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New Stadiums


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Hey guys,


I didnt get a chance to see the spring newsletter, however one thing I noticed on the Sports Master plan was what first seemed like a track/soccer facility. Now I noticed that it looks like soccer will have (hopefully) there own field and it will be an A-frame set up (just like the new stadium) with baseball.


Anyone else see that or am I going crazy?


Also, what is that wierd looking field to the right of the RACC, next to the proposed soccer stadium?


Finally, the new student rec center I can see, over to the left of Dutch...however there is a new building proposed, north of the field hockey/softball stadium. What is that? At first glance it would seem like a new air structure, but I thought that was supposed to be part of the new Rec Center.


Also...when is the ground breaking occuring this week for the new stadiums?

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It was my understanding the soccer field isn't moving far, that might be another A-frame grandstand between soccer (7) and baseball (9). Could be a practice field inside the running track.


The wierd-looking thing may just be an open field with walking paths from the main parking lot (white) and lax and baseball fields to a side entrance to the RACC. When the football stadium is built you'd have a chance to change the pedestrian flow to the RACC anyway.


No idea what the structure is between Indian Quad and the FH complex.


On the bus on the way back from the Syracuse lax game I was wondering aloud when the FH/Lax stadium would break ground, and a woman across the aisle said 'May 18th' with matter-of-fact authority. I figured it made sense that they were waiting until after commencement.

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well us at cdb talked with Marr after the championship game vs SB, he said what others said, that they were planning on putting the field down with some stands, no press box etc...But he said that he hoped the 3 straigh titles etc...would be something to get donors out to help get the press box in.


what i would like to see done is them put flag powels in at these stadiums with championship banners or flags on them. same for softball, football etc...

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John Fallon Field will be its new name. $250,000 stadium known as Phase 1. Will be done by September 1st of this year. Recommend you look at the photos, great pic of President Hall in bulldozer ripping grass up with a UAlbany Helmet on.

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GreatDanes84 - I hope you will accept the following as a constructive suggestion. You should watch, listen to and tape as many of this and next weekend's NCAA lacrosse games to get a feel for how experienced lacrosse broadcasters present the game, the phraseology they use; what factors are important to describe to the audience, etc.


While the Virginia game was hard to listen to from my very partisan perspective; their announcers seemed to present the game in a more sophisticated (lacrosse wise) manner than I have ever heard before. Of course, I'm not sure that I've ever listened to more than a few minutes of a lacrosse radio broadcast before.


A second suggestion is to watch the TimeWarner Syracuse lacrosse weekly shows to gain a better perspective on interviewing the coach.

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I noticed the artist's rendition on the website doesn't look like the one in the master plan. I hope they eventually finish the stadiums as they were originally planned.

Agreed, however I like this stadium set up for the lax/field hockey stadiums much better.

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