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Vermont Game Comments

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Wow, what an atmosphere. I cant believe they blew the 13 pt lead. My thoughts:


Vermont is a NCAA team. They pass the ball like crazy, and thats what killed Albany tonight. They passed it so quick that it threw our guys off, and left men wide open.


T.J. Sorrentine is a monster from 3 pt range. I cant wait to see the final stats for him.


Zo played the game of his life tonight. He was pushing and banging as much as he could. He had Coppenwrath for a good 3/4 of the game tonight.


Vermont got alot of "respect calls"...meaning that since they are that give, the refs gave them the benefit and let them play. Alot of missed fouls and bad calls against us.


I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE WATCHES THE SEASON NEXT WEEK...ITS GONNA BE ALOT OF FUN WITH US RACC ROWDIES ON IT. Frosh Kyle Cieplicki was our target near the end of the game, and ESPN and him were buying every second of it.


Someone at the end of the game told Brennan something about the Mike and the Mad Dog show a few weeks back, and Brennan laughed it up.


It was a hostile environment tonight that UA just couldnt use. Vermont is a unbelievable team. I was hoping for an upset, but if we lost, i was thinking we were gonna lose big. They played their hearts out, and to me, thats all i can thank them for. This would have been a 40 pt victory last year for them.




p.s. - ran over to Coach Brennan and wished him luck, then said congrads to Sorrentine and gave him a Dane Ball shirt that i caught. I have no need for it, so i figure i be nice.



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Listened on the internet feed. Sounded like a great game and a loud crowd. Haven't seen the stats yet, but I think there were some very good things that came out of tonight's game:


1. Jordan shot extremely well - like he did in non-conference play this year.

2. Zoellner played well - a couple of early baskets. I'm sure this will help his confidence.

3. Levi - Over 1000 points and he made some good shots tonight.

4. Jamar - didn't sound like he scored much but worked hard especially in the second half to try to slow down Sorrentine.


Hate to lose any game, but there were definitely some positives.

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I'll just throw in a few negatives--

1. Both our mens and womens teams do not put enough pressure on the three's

They just don't anticipate or react to ball movement. Note how hard our teams work for threes. (exception--we worked hard on Sorrentine at end of game)

2. I thought student turnout was poor--maybe 500 with 3000+ adults.

3. Zollner played well against Big T but has trouble moving against the zone and gets

frustrated against the zones double teams

Those comments aside, it was an enjoyable game, the Rowdies had fun and add to the atmosphere and the rotation of players left us fresh and they were tired at the 6 minute mark but media time-outs and mutiple team time-outs gave them life.

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I have to admit I cringed when the Rowdies started chanting "Overrated" early on the second half. No way Vermont was folding up the tents at halftime. I did talk to someone who sat behind the Vermont bench who was impressed with the Rowdies and their "Oscar." I suspect you guys were yelling alot of things in UVMs direction that we couldn't hear.


If you told me before the game that

-Coppenrath would "only" have 19 pts

-Albany had 3 guys in double figures

-Zoellner had 9 pts

-Albany shot over 50% from 3

I probably would have said we won the game.


Really saw tonight why Vermont is the #1 team as they took our best shot and still won. I really never thought Sorrentine was as good as he was made out to be but he was fantastic. I knew he was a good shooter but he also muscled Jamar to the hoop off the dribble several times.


Both games this year Vermont has forced Albany to 20+ plus turnovers. I didn't really understand the trouble with the press last night. With Lou and Jamar on the floor we should be asking teams to press and instead turned it over several times in a row.

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We were jinxed when the flag guy's pole broke in half waving it at halftime!!!!!


My thoughts:

1) Too many careless turnovers in the last 10 minutes and we missed some open shots in the last five minutes.

2) For the first time this season, Jamar met his match in Sorrentine. Jamar must have been fatigued because he couldn't stay with him. I hate to say this, but Sorrentine's performance might have elevated him to first-team all-conference selection over Jamar.

3) RACC Rowdies were excellent. They were very supportive especially when a majority of the arena become silent during stretches of the second half. They really look like they are having fun out there. I taped the BPG and Vermont game on TW-3. You could easily put together a highlight tape of the Rowdies. This could help recruit more members for next season.


We need to win 2 of our remaining 3 games to keep momentum going. The Northeastern road game will be extremely tough. I think they are a darkhorse to win the AE Tourney.


If anything, this Vermont loss motivates our guys and proves to them that our "A" game beats anyone in our conference.

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There were 3 plays that down the stretch stick in my head as very costly.


1. On one break B. Wilson stepped out of bounds (just tough luck)

2. Another break B. Lillis looses it out of bounds. Other side of the court but looked like a fair amount of body involved.

3. Last was L. Jordan on a 2 on 2 break becoming hesitant and turning it over. I think we were down by 6 at the time anyway but though being hesitant was the worst thing to do. Pull up for three, pull up in the lane, or go hard. Go hard my preference as he is a great finisher.


Other random thoughts.


Sorrentine was great. In defense of Jamars defense he was getting crushed and seemed fatigued by the end. Maybe 3-4 minutes of C. Johnson could have helped but its so tough because he offers so little offensively.


Atmosphere was great. Although there could be more students, the ones there are loud and involved, and appear to be gaining in numbers.


Zoellner played Coppenrath well but after Wyatts performance last game I though he might see a couple of more minutes. Did Brown sit him due to the "tough" foul on Coppenrath?


I had two Siena fans (season ticket holders) with me and they loved the game. One has already asked when the next game is.

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im not defending the student turnout...however, i can tell you that the Siena Monologs were being show last night and tonight, and they were all sold hot and were advertised very welll on campus to the students. That could be one explanation.

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p.s. - ran over to Coach Brennan and wished him luck,



Why did you do this? You mocked this guy and his team the whole game and then suddenly you are his friend? Opposing coaches should get no respect at the RACC. You are a Rowdie not a Repenter.



BTW - 500 Students? Very pathetic. Any guy who attend the Siena Monologues over the hoops game should sign up for vasectomies today.

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