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  1. Nope . We aren't coaches either but I can still spot a bad one!
  2. Just watched Bryant. They are going to KILL US (Figuratively not literally.....lol). They are so well coached. Excellent players. A program on the rise.
  3. I know this is cliche but kids can join the Army at 18. Drink at 21. Garbage is not a terrible word at all . I turned 22 and got a job of authority. I have been called wayyyyy worse than garbage. Truth is there is no "talent" on this team. Now have the freshman (now sophomores) improved .....yes, but they were so bad last year, outside of Neely, there was no way to go but up. We are a bad bad team, however I can see them improve in conference, mostly because there are some bad AE teams. Hoping for a .500 record.
  4. So believe it or not.... the sets of the last handful of games have been good. It's a complete lack of talent. That's alarming for me because we hired a "recruiter".
  5. So disappointed with this team . They are so boring. I was such a supporter of Killings when he was hired. Boy was I wrong. Thought he was a recruiter (nope). Thought he would bring the team together with positive energy (nope, just physically pushes kids). Bensons record of hiring is atrocious. So disappointing.
  6. Two technical fouls says it all. These kids are undisciplined punks. Embarrassed to be a UA Alumni.
  7. This is pathetic. Does anyone know if President Rodriguez actually reads emails ?
  8. A teammate of mine tore is ACL. It was 6 and a half months before he was able to practice. 9 months seems about average, and I would be surprised if he was not practicing to some extent after 9 months.
  9. Likely settled..... we have all seen companies, teams, ect make decisions. Then based on public opinion reverse those decisions. Winning makes that harder. We will see. Maybe if "something new" comes out in those depositions it will allow the President to reverse course.
  10. The sad thing to all of this is : if they win this will be swept under the rug (See Vermont). If they lose then I believe they all go down. This is the first I heard that it "drew blood" however not a freshman left the program and he continues to recruit. Either way not a good look for the program.
  11. This 2nd half is about intensity. They are going to come out and try to establish the ball down low. Need to make adjustments to the adjustments.
  12. Very lucky to only be down a few. Siena has not taken a bad shot. Can't say the same about us. No idea of this teams offensive or defensive identity.
  13. It's my understanding he has another year if he wants it.
  14. Everything I wanted to see in the 2nd half I saw. Great 2nd half . Plain and simple.
  15. Ketner killed us there. Constantly out of position. Killed us. Can't play him right now. Just can't.
  16. I want to see them play better defense in the 2nd half. Also cut down on the turnovers and bad shots. That's what I'll be looking for in the 2nd half.
  17. Caoches cant put the ball in the basket. That being said our sets are terrible. Our defense is terrible. Those things can be coached . Very poor. This is a mid major team . Not Kansas.
  18. Towson has 6 layups and a wide open 3. The sets they run are awesome. Our sets look like pick up ball.
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