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Women's NCAA Tournament

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Did I miss it on the Bracket Show, or did they not even mention that Texas A&M is defending national champion?



I don't remember them saying it. They talked about them knocking Stanford out last year and losing to Baylor twice this year. We have one commong opponent - Iowa. We probably don't need to talk about it though.

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Coach Abe on Rodger's radio show today said that all four years that she played in the tournament, her team was on the opponent's home court.


She's seen the film already. Megan will have to play a lot, UTAM has a 6'5" center and a 6'2" forward, but it may be more her type of post-up game. AmEast teams are mostly a three plus four guards.


Aggies will probably defend full-court, we'll try to take the air out of the ball for the first five minutes to weather the storm, run 20 seconds off the clock, run a set play, then sprint two players back on defense.


She was worried the players would hurt themselves during the announcement. Sarah Royals lost a tooth Saturday diving for a ball, will get it fixed tomorrow.


Last question, she couldn't understand why fans think she's going to be leaving for a better job already. She hung around for a few years at Missouri St.

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And Texas A&M gets a home game?


That has always been the "economic Reality" of the women's game. While the men's game is popular enough that they sell out or come close to selling out no matter where the sites are played, in the women's game, that is not the case. It used to be that the early rounds were just about always played on the home court of one of the seeds. Now the game has grown a little that they have predetermined sites, but they still are home courts or "quasi-neutral Sites" (Brideport for UCONN) of teams that are expected to be in the field. Without that attendance for the early rounds would be very small. I got a chance to see the men's final 4 in Indy 2 years ago (played in the 70,000 seat NFL stadium) and the women's semi-finals last year in Indy(played in the 20,000 seat NBA arena) . There is no comparison between the popularity of each. Tickets were easy to come by at the women's semis. Even with a close team (Notre Dame) and some big names,I paid about 1/3 of the 87.50 face

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Since one of the ways to attack the press is to pass to the big in the middle, and let her pass to somebody open further up the floor, it may work OK. The netball Megan played is all passing, so she should be all right. I just hope they don't leave her alone and force her to dribble.

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Headline from the Houston Chronicle:


"Albany a confident, snazzy gang"


Oh yeah, that's us!


They also had this about Coach Abe. Texas A+M Coach Gary Blair recruited her in high school:


Where did he recruit you and why didn’t you sign with him?


Because he wasn’t number one in the country at the time. I came out of Iowa at the time, and I won’t say this much but I was one of the top 5 players in the country. So Georgia went to he Final Four and I ended up playing in Georgia. I don’t

know if he was at La. Tech or where he was at the time, I’m not going to age myself. I’ve known him for years, and I

know we played against them and we beat them and I think he remembers that. I think that’s where he got that respect

for me, and now I’m not a basketball player and not a student athlete any more, I’m a coach. I think that’s where he gets

that respect from.

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