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Coverage of the Bucknell Game

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DanePound is usually on top of things and provides us with several links to enjoy.


I was just wondering if anyone had found coverage of last night's game from the Bucknell point of view. The only information I could find was the school's article on the game.


I tried finding newspapers near Lewisburg that might cover the game, but I found only one paper that did so, and it was only a pre-game article.

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I recognize that this is a really small concern in the overall scheme of things, but I agree with one of the Bucknell posters that not enough of our fans wear school colors.



Well bookstore still sells sweatshirts in Blue and White!!!!!!!


Yes you can buy purple and gold goods too....but there is still blue and white sweatshirts in there that say UAlbany!???!

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I have on numerous occasions thought about buying a bunch of gear.  But the selection stinks and hasn't changed in years as far as I can tell.  Why don't they push merchandise more?



If I remember correctly the school bookstore is an outside company. Maybe the athletic dept should get involved in it more?

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Before the season started, coach Brown said he’d prefer to play with a 9 man rotation and that’s exactly what we saw vs. Bucknell. Below are the minute break downs. Overall I was surprised how few minutes went to bench players but at the same time we were playing a top team and defending with a more complicated team defense concept of doubling the ball when it went into the post. Clearly last year’s practices helped our experienced guys execute this game plan at a very high level.


Siggers (37) – He was the best player of the court and played all but 3 minutes. I can’t remember at any time during the game thinking that he looked tired and needed a breather. He defended and rebounded at a high level all game which is where you would expect to see a drop-off if you are winded.


Lillis (31) – good to see him on the floor for 30 minutes. AE Defensive POY candidate IMO. He didn’t look to shoot until Jamar went out hurt.


Jamar (28) – obviously would have played more minutes if not for the dehydration. Interestingly enough we made our run when he was out. Maybe 30-35 minutes is where he should be instead of 35-40.


Iati (16) – I am still of the theory that most Job Iati shots are good shots. In the end he got his minutes because Jamar was hurt. I like what he brings to the table. He has a very good basketball sense. We all know he is not shy to shoot the ball but he also penetrates when he needs to. He also makes handling the ball look very easy which we all know it’s not. I’ve said this before on the AE board…I’d take Iati over Trimboli in a heartbeat. He did miss two free throws which surprised me.


Knight (8) – early on I thought he was put in the game to provide an offensive spark. We were really struggling at the time and he hit a very nice 3. In the end we needed guards who could slash and penetrate since we were getting no O from the forwards. I still thought he looked good in limited minutes and will a big contributor in conference play.


Ross (0) – I think we will see more from him soon. He looked like he was getting his legs under him in the scrimmage. He looked like he has a lot of spring in his step in warm-ups. I would have liked to see him as another slasher in this game but at the same time, Siggers and Lillis were doing a phenomenal job of rotating down after we doubled the post. That would have been a lot to ask of him with limited practice.



Brent (30) – solid as usual. We all know the shot will come around. Rebounded and defended.


Covington (24) – exceeded expectations


Connelly (19) – I liked what I saw so much I’d like to see him start against Delaware. When I heard Brent has bone spurs I thought to myself Brent is the guy we can’t lose. After Bucknell, Connelly looks like he can step right in. Not only did he defend the 5 he played the 4 and rotated over as well as Brent, rebounded, and took at least one offensive charge a la Brent. Plus he nailed those key free throws.


Gifford (7) – I think Zo would have a hard time finding minutes with Covington and Connelly playing as well as they did. When Gifford was in he didn’t look bad. In particular I remember one aggressive rebound he pulled down… (looking at the box score now and it was his only rebound of the game). No doubt in my mind this guy is going to be good. I would keep his shifts short (hockey style). He did appear to tire easily in the scrimmage.

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I would predict that Gifford will get more time as the season goes on. He definitly has talent and has the advantage of not being forced into action. Covington and Connelly have developed into nice defensive players, Connelly will probably avg around 20 minutes this year, Covington earned and will most likely start next game.


What I've taken from this game is that again like last year we have alot of weapons. Also our Frontcourt looked a lot better then what I thought it would this year. Props go to the coaching staff and the hard work of the players. Now lets start to focus on UD.

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