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  1. Marked improvement. Top 4 in the league. Unless we start all freshman and sophomore (then I want to be in every game) . I don't want to hear the excuse- we are getting better . After this year. Excuses are like ___holes everyone has one. You fill in the blank. Think Browns good years. I'm hoping like everyone after that Killings can take us to another level.
  2. My two cents are: We are bad. I did not expect us to be this bad. However, Killings was hired only a short time ago . No real time to recruit last year. We have 1 good recruit but I expect more. He did not have time to recruit last year but I'm hoping that changes this time around. I am willing to give me a full pass this year (I don't like it) however next year will be a full year in his system with his own guys. No more excuses after that .
  3. But but but. They play good defense . And they play very hard . That means they play for the coach. So he just needs to recruit players who can score.
  4. So it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out : -they can't beat you off the dribble -they can't post you up -they can't shoot from the outside -they can't hit a free throw so I don't see that magically changing .
  5. I hope I'm not right either !!!! Lol. But unfortunately I am. This teams margin of error is so small . I will watch every game but I have general college basketball friends watch these games and they all say this team is boring and unwatchable. Completely objectively they are right.
  6. They play good defense . They try hard . They are going to need to win ugly this year. Good start. Playing hard.
  7. Not trying to be mean but no . They don't have the guys who can put the ball in the basket . They average 60 points a game. Bad. Very very bad shooting team
  8. I truly hope they all go . They deserve better. Let coach go 0-12 so there is no chance this moron AD will extend him .
  9. Not one person complained they won . Not 1. I'm glad they won. People are stating the team did not play well against another terrible team. Some people are ok with being below average. Or mediocre. It's tough to argue with facts. Some people where predicting 20 plus wins. Hopefully they improve and the underclassmen improve and take a step. Again glad they won.
  10. I would say Drumgoole and Amica. I love Albany atheltics but I would say our best 2 players have been seniors and will not be coming back next year.
  11. Glad we won . We are terrible. There is no way anyone I'm their right mind would say we aren't. We MAY be missing 2 starters but I will say this : Horton- regressed Doles- regressed Champion- regressed There is not arguing that. They were all here last year. We are 20 percent through the season. Really really really need to recruit.
  12. I mean in general . Not just today . We are a terrible team . I understand we have a new coach but the team has major flaws. They are not improving . They are not getting better. Proof is in the numbers.
  13. We are awful. And I don't want to hear anyone say otherwise. Regardless of the outcome of this game we are in the bottom 30 maybe worse in college basketball.
  14. The game does not appear to be on TV. Too bad. I guess we will either listen or go to the box score to see how they played.
  15. Facts are facts. As a famous NFL coach once said. You are as good as your record is. New coach, New team , we all get that. But offense is a major problem.
  16. They play hard. There is zero doubt about that. They just are not talented enough . And that's ok for the first year. I like the defense . I like the switching . But if I said it one time I'll say it 1000. Nobody can shoot. Nobody has ever won a basketball game not putting the ball in the basket.
  17. We don't have the guys that can put the ball in the hoop. That won't change all year. He needs to recruit guys who can.
  18. Amica has not played at all . Not the in exhibition or any of the games. Killings continues to say he is day to day. There is NO WAY he is day to day. Amica is obviously hurt . Maybe really hurt. It has been weeks and he is not on the floor.
  19. So here is my honest assessment. They play hard. However. We have 1 guy who can consistently hit the open jumper. And we basically have no one who can consistently beat anyone off the dribble. We won't win many games like this . It needs to change.
  20. Basketball is now about shooters. We have maybe 1. Through 3.5 games that is our number 1 problem. We need to recruit men who can shoot from the outside.
  21. I'm trying to figure out what we are doing offensively still . Haha.
  22. Hutcheson has been absolutely terrific. Really active. After a terrible year last year he has played very very well.
  23. From Twitter: Dwayne Killings said today that Drumgoole will have a knee surgery that will keep him out through the rest of the non-conference season
  24. I would have no problem providing proof of vaccine nor would I have a problem not doing so. My opinion is that I support doing whatever the university asks or enforces. If someone has an issue with the way UA enforces something then stay home. Very easy. Your choice.
  25. Better 8 minutes. On defense they started to full switch instead of hedge the ball. (Still not doing it that well). Offense appears to be more fluid. Just want them to continue this for the 2nd half.
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