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Nano with some serious press


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It's a lesson that's all too easy to forget in a world driven by mobile devices, cloud computing and home offices. There are big benefits to setting up shop in the right spot—especially among lots of peers in the same field.


Just ask sports-gear makers in Ogden, Utah. Or health-care companies in Nashville. Or nanotechnology researchers in Albany, N.Y.


These cities, and others like them across the country, have become hubs for specific industries. Entrepreneurs are moving there and flourishing in the teeth of a bleak economy. The cities, in turn, are nurturing the entrepreneurs by giving them access to funding, mentors and facilities.


All in all, these clusters can be ideal spots for an entrepreneur in the field. Being there means getting access to a much wider range of suppliers, customers, employees and industry experts. What's more, industry peers are often willing to support each other as they get off the ground, sharing recommendations about staffers, potential sales leads and attractive office space, or giving each other guidance and insight about the industry.


"The prestige of being here and the credibility is amazing, which helps when you are talking with VCs and investors and large companies," says Primal Fernando, CEO and chief technology officer of Resource Management Technology Systems Inc., which moved to Albany from La Junta, Colo., last year. "And the equipment available here is not available elsewhere."


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"The NanoCollege, which did not return a call seeking comment on Tuesday as the building continues to grow in size..."


-It is almost like a self-fulfulling prophesy: Call them once, on a Tuesday after a holiday weekend, and if they don't respond quickly, run with an article noting their lack of cooperation...Or has this board's anti-TU sentiment just made me a little more jaded than usual?

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Maybe because no one likes him? Maybe because he is "BOBBY NEGATIVE."


Personally, I say we continue to shut the TU out. Frankly, it does nothing for us and nothing is going to change. The fact that their are 2,500 jobs...plus a staggering new 1,000 predicted with the latest funding and the bio-med...plus construction...is enough for me.


3,500 people employed by one place is a boatload. If each of those people spend 15,000 bucks (very conservative) a year in the Cap Region for life expenses and taxes/rent...that is approximately $52.5 million injected to a local economy that was dying as of three years ago.


THE TU IS OWED NOTHING BECAUSE THEY WON'T MAKE POSITIVE COMMENTS LIKE THAT. The issues with the TU go back well before my time...so we are working on 20-25 years of non-TU support. I don't know why they think they are owed anything. Fact is, it is a private business. Yes, it could help "market" the University, however they never take that tact. Thus, I prefer the method of "public announcements" because they are the most accurate and informative.


Now...that would require our PR people to do their job effectively and as we have seen with the Stadium and the budget program cuts, I am not so sure we have good people in place to effectively communicate our positives without the use of an intrepid report. Why was this building not opened with a shovel in the ground ceremony?

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I love how the school is giving the TU the middle finger. I really, really do. At some point, the footprint for the University is going to be of the ilk that the TU will have to relent on its mostly inane attacks on the University because of the economic impact.


These buildings are phenemonal. And at this point, I would hope our President is working on two items: Buying Albany Law somehow...or just building an engineering program from scratch. Both of those things, IMHO, would put us over the top for AAU status.


I also have to think at some point, the State relents and gives us a swath of Harriman for use. If the school were smart, they would go find a development partner. Split the land into three uses: Commerical Retail, Apt Complex for workers, including some Section 8, and University use.


I would envision "Rice Village"...which is a mini-village buildout by Rice U's medical center. It's multi-use such as above. This "team" concept would satisfy the masses (though there will always be detractors). First, you have jobs both pre and post-construction. You have new businesses, driving spending and tax dollars. You have land taxes of course, with the U not paying but the others will bring in $$$. You have housing for the people working at these places...both the engineers and the support staff.


You are building a community. For me, I also go get an assemblman or senator on board.

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