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Tonight's VT Game

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Thanks, gentlemen (or ladies, if the case may be) for the info. It was difficult to find anything but an occasional score on the web.




WOW...that is a HUGE attendance number. Even if you figure 500-700 for Duell and VT, that is still a huge number for the students being away.

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WOW...that is a HUGE attendance number. Even if you figure 500-700 for Duell and VT, that is still a huge number for the students being away.



It's about the same as for last year's VT game. I am going to make two assumptions.


(1) There were fewer students in attendance tonight than last year.


(2) There were fewer VT fans because the team is not as good.


Conclusion: Great upturn in attendance from last year from the community.

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I think 500-700 for Vermont and Duell is pretty generous. We had a couple Vermont fans behind us but I didn't hear many during introductions. I did see a lot of brand-new looking Danes jackets though. It could not have been any more poetic to clinch against Vermont who has owned us for the past couple of years.

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Really couldn't hear it much during the introductions, it came out better at the end of the game.


Attendance was 4,011. Surprisingly with the dorms closed, both endzone bleachers were nearly full.


I bet some on another forum are surprised/disappointed our numbers didn't fall back below 3,000 after the BPG.

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The crowd was awsome, but during the second half we were running them out of the gym. At one point we went up by, I believe 19. Had Brown not called the dogs off it would have been a 25 point win. I think!

I was sitting in the 200 section I couldn't hear the 4 more years chanct but I did hear the one more home game. With the exception of the two students sections there were allot of people with kids and family's at the game.

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Congrats to our beloved Great Danes on the number one seed and NIT bid. The way the season started, it looked like .500 at best because the team wasn't gelling and Wil Brown was one foot out the door. A great turnaround along with an easier schedule after the Florida and California trip and we showed that we were the preseason pick to win the AE. Coach Brown also showed how to keep the troops together and utilize a rotation that may have been unpopular with the players but works on the court.

I go way back to the days when Doc Sauers roamed the sidelines (1979-1983) and NCAA bids were the norm. No one ever questioned Doc or called for his head but he was a consistant winner for 40 years. Two games under .500 last year and well over .500 this year shows that Brown is in the right direction. Lock him up now because if he pulls off a first round upset in NCAA Tourney like Vermont last year, teams will be knocking on his door from better conferences.

This program should only get better and that comes from exposure which improves recruiting. But high school players like to play for the coach who recruits them and many have backed out after a coach leaves. The 4 new guys coming in look good on paper, but if Brown leaves, they may rip up their Letter of Intent.

Great to have a site like this. I enjoy all the posts. Keep it up.

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I gotta disagree with Levi's quote in the TU today.


"We're kind of greedy right now," Levine said. "We know we've worked really hard, to the point we want to get to the NCAAs."


It's only greedy if you haven't earned it. If anyone has earned it, Levi, Jamar and the rest of the players who've been here in the back of the pack finishes have. It's yours, you've worked for it, now go take it.

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