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Volleyball Game vs Syracuse

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When I saw the subhead 'Nice Coverage' I thought I missed something in today's T-U. I guess not.


I don't know if I can make the Meet & Greet. If the press is there, someone turn around during the Q&A and ask Mark Singelais if the T-U actually knows there is more than one college in this town, that some of them have teams that may even win more than six games this year, or have teams that have beaten multiple Big East and an ACC team (VB) this fall. Their new guy Iorizzo has had 8 or 9 non-game stories about Siena in the last ten days, including human interest on players from their pitiful soccer and volleyball teams. None on Albany except some POW releases.


Let's see if there's any after-game story tomorrow on volleyball if we beat Syracuse.

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Quite interesting that you should point out the obvious discrepancy in coverage of the two men's college basketball teams in the area.


Just before I read your comment, I emailed my concern to the sports editor of the Times-Union. Here is the text of my email.


It has been informative to read the numerous stories you have published on the changes in Siena’s basketball program this last week. I am sure your readers want to know about the new and exciting developments in this program.


I believe your readers would also like to become better informed on the developments regarding the best Division I men’s basketball program currently in the Capital District, namely the Great Danes. Why do I find few stories recently about them; whereas, in the last seven days I have read four headline stories on Siena’s basketball team?


You have treated me to stories about Siena’s recent recruiting, Siena’s current players, and the new coach and his game plans. I have found no special stories about what is going on at the University at Albany in recent days. We have new recruits, too. We have players returning to the team after a long absence. We have been selected by several authoritative pre-season sources to win our league; Siena cannot claim that distinction. Yet, there have been no stories about our upcoming season – only mere mention of some developments.


In the past, I have defended your greater coverage of Siena basketball over UAlbany events to other fans, but, quite frankly, after the whooping UAlbany put on the Siena men’s team last year, I thought UAlbany had gained more respect from you and others.


Please include more coverage of Great Danes men’s basketball. This venue may be one of the greatest local sports venues for the Capital District in the coming season.


It should be interesting if I receive any response.

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For readers concerned about the lack of coverage of the UAlbany men's basketball team in the Times-Union this week that I mentioned this morning in this thread and which other posters here have also cited, I received the following reply from the Times=Union's sports editor:


"Thank you for writing. Our Danes beat writer was on vacation last week, which explains the coverage imbalance. We recognize UAlbany's ascendance."


I appreciate the editor's prompt reply to my concern. I guess his reply also causes me to take a second look whenever I jump to conclusions about coverage of our team. I apologize for any unnecessary bad feelings toward the Times-Union that I may have caused when I raised my concerns.

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The Danes win a big one tonight in five games against Syracuse.


The Danes came from behind in the match 0-2 to take games 3 & 4 from their opponents. The Danes also had to make the challenge at the end of the game when they were behind 12-14. The Danes then scored the next four points to win the match.


It sounds like the 500 fans in the audience really appreciated the outcome.


Congrats, Danes!

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TW3 TV coverage was great for the volleyball team and even greater for the University.

This is not to slight the coverage by WCDB. Being down 2-0 and coming back has to really help the teams confidence level as the end of the season approaches. Congrats to the team and Coach Sheffield and his assistants.

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Terrific atmosphere last night-really a lot of fun. I caught the WCDB postgame on the way home and your voices sounded a shot as mine did when I got home.


Hopefully Time Warner will replay that game several times.



Anyone know whether the Times-Union printed a story on the volleyball game? I receive only the online version, and I saw articles on the two basketball teams, but nothing about last night's competition.

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Anyone know whether the Times-Union printed a story on the volleyball game? I receive only the online version, and I saw articles on the two basketball teams, but nothing about last night's competition.


Just the score on the 'Scoreboard' page.


Not as important as a story that anyone who wants to attend a Schenectady CC basketball game at the Armory must contact the AD to be put on an 'approved spectator' list, or one about A-Rod being told by the Yankees not to go to poker clubs.

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