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  1. Completely agree with the above. The reason the 1st game was so disappointing is because they did nothing well. Poor offensively. Poor defensively. Poor rebounding. Poor ball movement. Poor decision making. They don't need to win today, but I want to see improvement.
  2. Not even close sir. They played the number 23 team in the country away from home. We played a team picked 8th in the caa at home. We were a 1.5 point favorite. They were a 19.5 point underdog. Llc kicked our ass tonight.
  3. I hope so. This team was not prepared to play today. Plain and simple. They did nothing well. Not 1 thing.
  4. Not expect big crowds anymore either. Beg people to come to get blown out against a 4-14 year last year.
  5. Let's just say it guys . This is uninspiring basketball . No effort. No energy. There is no excuse for that. Can't box out. Bad.
  6. I truly hope we have a very good crowd tonight. Coach has done his absolute best to get the community and the students involved. It said in the times union there are only around 350 season ticket holders. That is pathetic. This administration gets worse and worse each year. If they come tonight, it's his job to put on a show. I guess we will know in a few hours.
  7. So I live in the captial district and side with Eli 100 percent. I have spoken to both multiple times at length. (Last time for Killings was at the trick or treat for the kids). Both or extremely well spoken and very family oriented. Killings however seems like he relates to the college kids a lot better. Really seems to understand the social media game. However he is 0-0 as a head coach and Brown won 5 titles. I'm extremely excited about the season and look forward to seeing what's ahead. I think we got to the ceiling with Brown and I think Killings ceiling may be higher. Only time will tell.
  8. I'm very torn. I don't want this team to win a couple of games late in the schedule and have them say we turned things around. On the other hand I don't want guys to go winless , especially the seniors . It's a catch 22.
  9. I was there for most of it. Started out slow. But ended up playing pretty well. Different style of basketball . It's faster but sometimes they are out of control. Neely is going to be a star. Hutcheson hit more 3's in this game then he did all last season. I just don't see a ton of playing time for him if this team is any good. I am hoping for a good year. But .500 would be acceptable. We MAY start out a little slow on the year but hopefully come around during conference play . This is probably the deepest, on paper, America East Conference we have seen in a long time.
  10. A couple of "secret" scrimmage dates: 10/23 at Saint Joseph’s; 10/30 vs. Canisius
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-rankings-countdown-of-every-team-begins-with-nos-358-201-for-the-2021-22-season/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Cbs released their rankings. 268. UAlbany: The Great Danes enter as a bottom-four team in the America East, but it could well be the last time that ever happens under first-year coach Dwayne Killings, who knows the area well and hired a strong staff
  12. Absolutely huge. It's almost impossible to get 6'9 guys in this league with the skill he has. Killings keeps saying he is building something special. I believe him .
  13. While I understand the above post I would mildly disagree. These are either amatuer (kids) or adults that want to be paid for their image and likeness. Can't have it both ways. At 18 you are an adult, and should be treated as such. If you "suck" , then you should be told that. Now I'm not advocating threats or things of that nature but if an "adult" does not live up to expectations I do believe a person should have the right to state as such.
  14. An absolute joke. Coach should be fired at half time. Not an over reaction . A joke . Dropped my season tickets and won't return until he is fired.
  15. Not going to create another thread for this but found it very interesting. I had no idea how small Albanys basketball budget was . Around 1.8 million . Hartfords budget was around 2.3 million (and they are going D3). Very disconcerting. I understand we are a state school but if we don't get the money for resources we will never be any good. The link for this information is: https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/college-basketball-budgets-2020
  16. He will get cheered. Played very well for us last year and was a model student. Look forward to the season.
  17. Don't normally post articles but this is very interesting. Local reporter reaching out to uncommitted recruits. Hopefully this guy can coach because he looks like he can recruit. https://dailygazette.com/2021/08/19/recruiting-takes-shape-for-ualbany-mens-basketball-program/
  18. I have not. Was going to wait until I get an email or something. Disaster.
  19. Not going to start a new thread for this however Justin Neeley is going to be a star. I have been fortunate to see him play a little bit this summer. Wow. Very gifted. Works really hard. Not sure he will stay 4 years . But enjoy him while we can.
  20. https://twitter.com/CapEliteAgency/status/1417815985235578881?s=20 On several Twitter accounts. Quick search found this tweet.
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