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As someone who is pretty supersticious, I was hoping this would be just like last year when we lost the Spring Stomp night game to lose the home field advantage, then had the best player on the team that beat us get named AE Player of the Year, only to get revenge in the Championship game.


But, I'm a little afraid to remember three years ago when we got to host the Championship when Stony Brook as the 4 seed won their semi; then came here and beat us on our home field and danced on the big "A" at the center of the field.

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we at WCDB were thinking of an idea. We are thinking that maybe either before or after the game on saturday, we would play the theme song to scoobie doo on the air...since people like to mock us with it or something...i think it be a good way to show them something...hahaha

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While Thomson is the nation's top scorer, he wasn't even named America East Conference Player of the Year last week. That honor went to UMBC attackman Brendan Mundorf, who had 29 goals, or 20 fewer than Thomson.


Thomson said he and attackman Luke Daquino deserved consideration.


Mundorf ranks second in America East with 29 goals in 14 games (2.07 per game). He added 26 assists and ranks third in the conference with 55 points (3.93 per game). Mundorf and his Retriever teammates earned a share of the America East regular-season title and enter the conference championship as the No. 1 seed with a 7-7 overall mark.



Thomson, the 2004 America East Rookie of the year, has had a very solid sophomore campaign. He ranks first in the America East in goals (47) and points (66) in 13 games (5.08 per game), and his points-per-game average is tied for the best in the country.


What's up with this. How could Thomson not be player of the year? Is there some UA backlash going on. This is crap, someone needs to talk with the other AE coaches and find out what games they have been watching.

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Great game today. Jumped back and forth between LAX and Softball. LAX wins title and NCAA bid and softball clinches reg. season and 1 seed in playoffs. I heard Boston U. hasn't lost a softball game since they lost to us in April.

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How's this for our depth. In the two tournament games Chris Martocchia had 8 goals ans 1 assist and Frank Resitarits had 2 goals and 7 assists, but neither made the all-tournament team because 5 other Albany players did.


There were so many highlights today, it's hard to single any out; but one of my favorites was killing off the 2 man down situation. Kevin Rae was spectacular and was the obvious choice for the tourney MVP. It's really going to be wierd next year to see someone else in the net.


Lastly, I got to my car just before the WCDB guys played the Scooby Doo song and had a good laugh. Thanks guys and congrats to those of you graduating next weekend. With all the gains made in Albany Athletics in your 4 years here, WCDB has made corresponding progress in covering our athletes and you guys graduating are for the most part responsible. Don't be strangers.

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What i liked was President Hall was on the field after the game, and gave them a great speech congradulating them. That was awesome. Lets just say he was THRILLED they beat SB. It was awesome.


i can tell you after the game we had about a 10 min convo with Coach Marr...myseff and Charles told him we would be back next year, and since they got the new field coming in, that we plan on doing all home games next year, and then maybe 1-2 away games if we can (ala Syracuse if we play them or something like that)...


We said that it seemed the hook-up for us on th enew field would be there for us, which we keep hearing, so we arent worried. He told us that he hopes that todays game will get the donors out and give a little more money into the project. Apparently they only plan on putting in the field and a few stands. The big press box etc is for later. But we told him not to worry, because we would be there to broadcast the games.


I can tell you me and Charles will do our best.


Ill be either play by play or color man for the Womens team next year...looks like play by play...

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