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Friday Poll

Dane Pound

The Stadium  

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Todays article in the TU makes me feel a whole lot better about the situation. We're still moving forward and we'll be in a better position next year when we have the exact plans laid out...all is not lost. And at the same time we'll have a kick ass campus center and brand spankin' new business school. I'll take it.

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I want to believe I can book my airline tickets soon to attend a Saturday afternoon in our new stadium but my pragmatism tells me to wait. I run across the link for the Albany Business Review article from 2004 that states UA will have a stadium in place by 2007.


Fundamentally, the people of the Capitol District region need to change their perception of UA. Not much happens until there is a paradigm shift. This is a major state university. A flagship for New York, not a teachers college. If students, residents and politicians saw it that way they would be treating Eastern New York's only university center like UConn or Penn State not just another SUNY school to get a "fair" amount of funding relative to SUNY X, Y or Z.

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I hate to be a pessimist; but it seems to me we have already had two if not three studies about what and where facillities. I do not understand why we are paying 375,000 to have this done again? As far as I am concerned, constuction should have begone in 2007 as another post mentioned. We do not currently have (or for that matter ever have had) anything that can be even remotely be called a football stadium. Now do not get me wrong because i have been to nearly every UA football game ever played in "University Field" ( I REALLY have not missed more than a game or so per year since the place opened) and I still refuse to call it a football stadium. It is an embarasment and should have been replaced years ago. Everyday without construction extends the neglect and continues the States lack of support to UA athletics.

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Seats 5,000 on the home side and 1500 on the away side.


Looks more like an FCS game then a DIII game. Its the only time the fill it (Cortica Jug game) but still.




Here is what the back side of the stadium looks like with the track and "auxillary field"




Build their home side on both sides with 10 additional rows and you'd have 10,000 -15,000 seats, with expansion possible for the entire end zones to add at least 10,000 more seats.

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