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  1. https://twitter.com/CapEliteAgency/status/1417815985235578881?s=20 On several Twitter accounts. Quick search found this tweet.
  2. I know nothing about this. No details, ect. However, the UA President appears to be very sharp and a supporter of UA Athletics. If this is the case and I were he, I would be furious. There is no excuse for this . Hopefully there is more to the story, hopefully.
  3. Yes, they are typically money games. I'm not sure how much but I would love to see 1 or 2 more.
  4. As someone who had his doubts, I think Coach Killings has done an outstanding job. If fact I can't think of anything he can improve on YET. Haha. He has engaged the community, recruited well, social media has exploded. I am impressed and look forward to the season.
  5. Looks like the game will continue. Hopefully we did not fold to them. www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Siena-UAlbany-men-s-basketball-rivalry-looking-16242682.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight#photo-20526953
  6. It was pretty good. Justin Neely attended the zoom call from the gym. That guy appears to be a gym rat. He is going to be very very good. Hopefully he stays a while but I have a feeling he will be terrific.
  7. For those who did not know both Doles and Hutcheson are returning. Good news as both have played the 4 before.
  8. Probably no shot. But I like the offer. Would be interesting if he could ever get a couple guys like this to commit together. Will never happen but I do like the work put in right now to at least get our name out there .
  9. I keep seeing people post that Kellon Taylor is returning? (I saw it here and other sites) I dont see that anywhere. Does anyone know that for sure? Or is that just a guess.
  10. Hahaha.... it's a good start... We can get these guys. (Even though some say we cant.) Coach seems to be a personality that relates to these kids. They get excited for the chance to play for him. I truly believe we can up our recruiting and level of play under Coach DK.
  11. Nice addition.... really like it.
  12. Temple grad transfer Dre Perry tells me that he has committed to Albany. Should be a big factor in the America East. -Jon Rothstein
  13. I agree he is a solid player. But not the favorite. He will be a solid starter and a good player in our conference. No real guessing about that. I think DK can and will get these guys. (Fully understand 3 weeks) I was just simply saying these are guys we should shoot for. Good pick up for a program that seems to be on the way up again.
  14. Stony Brook has landed FDU transfer Jahlil Jenkins - who averaged 16.8 points per game this past season. Huge pickup for Geno Ford & The Brook. -Jeff Goodman For those wondering these are the type recruits I would like to see us get. I understand Stony Brook has some advantages but not that that much more. DK as a recruiter should be able to bring in these type of guys (I hope).
  15. It was nice . Nothing crazy stated. I asked a question about how to get more fans in the building. Coaches response was that he and his staff are going to try very hard to do that. Engage students and people in the community. They have several ideas. He also addressed the siena game and it sounds like he knew they needed to come here as well. Nothing else really stood out. Very well spoken and engaging. Look forward to the season.
  16. If this was posted I apologize. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hoop-heads/id1384802639?i=1000515760637 It's a podcast where they are going to follow Coach Killings and Albany the entire year. It was an interesting listen. I'll tell you one thing this guy can talk. Very well spoken . Will see what happens.
  17. Congrats.... I'm terrible as well at this stuff. Have not played a paid bracket in 10 years.
  18. As I stated several time before .... in fact stated it was a great hire the second it happened.... I believe Killings is the right coach for the job. I'm simply stating I hope he can recruit as he has been built up to be. Of course time will tell.
  19. Completely agree . But be careful you get slammed for saying stuff like the above. I never felt Brown was a recruiter. A good coach....yes but never a recruiter.
  20. 100 correct . Everything you said there. I would more think like a single digit scorer that's a freshman or sophomore (as a transfer) at a high conference. A double digit scorer would likely go elsewhere. Do you want a power 5 transfer that plays 2 min a game? yes over a senior that averages 5 a game in the Patriot. Yes . For the most part . But there are exceptions.
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