference schedule will be released? I would love to try and make it to a non-conference road game this year, and I have some vacation time to use or lose. Would love to plan a road-trip somewhere for a fun trip with the kids or some friends depending on the dates. That said, I have to start planning my time off schedule for the fall/winter very soon. Some notice would nice.
  11. He has a TON of offers. Guess he would be a great get based on this: http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/travis-atson Offers from: DePaul Vermont Hofstra Richmond Duqusene Texas-Arlington Fairfield UC Santa Barbara Sacred Heart Towson St. Bonaventure Quinnipiac Iona Binghampton Interest from Holy Cross Colgate TCU
  12. Lol I meant Charles not Cooper. Cooper went to another school. Forget which. Green bay maybe?
  13. SUNY as a whole has pushed the whole 2 year school for less money than transfer to one of the 4 year schools for your last 2 years. That is the bread and butter of the community colleges. The problem I see with all the JUCO players is that most of them are athletes first and couldn't get into a 4 year school out of high school because of academics. If we want to grow the program to a bigger conference and get more national recognition we will probably have to get used to a lower quality student - not to take anything away from our kids, as Will Brown has seemed to do a great job (with a few exceptions) of finding high character student athletes - but that is the reputation of JUCO players in general. Looking into my crystal ball and at the roster as it stands today, I see the following: Starters: Hooley, Singletary, Sanders, Peters, Rowley Bench players with Significant minutes: G: Ennema, Green (he deserved more last year), Robinson F/C: Stire, Brown, Mckinley (probably promised a strong opp to play to recommit) That is 11 deep of people who will play a lot and leaves out Cremo and Cooper. Both deserve to play. I am guessing Brown tries to red shirt Cremo to have 4 years of him after he loses Hooley, Sanders, and Singletary. Cooper might see the floor, but from what I have read - he seems like a guy that will need the 1 year transition period from JUCO to D1, while Chas Brown has the size and athleticism, to jump in quickly. Maybe I am wrong, but this looks like trouble for Coach Brown in keeping everyone happy.
  14. Looks like another hard year of Will Brown trying to get everyone the playing time they deserve. I know it's a good problem to have, but the roster looks stacked from Sr. to Fr.
  15. So who is paying their own way next year? Cremo? By my count UA is (-1) scholarship if they are allowed to have 12, and I see 14 players. Sr Peter Hooley (1) Evan Singletary (2) Ray Sanders (3) Reese Williams (walk-on) Jr Richard Peters (4) Tre Green (5) Dallas Ennema (6) Mike Rowley (7) DaShawn Robinson (8) Chas Brown (9) Travis Charles (10) So Greg Stire (11) Fr Joe Cremo (12) Kyle McKinley (13) So either I am wrong and UA can have more than 12, someone will pay their own way, someone else is leaving, or I am missing something. EDIT: I must be the one who is wrong. I see now that it looks like 13 are able to be given according to http://www.scholarshipstats.com/ncaalimits.html Dont know why I always thought it was 12.
  16. He could sit out entirely (not play at a JUCO) and come back and have 3 years remaining right? LOL.
  17. Looks like he was very foul prone, leading to the games where he had lower stat/minute totals - unless I am having a brain fart and pf means something other than personal fouls. I could be misreading something as one game he had 6 - technical on foul out? I was focusing more on the Mins per game, relative to fouls. Think that's a better indicator, but certainly if in foul trouble, hurts ability to go get boards Look at most of the games with low minutes played and look at the fouls. He appeared to foul out in 10-12 minutes a few times. Hopefully that is a function of being bigger than everyone else and not over aggressive play.
  18. Looks like he was very foul prone, leading to the games where he had lower stat/minute totals - unless I am having a brain fart and pf means something other than personal fouls. I could be misreading something as one game he had 6 - technical on foul out?
  19. Washington is significantly closer to his home as well...
  20. UA should go after this guy. He is transferring and eligible to play immediately as a grad student http://sports.espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/56783/mike-thorne-jr
  21. Verbal Commits cites ESPN's Jeff Goodman as the source though. So while it may be true, the verbal commits page adds no clarification
  22. Hurley Officially hired by Arizona now
  23. Another interesting tidbit I noticed on verbalcommits... Cooper has a scholarship offer from Arkansas-Little Rock. Ray Sanders chose Albany over the same school last year. It looks like we may have interest from Elijah Davis, a 6-4 SF from the Bronx.
  24. Walker has 2 years left I believe. For Cooper - the video says he is class of 2017 - so I would guess he has 2 years remaining? http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/charles-cooper Also on http://www.verbalcommits.com/schools/albanyCooper isn't showing yet, but it shows UA has interest from Randall Clarkson a 5-9 guard, and Kyle Benton a 6-7 SF
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