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UA Women's BBall

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Since this was brought up on the discussion of the men's team


"Heck, look at the women's program which is 3-19 right now, yet nobody openly complains. Coach Brown would be crucified (and then fired) with those results."



What is going on with UA's women's basketball program?


I've been a regular at the women's games for a long time (back to the D-II days) but this year's team has been unable to muster much enthusiasm (or sympathy) from me. Its just painful to watch.


Mostly unnoticed, one of the freshman, Shelby Coon, seems to have left the team. She played some solid minutes from what I saw, but then just gone (though I thought I saw her among the spectators at BPG).


I was hoping the return of Danielle Hutcheson might bring a spark, but so far I haven't seen it.

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I would attend some of the games to support the program, but I made a personal pact not to attend until there was a leadership change.


Also, this might be viewed by some as libelous (but one of the purposes of a good message board is to separate the fact from fiction, right?), but has anybody heard any comments about one of the assistant coaches being INCREDIBLY difficult to deal with? (To the point where people have left the program to disassociate themselves.)

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I'm ashamed to say...for better or worse that I have never been to a women's bball game. But with a record of 3-19, I have to believe I'm not missing much.



I was there in 03-04 when the men's team went 5-23, but there wasn't a night that those eight guys didn't play their hearts out. I just felt like I had to be there to give them what small support I could. These days I can't say I feel the same about the women's program :-(

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“Defensively, I could not have asked for a better effort,” said head coach Trina Patterson, whose squad held Pilypaitis to single-digit scoring for the first time this season against a conference opponent. “Our offense was just tragic. We could not buy a bucket. However, to hold that team to 48 points when they average 67, and shutting out the player of the year shows that we can stop people.”


As a Bruins fan this reminds me of Dave Lewis after a 5-0 loss to Nashville saying "I think we played are best game of the season"


319 Jacksonville St 5-18 0.3786 312 0.4323

320 NJIT 5-16 0.3785 322 0.4253

321 Bryant 6-16 0.3780 332 0.4131

322 Central Arkansas 5-16 0.3778 323 0.4244

323 Albany 3-19 0.3769 256 0.4570


You can blame having a young team and injuries on a poor record but when that brings you down to being worse that schools that have just gone DI and aren't even affiliated with a conference yet.


Mari Warner still coaching in the area?

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